Final Fantasy 14: How to Level Up Quickly | Guide

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In this guide we will see how to level up quickly on Final Fantasy 14 (or XIV), the magnificent MMORPG by Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 (or Final Fantasy XIV) is one of the MMORPG the best that the market offers at the moment, but this has not always been the case. In fact, at the release, the title was full of problems that were solved with a change of course by Square Enix. The latter released a 2.0 version of the videogame entitled "A realm reborn”In the form of an update, which from there became one of the best titles of its kind. A few days after the release of the new Shadowbringers expansion, with which the level-cap has reached level 80, we have decided to propose a guide on how to level up quickly to better face the endgame.

Final Fantasy 14: How to Level Up Quickly | Guide

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Stick to the Story Quests - Guide on how to level up in FFXIV

If you are a new player or hardcore player, main missions are the way forward: not only are they the best way to introduce you to the narrative that ties the world of Eorzea, but they also provide a big blow of EXP until they run out, at level 30. However, if you're not of a high enough level for the next mission in the "Main Scenario", side quests are very effective, especially for beginners as they give enough experience.

Make sure you don't neglect your class and missions for it. You will receive a new set of missions for the class every five levels, until you reach level 15. These types of missions give you an excellent amount of EXP.

Nourish and Rest - Guide on how to level in FFXIV

Just like in real life, you will have a better chance of success when you take care of your PC. This does not mean sleeping for eight hours and eating three meals a day rich in fruits and vegetables. In Final Fantasy XIV food is very easy to find. Whether you buy it or collect it, the latter grants a 3% boost to EXP for 30 minutes (each time hired). If you're short on cash, you can also buy food in the first towns and inns for as little as 7 Gil.

After a day of adventure and big meals, chances are you'll need a good nap. Rest, in FFXIV, increases experience gain by 50% and loads up to 1,5 level bars of your current class from the highest level. To do this, just head to a Sanctuary when a small moon icon appears in the HUD. Whether you are disconnecting for a few days or just going AFK, always try to rest, in order to boost your EXP gain.

Keep an eye on your Challenge Log - Guide on how to level in FFXIV

Il Challenge Log it is a useful way to increase the EXP received from daily activities that you are likely to complete anyway. You will unlock it by completing the level 15 side quest "Rising to the Challenge“, Which can be found by speaking with I’tolwann in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X11, Y10). The Challenge Log offers experience bonuses upon completing a variety of activities, from defeating mobs to removing dungeons. Challenges reset every week, so remember to check.

By the way, don't neglect yours either Hunting Log. The latter is essentially a large list of enemies to track down and kill. Completing all Hunting Log activities at each level grants you a lot of EXP, and is a good activity to pass the time while lining up for a dungeon or challenge.

Play the Guildhests once the main quests are finished - Guide on how to level in FFXIV

Dungeons, challenges, and other endgame activities can be boring for players, even in one of the best MMOs. I Guildhests of Final Fantasy XIV are not only a great way to have fun once the primary quest is over, but they will also give you a good dose of XP.

Guildhests are essential for fast leveling in FFXIV, especially for new players. These instantiated group missions they are designed to teach newbies the group mechanics they will encounter in dungeons and challenges, usually with a final mini-boss. If you are trying to find other players, use the Duty Finder.

Guildhests are unlockable after completing one guildleve (repeatable missions for Gil or EXP) and talked to a Battlewarden. Additionally, there is an EXP bonus for each new class you complete Guildhests with.

Activate Duty Roulette - Guide on how to level in FFXIV

Doing a leveling guide on FFXIV would be impossible not to mention the Duty Roulette. This great feature allows you to increase the experience received through various types of missions, but it's especially useful when it comes to low-level dungeons and challenges. You can complete the challenges every day from level 16 onwards, and this will allow you to get a whole level bar. The only downside is that there are long lines for DPS players, so look for another activity to do while you wait.

If you have a PG DPS and don't feel like waiting, i FATE they are the right way to go. THE FAIRIES are special boss fights that spawn randomly around the world. They can be difficult, then make sure you face them with friends or find a team with the Duty Finder. They don't give as much experience as dungeons, challenges or Guildhests, but they are quicker to do.

Final Fantasy 14: How to Level Up Quickly | Guide

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