Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide on how to get infinite money

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide on how to get infinite money

    cyberpunk 2077 is finally available and, although the new license plate title CD Projekt RED has encountered some problems, the work of the complex is going really well. In fact, many players are getting lost among the myriad of activities present in Night City and, today, we want to help you get infinite money to shop left and right.

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    Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Cyberpunk 2077, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by CD Projekt Red. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

    First you will need to complete a side quest, which you can unlock by going to the southern part of the neighborhood Holy Sunday. The mission will be available only and exclusively starting from the second act, but to complete it you will need to have an Intelligence of at least 10. First of all, in fact, you will be required to hack a mysterious briefcase found by some tramps. The case, once unlocked, will give you coordinates for a space launch. Follow them to find yourself in the middle of the desert, obviously surrounded by dangerously armed people intent on taking you out.

    Clear the area of ​​hostile threats and you can complete the mission and get the picture Untitled 18 – Brancesi 2021.

    Once all this is done officially the best part comes, the fastest way to make money in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely to sell the weapons to the various dealers, now in fact go to any available dealer. In front of the dealer save the game and then sell the painting, obtaining the beauty of 4000 ED. If you exit and re-enter the dealer screen though, you can buy it again at the beauty of 5 ED. Go on like this for as long as you want, and if the dealer runs out of money, pause the game and go ahead 24 hours. By doing so in no time you will become filthy rich. Remember though, if you don't buy the painting back in the same shop within 24 hours it will disappear forever.

    This was all there was to know about the new Cyberpunk 2077 and how to get infinite money, we remind you that if you need more help we have an entire section dedicated to guides always updated with the titles of the moment.

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