Dragon Quest Builders 2: guide to the Sanctuaries of Camposolco

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In this guide we will see where they are and how to solve the 10 Sanctuaries located in Camposolco, in the magnificent world of Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the new title from the brand Omega Force and Square Enix. We recently brought you a guide containing tips to approach the game well, saying that in the first hours new mechanics will be presented as if it were raining. Already from the first island we will explore (outside the main one) called Camposolco, in fact, the Shrines: real puzzles that, if completed, will reward us with the "mini medals".

Where are they and how to complete the Camposolco Sanctuaries

In this guide we will show you the locations of all 10 Camposolco Sanctuaries in Dragon Quest Builders 2, going to see how to solve them, step by step. We would like to specify that to complete all the puzzles you must have unlocked theBottomless Amphora and Parachute so, if you don't already have them with you, we invite you to continue the story. 

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 1 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

The first Sanctuary is located near the Camposolco farm (the first we come across). To find it, just head east (towards the mill) and come across a cute blue mouse. After passing the rodent we will see before our eyes some stone steps that lead to the first puzzle. To solve it, just break (or move) the block that interrupts the flow of water, in order to fill the fountain below. 

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 2 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

The second sanctuary is located south of the Camposolco farm. The puzzle in question features two columns and several blocks on the ground. After interacting with the Sanctuary, just make sure that the right column is as high as the one on the left, so we will have to "rebuild" it by placing the fallen stone blocks. So, glove in hand and that's it!

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 3 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

The next puzzle is located at northeast of the farm. To find it we will have to go to the biome characterized by the darkest stone (tending to brownish). Here, there will be a small lake under a hill where, on an open space, there will be the Sanctuary which we are going to look for. To complete the challenge just fill the empty space with the block of land, interact with the sanctuary and pocket the mini medals.

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 4 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

The fourth Sanctuary is located near the chalk mountains, northeast of the farm. The place we are looking for is in the trees, right next to the expanse of water. The procedure we will have to follow to get the mini medals is similar to that of the first puzzle. Indeed, by removing the two blocks positioned above the Shrine itself, we will allow the water to fill the pool below

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 5 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

This puzzle is more complicated than the norm. To find it we will have to go to northwest of the third Sanctuary, in a cave in the chalk mountains. This challenge will really consume a lot of energy, so our backpack must be packed with food. To complete this puzzle we will have to direct the water to a particular location, without letting it come out. To do this, just use any block, such as those of earth and plaster, in order to create a path to the water source

Once the path has been created, we will force the jet of water to follow the path previously created and, to do so, we will need to use another 5 blocks. Once this is done, we will be able to make the water gush out and stagnate in the small pool, making us complete the challenge.

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 6 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

The challenge lies in the southern part of Camposolco, more precisely on the southwest beach. To find it we will have to go through a tunnel that will take us to a large clearing between the chalk mountains and the sea. To solve the puzzle, we will have to match the "drawing" of the pool on the left with the one on the right. Just remove all the rubble contained in the pools, take the two darker blocks that are positioned on the left, and insert them in place of the two sand blocks that interrupt the drawing. 

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 7 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

Remember the tunnel we went through a little while ago? Well, walking back through the latter and projecting to the left, we will find the new Sanctuary. The resolution is simple, but requires the Bottomless Amphora. Initially, all we have to do is break the block of earth which acts as a plug to the water source, which even then will not fill the last pool. To ensure that it fills up, in fact, we will have to intensify the source by pressing R2 (on PS4) holding the Amphora

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 8 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

The eighth Sanctuary is located at southeast of Camposolco, near the old church. This is one of the easier puzzles since just take a couple of blue flowers with the glove and place them on the green blocks (the only ones without flowers).

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 9 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

The penultimate Sanctuary is located on the left of the previous one, more precisely on a chalk mountain. The puzzle looks like a huge stone cube with red blocks around it, so it's very visible even from a distance. To complete the challenge, just place the missing stone blocks in order to complete the cube.

Camposolco Sanctuary n ° 10 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 | Guide

For the last Sanctuary we will need the Bottomless Amphora and the parachute. To find this puzzle we will have to go west of Camposolco, on the mountains near which there is a giant crab. Once we have climbed the mountains, we will have to glide blindly to the west until you reach a small island with a sign on top. Once we have climbed the latter, we'll have to glide west again, until you reach another island. 

The puzzle will be in the northwest and, to solve it, just remove the block of land and pour the water contained in our Amphora in order to fill both fountains.

The search for mini medals and Camposolco ends here!

This was our guide on how to find and complete Camposolco Sanctuaries in Dragon Quest Builders 2, was it helpful to you? We remind you that we have published a guide containing some tips for beginners, or simply for those who want to approach the title well from the first hours of play. 

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