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Chapter 1

Pit Fight 1

Use a combo against Handsome Bob by combining it with Instinct mode, then finish him off with a powerful blow and walk away before he gets up and tries to punch you again. Blocking his attacks will activate the Counter Time which slows down the game for a while so you can take him down with a strong kick and elbow.
Meet Cody at the Barfly. Destroy the crate behind you and grab the first aid kit, then reenter the Fight Club to get an energy bar. Keep going until a van stops you and thugs jump on you. They are easy to defeat with combos or aces, but you have to keep them from encircling you. Go up the road and talk to the fighter with the question mark who will give you the next mission.
You will find the Barfly on the other side of the road. Some thugs will attack you as soon as you head for the door. Disarm the one with the dagger first. If they get around you, grab one and throw it at the others, then punch the distributor and grab a Capcola, then enter the Barfly.

A group of guards will ambush you and Cody. Get yourself a weapon, no matter what, for example there are stools around there and some pool cues in the corners. Most guards have sticks or knives, so don't hit them on the hands. When they come towards you throw yourself on them and take them down.
Go left to talk to the woman behind the gate then enter the Fight Club.

Pit fight 2
Locksmith will sometimes be able to dodge your combos and react with a flying kick. Block him and once he lands don't give him time to get up or he'll hang up. You can take advantage of the moment the kick ends to grab it.
Enter Kyle's apartment for the next mission.
Go back to the beginning and stop in Tiger's gym to buy new moves and improve your health.

Restaurant car
Talk to the woman at the cashier and choose to either play or pay for information. If you play, stun cockroaches by stepping on them, then crush them before time runs out.
Visit Weasel in the theater.
Go out the back door of the dining car and fight the thugs, then talk to the guy in the black suit.
The theater is down the street, but some thugs will try to stop you from entering.

Talk to the guy at the cashier - he will only take you to Weasel's office if you engage him in a wrestling fight. Hit him quickly, then go to the projection room.
Projection room
Here after the opening scene you will find Weasel in front of you. Hit him while he runs then press the Power Attack button, then the Light Attack button to slam him on the door. After three times he will tell you what you wanted to know and that is that Stiff is at the old warehouse.
Collect the Tornado Kick from Tiger's Gym, then head back to the Fight Club.

Pit Fight 3- 4
Here's Handsome Boy again, but now he's a little more aggressive and able to block your shots, then go for the fourth fight. The warehouse you are looking for is in the alley behind the dining car, across the theater. You will recognize it by the "welcome message".

The first part of the fight is against the blue ballers. After them you will face a new kind of enemies. Always stay away from their clubs and watch out for Weasel, who in the meantime is maneuvering a crane on the bottom to throw crates at you.
As soon as you see their shadow, move on.

Weasel la donnola.
Weasel will try to crush you with a spiked freight elevator. Run to the sides every time he tries to come on you, so he will hit the crates and hit a bar that will stop the elevator: this will be your chance to hit him from behind with a combo. When the red light on the elevator comes on, run away until he gets back up or runs over you. Many items will be scattered by hitting the crates, so try to grab a weapon to make the battle faster.

Chapter 2

Talk to the woman at the bottom in the pink vest. Leave the Barfly and go down the road on the right. Talk to the woman in green in front of the Electronics and Music store, then approach the tramp next to Tiger's gym. Enter the Fight Club and fight, then in the usual gym you can have new moves.

Pit Fight 5
Take on Handsome Boy again.
Your next stop is the subway near the theater. In front of the stairs you will meet 2-ill and after talking to him the thugs will start hunting him. Follow them down the alley and fight. Throw one at the others when they encircle 2-ill. Don't worry if you haven't collected all the items during the battle, you can do it later. Now enter the subway and buy a ticket, then take the train to Pier District.

Pier District
Lots of thugs are waiting for you, drop them down, get out of the subway and get your mission from the guy in the black vest.
You cannot enter the Bijou hotel from the main door, so go to the back via the left hand side and grab the shotgun outside, as a group of Punx are waiting for you. They can also grab you so don't let them surround you. To unlock the back door you need the access code. Press the keys on the security panel: first the one in the center, then the one next to your right, and finally the one in the lower left corner.
Move without being seen by the guard and the dog and enter the courtyard. They will most likely catch you anyway, so hit the dogs and enter the hotel through the door at the end of the courtyard.
Hotel atrium
As soon as you enter, take a chair with you as it will be useful and go to the room on the right. Try not to let the guards see you. The elevator is blocked so go down and enter the last door on the left where a guard is sleeping and take the key on the table to the right. Go back to take the elevator.
3 plan
The only doors that open are those with the blue light. Inside you will find energy or money. Enter the room at the back in front of the elevator and go through it without noticing the girl. Go out and avoid the guards or smash a chair on him.
4 plan
As you go down you will see a guard dressed in white next to a Capcola petrol station. Wait for the one in the hall to turn away from you and then hit her with a chair. You will probably have to defeat another one, but try to do it in the room with the dispenser so that the others can't hear you. Go right, then enter the first door on the right where a guard is sleeping. Go through the door at the bottom and break the boards that bar the other. Two guards will hear you, but don't worry. Go right and defeat the guard, then enter the room on the left.
The room in front of the sleeping guard is closed. Take the key from him after defeating her and enter. From there go out the door on the right, then cross the room and out the window.
5 plan
Hotheads can do you a lot of damage if they grab you, so be careful while attacking. If you want a gun go through the door on the right and destroy the table. Go back and enter the room in front of you and keep fighting with a chair, destroy the table in front of the door, then exit.
Walk to the right side and defeat the enemy with the shotgun on his right. Go back and go into the room with a bunch of hotheads. In the back room defeat other enemies and destroy the table blocking the exit and always grab the rifles when you find them. Also defeat the sleeping guard against the wall. In the next room one of them has the key to the door. Once inside, destroy the table next to the bed as it hides a lot of money. The hothead will get very angry and you can choose to run or fight, then reach the window to jump to the next floor.
The guard will turn you on the dogs so be ready to step on them. If she fires, throw yourself at her and knock her down. The access door to the attic is locked and opens with this combination: press the button at the top in the corner on your left, then the one in the bottom corner always on your left and the one next to the first one.

Devin “The Stiff”
Take cover behind the columns when Stiff fires. Sometimes he runs at you while shooting and then kicks you. However, he must reload the weapon after every six shots so count them and attack when he has only one or two left and then surprise him while he is loading. Each time you land it, it will drop you a shotgun. The best way to defeat him is to hit him, then grab him while he is stunned and give him a knee. Rage on him while he is on the ground because he will attack you if he can get up. He will often dodge your shots so vary often and try to lock him in a corner.
He fights a second time, but on the roof. Do not hit him when he is already on the ground because he will kick you before standing up, stay close to him and wait for the kick, then grab him and knee him in the chest.

Chapter 3

Kyle's apartment
Talk to the guy dressed in black, then head to the Electronics and Music store, talk to the guy in the black jacket and after completing this task you will be assigned another one if you follow him inside the shop. Talk to the clerk, then the guy in the alley to the right of Tiger's gym, finally the Cash 'N Go Liquors shopkeeper.
Now enter the dining car and talk to the woman behind the counter.
Complete all missions and new moves will be available in Tiger's gym.
Your next destination is Little Italy. To enter, go to the right of the dining car where the road is usually blocked.

Little Italy
The thugs will welcome you right away. Talk to the guy on your right, then enter the Augie & Grill bar, finally talk to the guy in the black vest to the right of the bar in the alley. The Preacher Feature mission will take you to Vito's restaurant.

Vito's restaurant
You must be able to talk to him.
Defeat his bodyguards using the chairs and the vacuum cleaner. They will attack you two at a time, but soon some cooks will join the attack as well. Focus on the cook or he'll keep throwing knives at you.

Pit Fight 1
Ghost will damage you more than previous opponents, but the only move to really fear is his low kick, which you cannot defend against, only move to the side. Press the Counter Time or attack it. It will hardly react after you land it so take advantage of it to finish it while it is on the ground.
Now you have to see the medium and solve three missions: talk to the guy behind the counter in the dining car, cross the street in front of the gym and in the alley cross where the theater is.
Two new moves are now available in Tiger's gym and a new fight at Fight Club.

Salon of the medium
Talk to her and play her game. You have to find all pairs of cards by failing only five times, but you will gain one more chance for each pair found. Beat the game and he will give you the key to Cody's apartment which is across the street from the dining car.
Cody's apartment
In the bedroom, examine the desk to the right of the bed and activate the sequence.

Pier District
Enter the subway and talk to the guy in the black suit, then to the girl in the green shirt, to the guy on the opposite side of the bar, to the policeman in the train marshalling yard to the right of the Bijou hotel, with the guy behind the cashier in the pawn shop, with the bartender at the Pier Pressure Bar, and finally with the medium.
Now go to number 15, to the right of the bar.

Pier 15
Take the oar because some Punx will ambush you. Defeat them and a bridge will lower to the bottom, cross it and solve the combination on the security panel: press the button in the center, then the one below and finally the one next to the first one on your right. A ladder will drop to the left, go down and you will find some coins. Don't take them, they are a trap! Climb the ladder on the other side, smash the crates and continue. Some Punx will attack you with grenades. Destroy more crates and you will find yourself in front of other Punx (the ones with the colored vests are even more aggressive than the ones in gray). Use the different objects that you will find in hand to fight.

Haggar's Lecture
Haggar will teach you the Drop Kick. Complete the workout with four. Talk to him again to learn three new moves then exit.

Vito's restaurant
Pit Fight 2
Andore is much stronger than your previous opponents. Learn to step aside because you will need it here often. Don't hit him when he starts with his shots. It is risky to parry them as they look like tricks. The best time is after the flying kick: dodge it by moving sideways or backwards, then charge it with a combo when it falls to the ground. Move as much as possible and make few attacks as you will not be able to knock him down in the same way as other opponents and he cannot even be grabbed. Use a combo that ends in a very powerful attack or circle around him until he attacks, then hit him as he regains his strength.

Chapter 4

Little Italy
Talk to the guy next to Pawn King, then the one in the black suit in front of the theater, then the one at the back of Augie's Bar & Grill.
Enter Vito's restaurant and talk to the bartender for two more fights.

Pit Fight 3
Meet Ghost first, then Andore, then head back to the Pier District through the restaurant.

Pier District
Talk to the bartender in Pier Pressure Bar, then go left of the Bijou hotel.
Talk to the police officer next to the theater, then to the medium, to the guy dressed in black behind Tiger's gym, and finally to the guy in the alley beyond the theater.
Enter the shop next to Kyle's apartment.

Tattoo parlor
To get the information you need from the clerk, you'll need to get rid of the mice. If they cause you problems, step on them to stun them and then kick them. Now the clerk will tell you to go to Japantown to Lou "The Skin".

Be on your guard because the enemies here are very different from usual: they are Japanese girls in school uniform, quite lethal due to their aggression and ability to dodge blows. And many have a Katana ...
Go through the Japantown bar, then go to Lou's lounge.

Lou's tattoo parlor
Target the attacking enemy and block them. Try to stay in the middle as much as possible as they love to bump into you after you take down one of their friends. There will be a lot of confusion because it's hard to tell who is attacking if everyone is moving, but usually it's the one in the middle. Grab one of their Katanas to speed up the fight.
After defeating everyone, fight against Lou. Some of your energy will be recharged before starting. It will use many different attacks and grab you, but you think about attacking rather than defending yourself. Grab a Katana and use a grab, then finish it off and escape.

Guy's Dojo
Train with Guy to learn the Charge Punch move. Hit it four times and also buy Alternating Body Blows, Crack Kick and Flamingo Kicks.
Whenever there are flames near an enemy throw them into the fire. You will be forced to fight outside the burning dojo and only have four minutes. Defeat the first group of guards with powerful attacks and finish them off by throwing them into the flames. Then hurry through the door. Run after Guy until you are blocked by some burning debris. Enter the door on the right next door, then put out the flames in front of the door to the left of the charred body with the fire extinguisher and stop only when you see black smoke instead of flames. Don't waste time collecting items if you don't absolutely need them or you won't get out alive. Outside, rejoin Guy. Other guards will attack you but eventually let you go. Help yourself in the fight with the fire extinguisher. When the path is clear, use it on the flames while Guy protects you. Go over and grab the guard, then throw him into the flames. Keep fighting and put out the fire blocking the door on the right. Destroy the rubble with a punch and enter.
Here, put out the fire in front of the door on the left then destroy the rubble blocking your way. Defeat the enemies with the Katanas, open the door with the fire extinguisher and when necessary destroy the debris to pass.
Keep putting out fires. Run right, put out the fire next to the pool table then go help Guy. Put out the flames blocking the door and open it to finish this part.

Talk to the guy on the right inside Lou's lounge, then the one in the black suit next to the Pawnshop, the one near the bar to the right of the subway and the guard in front of the Dojo.

Pit Fight 1
Fight against Cammy White. It has a wide range of attacks but preferably uses a low kick. Attack her relentlessly with powerful moves and while she's on the ground give her the coup de grace, but beware she could use a Cannon Spike. Whenever she gets up she will launch an attack, dodge her sideways and attack her as she tries to hit you. Take some sushi and sake, but if you use them now then they will no longer be available.
Pit Fight 2
Fight several times with Lou and Cammy, then enter Little Italy, next to the pawnshop.

Little Italy
Talk to the woman in front of the Bar & Grill, then the guy behind the pawn shop, the one inside the theater and head to Vito's restaurant.

Vito's restaurant
Talk to the guard at the cashier to access the two fights inside the restaurant.
Pit Fight 5 In the first your opponent is Ghost and in the following Andore.
Now talk to the cook behind the counter. Give him a hand in getting rid of those insufferable beasts and he will help you. Then head to the church.
Talk to the medium inside Augie's Bar & Grill.

Little Italy church
Collect the shotgun, energy bar, and shooting powers on either side of the altars. Enter the left door and grab a gun if you don't already have it.

There are only two guns in the area so use them well. At first run to the side because it will throw three knives at you in a row. His main move is to throw himself at you to hit you with knives. You can't parry, so there's nothing left to do but dodge him or hold onto him so he can't attack you. If you shoot him, stop when you see him blocking the bullets, or you will find them on yourself.
When you are close to him use powerful attacks and try to tear him apart when he is on the ground, he will not react anyway.

Chapter 5

Talk to the guy at the side of the Electronics & Music Store, then the guy in the center. Go back to the Pier District to talk to the guy next to the bar, but if you want to get this mission you have to come back here after the next fight.
Go to Lou's salon to find Cody.

Lou's tattoo parlor
Enter and get the information from Weasel: he will tell you to go to the old warehouse.
Talk to the medium, then go back to the warehouse in the alley and enter the combination on the security panel: press the button in the center, then the one next to your left and then the one on your right.

Old warehouse
This clash becomes more and more deadly. It starts with just a few enemies, but eventually a bunch of hotheads will swoop into the battle that you can only throw to the ground. Weasel throws grenades, at first a few then more and more and to make the situation worse, the enemies will sometimes throw themselves at you with a grenade in hand. Avoid them and use the rifles and the SMG. A good move is also to throw the hotheads near the grenades to make them explode.
After the sequence, you will also see a scene with a puzzle. Be very careful because otherwise you will have to repeat the fight!

Chapter 6

Pier District
Guy will tell you to follow the freight train tracks. The area is full of hotheads and Punxes who will ambush you. Take a look at the sides to find the first aid kit. Run to the lighthouse to meet up with Guy and head to the factory beyond the railway marshalling yard. Fight again with Guy's help and enter the fish packing plant, grabbing the shotgun first.

Fish packing factory
Look for some kind of laboratory.
The cooks will attack you along with the guards. Stay away from the conveyor belts when the red light is on or you will be hit by a crate. Use your usual moves to stop the enemies from encircling you. Guy will tell you to take the freight elevator.
Take the shotgun and press the buttons on the security panel: first the one in the upper right corner, then the one in the lower center and finally the middle one.
Get to the machine gun and use it by pressing the grab button on the guards passing through the door. Try to stay there as long as possible and also shoot the boxes to the left from where you entered and you will discover an opening. Destroy the crates to get their contents, then when the enemies stop attacking you enter and you will find Stiff.

Stiff Death
This time it has a lot of moves and you can't even block them. When he kneels it means he is about to shoot nails all over the room. Take cover behind a table or dodge them. Sometimes he even throws them from the ceiling. Look for some guns and unload them on him. Since it will destroy everything, objects will be scattered everywhere. When it moves towards the control devices it will tear a wire causing an electric discharge that will run through it for a few seconds and that will prevent you from hitting it with your body, but you can shoot it. Eventually it will hit one of the vessels and release two rats - kill them before you eat them for energy. Eventually you'll have to punch each other, using instinct attacks as well.

Chapter 7

The streets are full of hotheads. Stay in the observation post, then reach the Barfly, and keep fighting as you head towards the theater. The ones dressed in gray cannot be blocked or knocked down, but you can damage them with powerful attacks, while the one in the orange shirt will continually try to come at you.
Grab the fire extinguisher and put out the flames near the hole in the building ahead, destroy the rubble and go through the opening.
Keep putting out the flames in the alley and destroying debris. You will still find a bunch of hotheads, defeat the biggest one then go to the observation post and shoot. Move the van forward with the grab button and a powerful attack, then enter the Barfly.
Don't get the enemies close to 2-ill and Vanessa or they'll kill them. Go back and move a van off the road, but first defeat the enemies with the shotgun you will find below. When there is only one in front you can attack it hand-to-hand, but if you get overwhelmed, shoot. Defend Vanessa and 2-ill in all ways, then go through the door to enter her hideout.

Little Italy
An avalanche of hotheads will ambush you and Sergeant Sims, but don't worry about him, he's immortal. There are a lot of weapons scattered all over the area - use them to take out the hotheads faster and grab a first aid kit. After the fight, take the most powerful weapon and enter the church.


Weasel War
You will have to be very fast. He will shoot you continuously as you run, take cover behind a tree or a tombstone, but the trees won't last long. A tip is to hide behind them but keep yourself a little away. The tombstone, on the other hand, is more resistant.
Shoot him or throw grenades at him: you will make him stagger and he will shoot in the air, uncovering himself.

Go up the aisle, grab the first aid kit and go out.

Blades Famine
Grab a shotgun and move around all the time. Wait for him to throw himself at you to stab you then hit him with light attacks and with the shotgun. Now run around the area and hit him with a combo of powerful attacks, but don't keep him at gunpoint as he attacks or he'll hit you because he's super quick. It is useless to make him nervous with grenades, in fact they could only harm you.

Start running and step on it, then dodge it sideways because it will leave a slimy mush around that will do you damage if you touch it.
Eventually it will disappear but more will come and will also launch capsules. You can pick them up and throw them at them: they will explode leaving their slime all around. If you decide to attack him hand-to-hand, do it from the side or from the front as that filthy substance drips from his back. Every time it shakes, walk away because it's about to release tons of mush. He will also start throwing pieces of his body at you from afar. Hit it to increase your instinct meter for the next battle.
In the second phase it is much faster and will mostly try to hit you with its drool. If you have little life, don't hit it! Wait for him to grab a bench and lunge at you to break it on you. Fortunately, you will find a first aid kit, but you have to lure it far to get it. You can physically hit him after he claps his hands together or when he makes a three-move combo.

Death will continue to approach it slowly. The only move you need to watch out for from afar is the shock wave across the ground: it punches the ground and sends a stream of green flames at you. However, it can be useful to have him destroy the crates and thus be able to take weapons. To hit him, run towards him, get hit and take advantage of the moment when he recovers his strength or avoid him always trying to get behind him and then hit him with powerful combos.
In the second fight he has one more move: he can drop green fire from the top while holding his hands up. Meanwhile Father Bella is running around the church throwing grenades and will also try to hit you with a boulder. Try to lure Death towards a grenade and a lot of life will be taken from him. This time you will quickly defeat him as each time he is hit his life decreases a lot. The only problem is that you also have to face Father Bella once you beat Death. Run to his left as he always shoots right and use a combo. Once on the ground he will try to react with a Katana blow, but paratelo and throw him back to the ground. Try to keep the two enemies away, because if Father Bella gets close to Death he revives him and goes back to the roof. Hit him while he tries to escape after resurrecting Death. To kill Father Bella use a firearm that you will find in a chest.

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