Guides How to Unlock the Valiant Secret Class - Bravely Default II

The Valiant class is the latest you can unlock in Bravely Default II, and for good reason. This is the strongest class in the game that has access to some of the best skills and is capable of simplify the clashes immensely. In this guide I'll explain when and how it unlocks so that you can psychologically prepare for that power.

What is described below constitutes spoilers, so if you haven't gotten to Chapter 6 yet, I recommend that you close and read ours instead complete guide.

  • Get the Asterisk
  • Class bonus
  • The real ending
  • Valiant story

How to get the Asterisk

First you will have to having beaten Edna at the end of Chapter 5 and having seen the first ending of the game, which ends with Gloria's sacrifice. Once you have reloaded the game, exit the dungeon and go to Mag Mell as indicated on the map. Delve into the Source of knowledge e face the Oblivion of the Night.

Once the battle is over you will witness a second ending, at the end of which you can reload the save and receive a particular message. The suggestion is to go and find the Sir Sloan's grave in simple terms. Go to the Valley of Sighs entering from Savalon and save before visiting the tomb.

Prepare well since you will have to face Sir Sloan as a young man and you will have to be approximately at level 65 for this battle on Normal difficulty. This is just a tip, not a rule, but at that level you should have good enough stats to deal with it properly. If possible, also complete the Portals of the Trial on the map to bring the classes to level 15 and abuse much better skills.

This battle isn't too complex either but I recommend using Gloria as always Spiritual master/White magician to heal and to keep the usual wizard and physical attacker to inflict damage. If you have the Master of Swords at level 15 you are in quite good shape, since you can spam the very strong Enneattacco.

The immense bonuses of the Valiant class

This class has access to particular combos that we will explain better in our special guide. Just know that Annihilation, a passive ability, allows you to immediately eliminate all enemies of 20 levels lower than the user. Combine this with consecutive battles for an authentic farming machine that requires zero effort. We also talked about it in ours guide to experience.

But that's not all, the skills with -gravity in the name are also pretty good as well as everything else since it's all about manipulating the flow of the PBs.

The true ending of Bravely Default II

Obtaining the Asterisk of the Valiant is required in order to obtain the true ending of the game. If you skip this event it will not be possible to know the end of this wonderful story and you will be stuck with only 2 endings. For this reason you absolutely must obtain this class and maybe even level it as well, which you will do without problems at the Source of knowledge.

The story behind the Asterisk

An Asterisk that according to many it had been lost long ago and that it belonged to Sir Sloan 50 years before the events of the game, during the last battle against the Night's Oblivion. Unfortunately, during that occasion it was broken in two, necessitating the sacrifice of Gloria's grandfather, former king of Musa.

The first piece was set in Sir Sloan's sword, while the second was unusually in the possession of the protagonist Seth. By bringing the two pieces together, the Heroes of the Light were able to awaken the power of the Valiant and proceed towards the true conclusion.

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