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PlayStation 2

Turbo starts

When you start a day level, a split second before Sonic says "Go", press CIRCLE, so you have an extra turbo in the bar. If you press CIRCLE at the same time Sonic says "Go", you will have a very fast start, but no additional turbo. Finally, if you try to accelerate several times before the "Go", Sonic will lose a few seconds at the start.

PlayStation 3

There are no cheats for this version



Initial sprint (day levels)

When Sonic counts down to the start of the level, move the Wiimote after he says "1", but before the "0", so he'll have a super fast start!

Final Adabat Secret Mission

Collect all Arts, Music, Movies and Secret Documents (except for movie # 36) to unlock the final Adabat mission

Sonic Omake Cutscene
Collect all hidden objects in the final mission

Final mission
Collect all secret items except for Movie 36

Xbox 360


Eggmanland Hub World
To unlock Eggmanland's hub world you must defeat the final boss and complete the game

Walk through the walls
If you hit a wall or door quickly, press X, Y, Y to perform a combo, followed by shield protection and you can go through walls!

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Exit date: November 28, 2008

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