FIFA 22 is coming: what to know before you start playing it!

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Now here we are: FIFA 22 is in the pipeline and in this article we want to highlight every single thing and I wait to know before starting to play it: are you ready to take the field again?

Here we are: to part with the release of the annual FIFA chapter, the football simulation par excellence, there remains a handful of hours. Next October 1st will be day X, the one in which anyone will finally be able to put their hand to the new Electronic Arts title, after maybe trying it for the first 10 hours in Early Access. Furthermore, the annual competition with PES has also evolved by shifting the balance. The new chapter of the Konami series, in fact, has changed course, effectively becoming a free-to-play with paid DLC that will be updated and corrected over time, eFootball. FIFA, on the other hand, has remained traditional, with a full-price title that has gone to improve and modify the critical aspects of the 2021 version (or at least we hope so) and to expand the possibilities of the game for all football fans. 

Before returning to the field!

Given the inexorable approach of the launch of FIFA 22 and given the news already shown and listed by Electronic Arts, before throwing ourselves back on the pitch and playing it with you, we decided to create this article for you that is part of the "what to know" series . You will probably already be aware of a lot of the information listed below, but we like to think of address this type of article to novices or veterans looking for some additional curiosity that perhaps it had escaped their careful analysis. Let's begin! 

Dates, platforms and editions - FIFA 22 is coming: what to know before you start playing it!

First of all, as mentioned at the beginning, FIFA 22 will be available starting from1 ottobre su PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S e PC. Also available the classic annual reduced version on Nintendo Switch. The title will be available for purchase both in Standard Edition, at a price of € 59.99 both physical and digital on the stores of the various consoles, and in Ultimate Edition at the price of € 99.99. 

Hypermotion… but the PC? - FIFA 22 is coming: what to know before you start playing it!

The main innovation of the title compared to the previous iterations was certainly the intention (and subsequent success) of Electronic Arts of use motion capture to "capture" the entire game. This allowed the developers to add 4000 new animations to the game, making the movements and reactions of the players' models much more pleasant and fluid, in order to bring them as close as possible to their real counterparts. This is the HyperMotion technology, created thanks to the use of Xsens suits in the moment of motion capture. 

The aim is obviously to increase the immersion of the player, with more credible attitudes, movements and exchanges. This “next-gen” version of FIFA 22, however, will be available exclusively on new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft and on Google Stadia. Although it may have raised the wind of controversy no, the PC version will not enjoy these improvements. Electronic Arts has also explained its reasons which can be summarized as follows: the PC market is definitely not the company's priority. Most of the attention has been devolved to console users, EA candidly admitted, and by not implementing Hypermotion technology in the PC version of FIFA 22, even mid-range PC owners will still be able to live the new experience of football simulation. In this regard, if you are interested in purchasing an Origin key for FIFA 22, we refer you to the following link FIFA 22 PC. 

New leagues, fewer licenses? - FIFA 22 is coming: what to know before you start playing it!

Electronic Arts has extended licensing horizons for FIFA 22, adding new leagues, including Indian, Hungarian and Cyprus. As for the Italian teams, the only licenses escaped from EA's hands are those of Rome, Atalanta, Lazio and Juventus, which have entered into exclusive partnership agreements with Konami. As always, it will not be the players who will change the name, but the uniforms, logos and names of the clubs will be changed. If you want some more curiosity about players and teams, we refer you to some of our dedicated articles in which the strongest players and the first Icon cards of the Ultimate Team mode are listed (here and here). 

Career and FUT - FIFA 22 is coming: what to know before you start playing it!

In FIFA 22, the classic and eternal modes that all fans have come to love will return. The first, of course, the one dedicated to the single player: the Career. The mode in FIFA 22 will allow you to further expand the horizons of customization of your team and will let you create, in addition to the purely aesthetic aspects related to badges and logos, your line of management to follow throughout the season. 

The focus of each chapter of FIFA is obviously the mode Ultimate Team. This year a new division has been added, the Elite, for all those who want to try their hand at greater challenges. Also present seasons, which obviously will provide players with exclusive and always different rewards, as well as the obvious online matchmaking (fingers crossed for the servers!) and partition co-op. For more information on the Ultimate Team mode, we refer you to our guides on FIFA Points and our tips and tricks for FUT. 

And we're still waiting (for a while!)

Finish our article on what to know before you start playing FIFA 22 here. Are you ready to get back on the pitch? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog! 

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