Destiny 2: here is a guide to the contents of the Season of the Chosen

A few months after the last expansion, Destiny 2 is updated with the new Season of the Chosen: here's what the new contents are

The Season of the Chosen is a set of new content available for Destiny 2. Bungie's looter shooter had faced a moment of great revolution with the latest expansion, Beyond the Light, which had brought significant changesi without being able to hit the target in full. The new season, however, could be a first step towards the future.

The new elements proposed by the US software house are both narrative and purely playful and contribute to further expanding the universe of the series, taking up some ideas from the past and proposing some grinding activities. The road is still long, but let's see together what you can try with the latest update.

Beyond ... Beyond the Light

The contents of the Season of the Chosen seek to flesh out the Destiny 2 endgame. Beyond the Light had removed many contents of the previous expansions to limit the space occupied by the game on the hard disk of our PCs, inserting them in the so-called "Destiny Content Vault". The idea was to retrieve maps and modes as the various seasons alternate.

Bungie's title is about to become a world in the making, always changing and full of novelties. The season started on February 9 and it will last until 11 May and it will therefore be necessary to evaluate the success of the option in the long term to understand how much this will affect the health of the game and its longevity.

A new narrative premise - Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen content 

Among the contents of the Season of the Chosen are some interesting new narratives that expand the universe of Destiny 2 and carry on the complex mythology. An introductory movie shows us the Empress Caiatl, the daughter of Calus, eager to forge an alliance with Commander Zavala. The political events concerning the Cabal Empire and the Avant-garde they are subservient to gameplay and serve to introduce the Battlefields, a new type of activity that will go alongside the classic Assaults. Nonetheless, it's nice to see how the world created by Bungie continues to expand more and more, relying on a now solid and compact lore.

Very interesting is also the new Exotic Enterprise, called "Tale of the Dead Man". It is a small horror-colored adventure that sees the return of the Corvo among the protagonists and which serves to introduce the Endofury hunts, another of the new activities introduced with this new season. The two quests are interesting, but they are also too addicted to compulsive grinding, and they are not, in short, as compelling as those of the main expansions, such as Shadow of the Forsaken or Beyond the Light, could be.

The Hammer of Trial - Destiny 2: The contents of the Season of the Chosen 

Il Hammer of Proof is the most important item included in the contents of the Season of the Chosen. It is an object that will allow us to obtain increasingly greater rewards during the Battlefields. The latter are fun raids in which we will have to challenge the forces of the Cabal together with two other players and which will always end with a often very challenging bossfight. By completing Destiny 2 activities, such as Public Events, Assaults or Crucible matches, we will earn Cabal Gold with which to load the Hammer of Proof. At the end of a Battlefield, therefore, we will get an extra chest with a Dark Engram that will be decrypted in the HELM, a new location in the Tower. By earning reputation points at the War Table, we will then be able to unlock new upgrades for the Hammer and, consequently, better rewards.

As usual, Destiny 2 can't get rid of some abstruse intricacy which ends up unnecessarily complicating its game structure. Once we get carried away, however, the process will be immediate. Another note concerns the variety of actions to be carried out: although they are sufficiently stratified, the Battlefields are still few and they risk becoming too repetitive very soon. Destiny players are certainly used to this kind of obsessive repetition, but we'd like the development team to implement more variety to its content. 

Hunts for Endofuria - Destiny 2: The contents of the Season of the Chosen 

By going to visit the Raven, we will be able to obtain theCryptolite bait, necessary to start the Endofuria hunts, one of the new activities of The Season of the Chosen. Like the Hammer, the Lure can be upgraded to get different rewards, which will change over the days to allow us to complete them multiple times. The Endofuria Hunts are currently only 4, for as many different bosses. These are very guided activities that will ask us to defeat a creature, chase it along the setting (a bit like a Monster Hunter game) and then finish it inside its lair.

Here too, by earning reputation points at the Raven, we will be able to unlock new modifications with which to obtain different rewards. Unfortunately, however, we are once again faced with an insufficient amount of content to keep the player who does not want to engage in excessive grinding busy for a long time. The Hunts are few, they soon get bored and only the desire to further enhance our character can induce the inveterate player to repeat them.

One Step Forward - Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen content 

New Season of the Chosen content helps improve the Destiny 2 experience, but the road is still long. If the narrative universe continues to expand, we would like to see this aspect in depth in a more convincing way. As it is, Bungie's looter shooter, in the face of the content cut made with Beyond the Light, does still struggling to ensure a certain varietyIt is such as to keep the user glued to the screen for a long time. The Destiny Content Vault it could reserve some surprises, however, and who knows that in a few months we will not see some good ones.

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