Final Fantasy VII Remake - Guide to side missions

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Guide to side missions

Even in the new Final Fantasy VII Remake weblog Square Enix there is no shortage of side missions, which in this game are called tasks of the handyman. There are 26 assignments, none are missing and by completing them all you will get the Legendary Handyman trophy. In chapter 9 you will be able to finish only three out of five missions as the two missing can only be concluded when the main story is over in any game difficulty. In this guide we will help you to finish them, indicating the relevant chapter where and by whom you will be given the assignment and what you need.

Without further ado, here is our guide dedicated to the secondary missions of Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Missing friends (Lost Friends), residential area, Betty, linked to history

You will have to go find three cats and for this assignment refer to our guide

Rat problems (Rat Problem), residential area - sector 7, owner of the object shop, linked to the story

From your starting position, go north, up the stairs, enter a circular room with a green floor, then go under some pipes to reach an open area where there are some wererats. Go back to the person who gave you the assignment who will tell you where the second place is, a circular area where you will get there by passing under the pipes. Get rid of the rats and return to him to receive 5 Grand Potions, restore your HP and MP and he will offer you a discount on some items in the shop.

Looking for prey (On The Prowl), residential area, Wymer, must have completed Rat Problem

You will have to eliminate a Shinra police dog, a Wrath Hound who is patrolling the neighborhoods. Talk to Wymer to find out where to go, then take the road just to the right of Wymer and go to the end to find the dog. The cute little beast will give you a hard time and when it has 70% health it will flee. Then go back to Wymer who will tell you to go chase him down a previously inaccessible road. At the end of the road get ready for the second round, eliminate the animal, which in the meantime will have recovered some health, and return to Wymer who will reward you with elixir and restore HP and MP.

The Chadley Report (Chadley's Report), residential area, Sector 7 Slum Area, Chadley, linked to history

For this challenge it will be mandatory to use the Assess skill, which will be automatically inserted in the inventory. It involves analyzing two types of enemies and along the avenue of wrecks you can find different types of opponents. At the cost of a charge of ATB you can scan them, go back to Chadley who will have 500 Gil and the next 3 levels of Battle Intel will be unlocked.

Noises in the factory (Nuisance in the factory), residential area, Sector 7 Slum area, scrap dealer, linked to history

Find Narjin in front of the fence before heading to the train station. Narjin will ask you to enter the abandoned factory to eliminate two groups of wyverns. One is located in the northernmost area of ​​the abandoned factory and the other is in the southernmost part. After taking them out, go talk to the scrap dealer to get 500 Gil and restored HP and MP.

Fled to the cemetery (Just flew in the graveyard), residential area, Gwen, you must have completed Noises in the Factory

Talk to Gwen as you will need to retrieve a security key from inside the abandoned factory. To do this you will have to go by trial and error by breaking the boxes located right in the structure, personally I found it in the boxes in the area of ​​the vending machine. Finding the locked door will be a breeze, and now that you have the key, open it. Behind you will have a nice surprise waiting for you, as there will be a very dangerous monster that you will have to fight. Once this is done, return to Gwen to get the Star Bracelet and restore HP and MP.


The Mysterious Moorish Merchant (The mysterious moogle merchant), secret hideout of the children, moogle, must have completed the main mission Escort the children

It is simply a matter of purchasing the Moogle Club membership card from the baby shop. You will need a Moogle Medal, which you will surely have obtained by breaking the crates throughout the story. The reward will be the Moogle Club Membership Card, HP and MP restored. When you are at the shop, take the opportunity to also buy the key to the cemetery, it is an object that will be useful for the task of Paying respect, which you will face later.

Weapons gone mad (Weapons on a rampage), Station Avenue, Scared Man (or Scared Man), you must have completed the main mission Escort the Children

It involves eliminating on behalf of a frightened man five crazed Shinra exoskeletons, which are gathered in two groups, one of two pieces and the other of three. These groups are located either in the circular area to the northwest from where you will take office or the other along the road that is found to the northeast of the scared man. Once this is done, return to the frightened man who will give you the protective boots and restored HP and MP.

Bring respect (Paying Respect), central district, elder, must have completed the secondary mission Weapons on a rampage

You will be asked to clear the haunted cemetery because this situation prevents a poor old man from going to visit his wife's grave. You will need the graveyard key which you can buy at the Moogle Shop for a medal. The cemetery is on Nuts n Bolt's Hills, in the south east area, protected by 3 venomantis. Defeat the enemies and return to the elder, in exchange you will receive the Star Bracelet, HP and MP restored.

Young patrol (Kids on patrol), central district, Ms. Folia, you must have completed the main mission Escort the Children

It will see you busy bringing back to Ms. Folia the 5 children who are still around patrolling, who are recognizable by their wooden weapons. The solution of the quest is given by the clues provided by Ms. Folia. The first child stands between two concrete pipes in the southwest corner of the central district, angled by another child. The second is near the object shop, in the middle of a bunch of people. The third is just outside the gun shop. The fourth is in front of a bench on the way to the orphanage, outside the room with the jukebox playing tango of tears. The fifth is at the gates of the cities, along the road that leads from the central district to the station boulevard. Once you have found all the children, return to Ms. Folia to get the Spiked Mace.

Verified hero (A verified hero), central district, Sarah, you must have completed the mission Young patrol (Kids on patrol).

In order to complete this mission it is necessary to complete the puzzle challenge with at least 10.000 points, a minigame that can be started inside the secret shelter of the children in which. The crates have a different color and a different payout each time they are destroyed. The yellow crates give score, the blue ones give score and action points, the red ones give extra time. Depending on the score made, you will get a different reward:

Less than 10.000 points: Moorish medal

Between 10.000 points and 20.000 points: elixir

Between 20.000 points and 30.000 points: crescent moon amulet

More than 30.000 points: Spooky Gear and the Wreck-It Trophy

The angel of the slums (The angel of the slums), central district, Damon, you must have completed the main mission Escort the Children and completed the secondary mission Young Patrol (Kids on patrol).

You will be prompted to investigate the angel from the slums, so go talk to Mireille, the explorer who stands at the entrance to the community center, the building next to Damon. After talking to Mireille you have to go to Lookout Point, a place located in the far north-east area of ​​the slums of Sector 5 and there you can defeat an enemy, the Chromagger. Defeat him, retrieve the item and return to Damon to receive the 2.000 Gil reward, HP and MP restore.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Guide to side missions


Thighs on fire (Burning Thighs), Walled Market, Jules, you have to complete the main underground Colosseum mission

It is about facing and defeating Ronnie in a squat competition, one of the mini games, and that is, you have to press the buttons that will appear on the screen in order. To complete this challenge, in particular, you must beat Ronnie and by completing it you will receive 3 megapions, HP and MP restored. In addition, completing all the challenges of the minigame will earn the Sultan of the Squat trophy.

The party never ends (The Party Never Stops), Walled Market, son of the clothing store owner, you must make the following choices during Chapter 9:

  • Speaking with Sam, Chocobo's cowboy, say that Tifa is absolutely in shape (She's in great Shape)
  • In the Walled Market, after completing the event starring Johnny, After capturing him, choose his first dialogue Yes (Yeah)
  • In the Walled Market, talk to the boy who is in front of the hotel and ask him How much? (How much?)
  • In the Walled Market, talk to the hotel receptionist and answer Yes (Yes)

After performing these actions go to the house of Corneo where you will meet the Trio:

  • When Sam flips the coin, pick no deal (No deal)
  • Choose the cheapest massage among those available (Poor Man's Course - 100G)
  • When Aerith asks Cloud if she likes her Outfit, you say it's ok (It's alright)
  • Complete the main mission The Underground Colosseum

Reward will be Turboether, HP and MP restored.

Warning: if you unlock this mission you will not be able to complete The Price of Thievery and The Counterattack (Shears' Counterattack). To access it, the chapter must be selected again from the menu. In addition, this secondary mission in particular assigns you in turn other tasks that we will see one at a time.

Upon exiting the clothing store, where you have obtained the secondary mission, you will meet Johnny who will take you to the drunkard's lair. Follow him and talk to the drunken old father at the counter to the right of the bar.

Go to the Materia shop and talk to the vendor you find lying on the ground, who will ask you to go and retrieve an item from the vending machine you find at the inn. Go to the inn and use the dispenser, using the Materia three times you will get vital sip, crimson thorn and sauce. Go back to the vendor and give him the three items.

Go to the restaurant and talk to the owner who will ask you for some tips on how to improve your dishes. Whichever options you choose will lead to the same result because the reward depends on the maximum level of your elemental subjects.

At least one Level 3 Elemental Matter, Fire, Thunder, Ice: Moogle Medal

At least one elemental matter, fire, thunder, ice level 2: panacea

Whatever the level of your Matter you will still get the medicine coupon, which is why you came here.

Obtained this item you will see Johnny running out of the restaurant due to a severe stomach ache. Exit the restaurant to find it sprawled in a corner with a pharmacist next to it. Talk to the pharmacist who will order you to deliver medicines.

Depending on the level of your Nursing Subject, your tasks will differ.

Level 1 Healing Subject: Find a person

Level 2 Healing Subject: Find two people

Level 3 Healing Subject: Find three people

To be able to continue in the mission it will be enough to find only one person, but by recovering the others, the rewards will be better. The first sick person is inside the toilet of the drunkard's den. The second is slumped near a wall behind the clothes shop and to get there you will have to move a little further north of the shop itself. Finally, the third is located in the south street of the massage parlor. Then go back to the pharmacist who will give you the VIP card to take to the drunk father who has remained in the drunkard's den. Give him the card and go back to his son at the clothes shop to get the reward.

A body that is a bomb (A Dynamite Body), Walled Market, Sam, you must have completed The Party Never Ends

After talking to Sam, head to the Colosseum and select Special Match. The Gatekeeper will accompany you inside the arena to fight two Piros. After the battle, talk to Sam outside the arena who will give you the Arcane Scepter as a reward, if you are playing chapter 9 for the first time, or he will completely heal you HP and MP, if you have already completed chapter 9.

The price of the robbery (The Price of Thievery), Walled Market, Mireille, you must make the following choices during Chapter 9:

  • Speaking to Sam, Chocobo's cowboy saying that Tifa is great with books (She's great at handling the books)
  • In the Walled Market don't talk to the guy in front of the hotel and don't talk to the hotel receptionist
  • Ignore the event with Johnny
  • When Sam flips the coin, say heads
  • Choose the most expensive massage among those available (Luxury Course - 3000 Gil)
  • When Aerith asks Cloud if she likes her Outfit, you reply that it looks comfortable (Looks comfortable)
  • Complete the main mission The Underground Colosseum

The reward will be the real Business Card, HP and MP restored.

Warning: if you unlock this mission you will not be able to complete The Party Never Stops and A Dynamite Body. To access it, the chapter must be selected again from the menu.

Head to Evergreen Park and then north into the tunnel to battle the bandits, then return to Mireille.

Counterattack (Shears' Counterattack), Mercato Murato, Colosseum Porter, you must have completed The Price of Thievery

It's about going to the underground Colosseum and talking to the concierge. Select Special Match and you will face the Jury-Rigged Cutter. Once defeated, return to Madam M at the entrance which will give you the Arcane Scepter as a reward, if you are playing chapter 9 for the first time, or it will completely heal you HP and MP, if you have already completed chapter 9.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Guide to side missions


In search of the Chocobo (Chocobo Search), Station Avenue, Stable boy, you must have started chapter 14

This mission will take you around Midgar in search of three escaped Chocobos. In order to catch them, the groom will give you three units of cast iron grass, their favorite feed. To find the first one, you have to go through the cemetery and get to the upper part of the Nuts N 'Bolts area. When you try to get close to him you will be attacked by a rust wyvern. Defeat the enemy, feed the chocobo and send him home. The second is a little north of the train station, along the way to the sanctuary, give him the weed and take him home. The third is in the slums of sector 6, along the collapsed tunnel, which you already saw in chapter 13. Fight three Thrypapolis, then feed the chocobo. Your reward will be Fast Travel Unlock, a Lifetime Sam Delivery Pass and a free Fast Chocobo Ride.

Missing children (Missing Children), Central District of Sector 5. Ms. Folia, you must have started Chapter 14 and completed the Kids on Patrol secondary mission in Chapter 8.

A new mission to find missing children awaits you after speaking with Ms. Folia. Then go in the direction of the northeast area of ​​the slums of sector 5, towards the cemetery. Here you will find Oates, the offending child; this is the same place that you already visited in chapter 8 during the quest The angel of the slums. After talking to Oates you will find yourself having to fight with two Phantoms. Kill the monsters and from Ms. Folia to get Time Materia, HP and MP restored.

Tomboy Bandit (Tomboy Bandit), Underground Station - Slum Sector 5, Johnny, you must have started Chapter 14

Go to the church, go inside and talk to Kirye who is admiring Aerith's flowers in the meantime. You will find that Kirye is unwilling to give you the key you asked for unless you take out specific Shinra troops. Head to the Colosseum in the Walled Market and select the special match option from the Gatekeeper. Confront the Hell Hound and the Beastmaster, then return to Kyrie at the church to get the key to Corneo's cellar and Johnny's wallet. Go back to Johnny at the train station to return the wallet and complete the last match related to the Inseparable Friend trophy.

The secret treasure of Corneo (Corneo's Secret Stash), Sanctuary Street - slum sector 5, Damon, you must have started chapter 14 and completed the Tomboy Bandit side mission

This mission can start in two different places in the game world, depending on how you interacted with Johnny previously. If you've already accepted the Tomboy Bandit assignment from Johnny, you'll find Damon in front of the church, if you haven't, Damon will be outside Aerith's house. In order to complete this challenge, it is necessary to have the Key to the cellar of Corneo from Kyrie, which is obtained by completing the Tomboy Bandit assignment. Your task will lead you to take the 3 secret Don Corneo treasures which are hidden behind gates with oriental decorations. The first treasure is found in the Steel Mountain area, not far from the fast travel point of the area. Open the dragon decorated gate to get the Ruby Tiara. The second treasure is located inside the collapsed highway, always near the fast travel point. Enter the tunnel and take the left path at the fork, open the gate with the dragon, open the chest to find the diamond tiara. The third is inside the sewers, one of the areas that will unlock in chapter 14. The first time you are in this area you will not be able to open the door due to the water present, but after clearing the abzu stoat it will be You can drain the water and open it, then take the Emerald Tiara. Finally, return to Marle who in exchange will give you the book The Art of the Sword Volume III, HP and MP restored.

Underground threat (Subterranean Menace), Evergreen Park - slum sector 6, Wymer, you must have started chapter 14

You will have to face a monster on behalf of Wymer. Enter the laboratory through the opening you find in the park and go straight ahead until you reach a door ajar with some yellow ribbon on it. Open the door, go down the corridor and fight Behemoth Type 0, take Behemoth's horn, go back to Wymer and you will get Behemoth's Horn and Wrecking Ball, HP and MP restored as a reward.

Secret Medicine (Secret Medicine), Central District - slum sector 5, Doctor, you must have started chapter 14

A doctor will need your help to make the perfect medicine for his purposes, and this will lead you to go around Midgar looking for some items. The first is the Moorish Mortar, which can be bought with a Moorish Medal at the shop in the children's secret hideout. The second ingredient are medicinal flowers found inside the church in the northwestern area of ​​sector 5. The third is a Behemoth's horn, which you will automatically obtain by completing the Subterranean Menace secondary mission. Finally, return to the doctor to be rewarded with Writings telluric vol. III, HP and MP restored.

The power of music (The power of music), Walled Market, Betty, you must have started chapter 14

It is about recovering three musical discs for the Wall Mercato Murato: number 16 Good Night, Until Tomorrow, number 12 Fight On and number 30 Stand Up. The first is located inside the Walled Market area, exactly in the hotel. Talk to the elderly gentleman next to the receptionist who will give you the piece of music. The second can be purchased in the Souvenir shop inside the first room of the Colosseum. The third is obtained by talking to the girl in the alley to the left of the entrance to the Honey Bee Inn. Go back to Betty, insert the discs in the Jukebox and get the book The Shooter's Companion vol. III, HP and MP restored.

Mischievous henchmen (Malicious Goons), Walled Market, Madam M, you must have started chapter 14

Go to Aeris' house and try to reach the small circular arena in the back, the one where you fought Reno during the story. Corneo's minions will flee by letting a Tonberry go ahead. By killing him you will only get what the monster releases, HP and MP restored, but without having any other rewards.

Hesitating Heart (Wavering Heart), Mercato Murato, Andrea / Jules, you must have started chapter 14

You will have to help Tifa to defeat Andrea in a traction contest. It involves pressing the buttons in order to allow Tifa to do the right actions at the right time. Your reward will be the book La via del fugno vol. III, HP and MP restored.

That was all there was to know about the side missions of the new Final Fantasy VII Remake. We also remind you that if you need other help on the game we have an entire guide section dedicated to the title of Square Enix.

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