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A short break of a week from the end of the Kanto event and off we go. Time to get used to a new in-game and Battle League Season, and we're ready to beat new terrains. The first event of the Season of Legends is non-ironically "In search of the legendaries".

He will accompany us for 5 days, from 9 to 14 March at 8, and he will have how Pokémon protagonist Nosepass. It does not end there, because on Sunday (after the end of the event) the day of the Psychic / Steel Aroma will begin. Let's see what these two events consist of.

For more information on the title, check out ours complete guide.

  • In search of legends
  • Time-based searches
  • Aroma day

In search of legends

Nosepass, the compass Pokémon, will be a more frequent spawn of this event along with many others. Ground, Rock, and Steel-type Pokémon such as Geodude and Magnemite will show up on the map. To celebrate the occasion Nosepass will be available chromatic for the first time in the game.

Have you found a chromatic Nosepass or one with the best possible IVs? Approach a Pokéstop and activate (or activate) a Magnetic Lure Module. Only in this way will it be possible to evolve it into a Probopass, of the Rock / Steel type.

Not just the map, also the aroma will attract more Pokémon related to the event. Among these is Lairon, the first evolution of Aron: an excellent opportunity to earn more candy.

Roggenrola also returns, a not very common Pokémon that you can evolve into Boldore and then into Gigalith. It is a valuable companion in some raids.

Take advantage of the opportunity to exchange Roggenrola with friends until you get one with good IVs. This way you will evolve Boldore into Gigalith without spending candy!

With Aroma Beldum also returns. An opportunity not to be missed. In addition to being available in color, during these 5 days it will be possible to get Metagross back to his Meteorpugno exclusive move. It is an extremely useful move, and remember that to get it, it is enough to evolve Metang into Metagross.

The event also brings fresh news in eggs and raids, which can hatch themed Pokémon. These innovations as always apply mainly to 5km eggs and level 1 and 3 raids. In the legendary raids there is currently Tornadus, who will pass the baton to Thundurus during the event.

Time-based research, special and field missions

The event also brings with it cool fresh field missions and a timed mission. A new special search has also been activated, also themed on the current Season. Let's see them all.

Let's start with the special "Season of Legends" research. Count 5 steps, which will require you about the same actions but performed on Pokémon of different types. The undisputed protagonist of the missions is the trio of Forces of Nature.

In three of the steps of the mission you will be asked to take a photo of one of the three: the reward is ten mouthwatering (and above all free) candies from the legendary in question.

The "Today" page hosts a search that has seven steps, "In search of legendaries". To be completed strictly by the end of the event, the protagonist is of course Nosepass - and next to him Pokémon of the type Earth, Rock and Steel.

The steps are pretty quick, except perhaps the last one which requires you to catch 45 Pokémon of the same type.

Finally, let's move on to studying field research obtainable from Pokéstop. All very immediate as always, with a focus - again - on the compass Pokémon Nosepass.

We mainly examine those that give a Pokémon encounter as a reward, whose protagonists are Nosepass, Roggenrola, Shieldon and Skarmory.

The day of the Psychic and Steel Aroma

To conclude the event will be a second day of the Aroma. Mark the date: Sunday 14 from 11 to 17 - basically at the end of the Nosepass event. At the center of attention this time will be Pokémon that are Psychic, Steel or evolve into one of these types.

Also check the shop, because for the occasion it will host a package with an Aroma for the price of 1 Pokémon age.

In the spotlight Beldum, Pokémon discovered in the Hoenn region that evolves into the overbearing Metagross. During the event the Metangs that evolve into Metagross will be able to learn Meteor Punch, a previously exclusive loaded move from Community Day dedicated to this Pokémon. Don't miss the opportunity.

Aroma day is a type of event that is divided into bands. During each of these they will be attracted to the Pokémon item of particular types. Common to both bands is a Pokémon that belongs to both types - in this case Beldum.

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