Destiny 2 - Guide on how to complete the Deepstone Crypt raid

Destiny 2 - Guide on how to complete the Deepstone Crypt raid

La Crypt of Pietrafonda is certainly one of the most anticipated content of the expansion Beyond the Light di Destiny 2. This is not only for how the raid offers variety in the game and gives users the possibility to interact in a much more active and direct way with their friends, but also for the dynamics it provides and the narrative outlets. As the Unknown repeatedly reiterates, according to the Destiny 2 lore Crypt of Pietrafonda is where the Exo were created, and consequently hides a lot of the secrets of Clovis Bray. Moreover, these days you are talking about it very much because of the ways in which you must be faced, given that the coordination between the Guardians is nothing short of essential. To better face this raid, we recommend first of all to wait and be patient, precisely because the level of power will need to be as high as possible. Take your time and attend public events, complete the Assaults, play in the Crucible and take home Sizes e Companies: Deepstone Crypt will be able to put your skills and concentration to the test.

The steps to follow for the Destiny 2: Beyond the Light raidDestiny 2 - Guide on how to complete the Deepstone Crypt raid

Part 1: The road to the Crypt

The first part of the raid involves entering the Crypt itself, a section that will take some time and a few attempts, but which will not give you too many problems. The initial obstacle, in fact, will consist of necessity to move from one dome to another as fast as possible until you reach the entrance of the structure, given that outside these spheres we will have 10 seconds before we die by freezing. The difficulty lies mainly in finding the right path and knowing how to follow the hardly visible red lights in the snow storm. Moreover, right at the beginning of the "race", if we can define it that way, you will have the possibility to take some barracudas: if you manage to bring them to the finish line you will get a special triumph and an equally limited goshawk.

We advise you to study the environment that surrounds each dome very well and to memorize the position of the objects inside it, so that you cannot go wrong and return to a point where you have already been. Moreover, here you will always find a secret loot, the first of the raid. Check out the final section of this guide to find out where.

Part 2: The security room

The second phase of the Destiny 2 raid represents the very beginning of the same, as from here on, coordination between all members of the group will be essential for success. You will find yourself in a large room divided into two parts by a glass wall: one illuminated and one darkened, with six ice capsules (three on each side). There is also a third area, that of the servers, which is located below the main one and will play a central role in completing the section. In this part of the raid you will have to begin to familiarize yourself with the two upgrades to be used, which can be obtained and / or stored in terminals with a yellow light present in each room. Below is the information of the two upgrades, which can only be held by one Guardian at a time:

  • Operator: red, is the role that can be obtained in the terminals and that allows you to shoot switches of the same color in order to operate doors or mechanisms
  • Scanner: yellow, it can be obtained from an enemy in the dark room and will allow the Guardian to understand which switches to press and in what order

As you can imagine, the Guardians with these upgrades will have to actively cooperate. The scanner will need to identify which switches the operator will have to fire in the server room while looking through windows on the floor. To start, determine who should fill which role, who should be in the light area and who should be in the dark area. Whoever will be the scanner will have to go to the dark area because that is where they will find the upgrade. At this point, when the operator gets his upgrade, the game will begin and the doors that divide the two areas will close: the scanner will need to start looking into the crevices in the floor to identify the switches that the operator, in the server room, will have to fire. After the scanner identifies all buttons and the operator shoots them all, the scanner upgrade will need to be passed to a Guardian in the white area. This will have to do the same job with the operator who is still in the server room.

If you managed to shoot all the switches, you're half done. Now you will notice that the capsules that act as the main security defense are unlocked and you can finally shoot them. However, you must also follow a specific order here: the scanner and the operator will have to exchange roles, since in the column where the terminal is located in the server room there are fuses, relating to the capsules that you place in the upper room. These will glow a yellow color based on which one must be destroyed by the operator.

To coordinate as effectively and quickly as possible, we recommend that you download the map of the server room that you find below, created by Lasz. As you can see, it shows the area divided by dark and light zone, it also accurately identifies the location of terminals, fuses, switches and windows. If you use these codenames you will have no problem completing this first part of the Destiny 2 raid.

Details to consider:

  • Should an operator or scanner die, the upgrade will fall to the ground and can be picked up by another Guardian. Otherwise it will appear on a new enemy
  • Should the operator stay too long or press the wrong switches in the server room, he will be burned to death and the process will have to be repeated.
  • Check the square shaped lights under the center pillars - if they're nearly complete, the wipe mechanic is about to start and you'll be eliminated
  • Fallen Servants will appear often and will need to be eliminated quickly as they can block communications between terminals and slow down the whole process

Destiny 2 - Guide on how to complete the Deepstone Crypt raid

Part 4: Battle against Atraks-1, the Exo Fallen

The third part of the Destiny 2 raid will also be one of the most difficult, as you will have to fight against it Excavation-1,Exo Fall. What is problematic will not be the clash itself, but the fact that the enemy may create copies of himself and become more difficult to take down. Once again the battlefield will be divided into two areas - one lower and one upper, in space - and players will have to use elevators to move from one side to the other.

Both roles will have similar tasks to the previous ones: the operator will be called to fire the switches to call the elevators and open the doors of the pressurization chambers that overlook the space; the scanner instead will have to identify the real copy of Atraks, report it to the rest of the team, and understand when the wipe of this part is about to start. To overcome this stage of the raid without too many problems we recommend dividing the Guardians into two teams and establishing who will be the scanner for both the upper and lower areas, so as to immediately identify if Atraks is up or down and to speed up the process.

The fight will start with four copies of the enemy per floor and both classic mobs and minions and vandals will start spawning. As a result, you will find the Vandal carrying the operator buff downstairs, while the one with the scanner role will be in the zone in space. The first task of the players will be to take the operator buff and insert it into the terminal, so that a Guardian on the upper floor can collect it and vice versa. The operator must also always be available to call the elevators - which can be done regardless of the plan - in order to ensure maximum maneuverability for your teammates.

The scanner, as we have said, will have the task of identify the real Atraks and notify allies in case it is starting the wipe, so as to hit her enough to stop her. After defeating that version of the opponent, he will drop a sort of luminous sphere that can be picked up by a player: at this point, the same effect will be activated "Replica Atraks-1”With a timer that, if dropped to zero, will kill the Guardian. The person concerned will then have to go as quickly as possible to a pressurization chamber, the operator will take care of opening the door to let him in, and then he will have to shoot him, in order to free him from the effect. Next, he'll have to shoot the switch again to knock that replica into open space.

In the meantime, the scanner will have to pass its buff to the opposite plane, as another version of Atraks will activate the wipe mechanic. The players who are there will in turn have to attack and defeat that copy, in order to collect the replica and launch it into space in the same way as the previous one. The final phase of the battle will be the most delicate, since all versions of Atraks will be on the upper floor, as well as the entire team of Guardians. The difficulty will lie precisely in knowing how to immediately identify the copy to attack so as to quickly knock it down and conclude the fight, as if you fail to do it three times the opponent will explode, eliminating everyone. This moment of battle will be essential to avoid having to start the entire Destiny 2 raid part all over again.Destiny 2 - Guide on how to complete the Deepstone Crypt raid

Part 5: Intergalactic Walk

This is undoubtedly the simplest part of the whole raid, as you will only have to follow a long path and jump on the platforms of the structure Bray, in the open space. This is a particularly fascinating section especially because you will be able to look at Europe from another point of view and you will be able to admire it in all its splendor.

Part 6: First face to face with Taniks

Get ready to fight again, as well as discover a new buff that you can use: other than the operator and the scanner you will get the role of the suppressor. The clash will be really tough, both because Taniks it will shoot constantly and it will also be invulnerable, but also because many fighters will appear including some overloaded. It will also be difficult to understand the map, as you will find yourself inside a spaceship that is about to explode. Your task will therefore be to escape, first of all taking atomic nuclei at four extraction points - two at the extreme sides and two towards the center - of the area and take them to four depots near the boss spawn point. All buffs will appear above some enemies, so it will be essential that those who have to fill a certain role get the boost immediately. Let's find out what each player's task will be with a buff.

  • Operator: he will have to shoot the switches that will make the atomic nuclei appear that will be taken by the other Guardians
  • Scanner: he will have to identify which of the four depots are illuminated, so that he can guide the allies carrying the cores and indicate where to place these spheres
  • Suppressor: the new role will have to attack Taniks three times from as many positions, indicated by celestial drones. Who will have this buff will have to take into account that he will be able to shoot twice and wait for allies to have up to two cores before attacking a third time and destabilizing the opponent. In this way, the deposits will be usable and the other Guardians will be able to proceed with the release of the orbs

After assigning the various roles to the various players, the battle can begin. The first step to follow will thus be to eliminate as many enemies as possible, especially the Minions, in order to obtain the three buffs. So, the panels that release the atomic nuclei can be activated and the operator will have to fire on them so as to allow two Guardians to take the spheres. At the same time, the scanner will have to identify the vaults where the cores are to be left and report it to the affected players, while the suppressor will have the role of waiting to fire the third shot, stun Taniks and proceed with the deposit. Keep in mind that it will not be possible to hold the charges for more than ten seconds, since after this time the bearer will be killed. However, you can solve this problem by letting another player take an orb, which will cause the timer to reactivate.

After passing the first stage of the fight, Taniks will deactivate one of the three buffs. This means that the previous wearer will no longer have the possibility to take the enhancement and will have to limit himself to doing other things. To solve this problem you will simply have to be prepared and decide right away who will have to collect the buff lost in the terminals and keep attacking the boss. Once you have completed this process six times, you will see that the panel in the center of the room will begin to open: the next task will be to escape the ship as fast as possible, now that it is about to crash to the surface of Destiny 2: Beyond Europe. Light.

Destiny 2 - Guide on how to complete the Deepstone Crypt raidPart 7: Final confrontation with Taniks on Europa

After escaping certain death, you will find yourself in what remains of the entrance to the Crypt of Pietrafonda. The seventh and final step is therefore the final elimination of Taniks and the related completion of the raid. To do it, We strongly recommend that you use skills such as the Titan bubble or the Sorcerers' pool, but you will also find weapons that do large amounts of damage in a short time like shotguns will be useful.

The boss will find himself on a sort of machine with four engines, shooting at you continuously: to attack him you will have to fire on the four fans placed on the sides of the enemy that exploded will reveal atomic nuclei. The Guardians' job will be to get these charges into storage, six in total, and place them on the sides of the map, and consequently activate the attack phase. The previous roles also return, with functions very similar to those we had already tried:

  • Operator: After a player has collected a charge, Taniks could lock him in a purple dome. The operator can free the partner simply by shooting the bubble
  • Scanner: he will have to indicate to the Guardians which is the deposit in which they must bring the atomic nuclei
  • Suppressor: will have the task of shooting Taniks from three places on the map, where there are celestial drones, just like in the previous battle

To start the battle you will have to immediately identify the position of the enemies that possess the buffs: the one with the operator will appear near the first deposit, just below the spawn area; the scanner will be near the third and fourth depots; the suppressor, on the other hand, will be present in the structure where we find the fifth and sixth deposit. After all the players have got their buff, you can start shooting Taniks engines to get the cores.

After two engines are destroyed, the scanner will be able to detect which depots to bring the charges to, while the suppressor will have to attack the enemy from the position of the drones so as to give the bearers of the nuclei the possibility of depositing them. The operator's task will be to escort the latter, so as to protect them in case Taniks should imprison them. Keep in mind that, after completing this process, the boss will be able to block any upgrade: to solve this problem, you will simply have to deposit it and have another player go and get it to get the role.

After destroying the engines, we will move on to the attack phase which, we remind you, will be very short. In this part of the battle, Taniks will move towards the center of the map, whirling some debris near him that can kill you with a single hit. At this point, you will have to concentrate all the fire on the boss, so as to cause as much damage as possible. Enter Taniks' shield and throw everything you have at him! If you have managed to remove enough vital energy from them by passing the last part of the bar below, the enemy will begin to teleport around the entire arena: you can also move in this way, but if you fail to defeat him in a short time he will explode. eliminating your entire team.Loot 1: It is located on a hill just above the entrance to the Crypt, after completing the initial path. Jump on some rocks on the right and head to the left, where you will find the chest hidden between two ice walls.Destiny 2 - Guide on how to complete the Deepstone Crypt raid

All loot from the Deepstone Crypt in Destiny 2

Loot 2: You will find it after the fight with Atraks-1, on one of the platforms where you have to jump into the open space

We hope our guide was able to help you complete the new Destiny 2 raid without too many problems. We remind readers that we talked a lot about Destiny 2 in our review. On Game Legends you will also find our complete guide to stasis, as well as those on where to find all the Entropic Shards and how to get all the Shards, Natures and Whispers.

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