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In this guide we will reveal many tips and tricks to become the best in the swag mode of Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone, the latest title from Infinity Ward, continue to have a great success and more and more players are approaching this title. Although most gamers prefer to play the Battle Royale, some even have fun with the new one swag mode. To help these people we have decided to write this guide, in which we will reveal many tips and tricks to become the best in Call of Duty: Warzone swag mode.

Let's review the basics

Malloppo's goal is not to make a lot of kills or to stay alive until the end, but rather earn money. In this mode pyou will be able to respawn as many times as you want, but with each defeat you will lose money, moving you further and further away from victory.

Although this mode has been present within Warzone since day one, there are many players who don't know it at all. Matches can be very confusing at first and some players might feel disoriented from all this chaos. Fortunately, however, thanks to our tips and tricks you will have no problem understanding how to move during Warzone's Swag matches.

A general smattering - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks for winning at Malloppo

In a game like Warzone it is essential to know a couple of tricks more than your opponents, so let's start this guide with a generic advice list for Swag mode:

  • Remember that you can cut the parachute for get off faster, but then you'll have to reopen it before you hit the ground
  • Try to land near some weapons crates so that you can equip yourself immediately
  • Try to avoid the fights until you have a good amount of armor
  • Remember that by holding the key to equip armor plates, you can quickly use them until your gauge fills up completely.
  • Always try to completely loot one area before moving on to the next one
  • Collect all kinds of ammo even if you don't have any weapons capable of using them
  • If an enemy is nearby, get down immediately! This will make it easier for you to figure out where it is
  • Remember that in Swag Mode you take less fall damage
  • Reviving a companion in this mode requires about six seconds, so make sure you're safe before you try 
  • Always try to use kill streaks alongside your allies to maximize their effectiveness
  • If you play with your friends, try to equip different kill streaks that combine well with each other
  • If you see an enemy equipment crate land nearby, hide and wait for the enemies to approach to take them out easily

These tips will be there useful at all times and keeping them in mind could help you have a small advantage over your opponents.

The importance of contracts - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

Contracts are always very useful for quickly obtaining equipment, but in Malloppo they are even more so. For the uninitiated, contracts are short side missions that once completed will reward you with equipment and above all money. There are three categories of contracts:

  • Sizes
    • Bounties are contracts that require you to take out a certain enemy before time runs out. The area where your target is located will be highlighted, so you can find it easily, but remember that when you reach it, he too will know that you are nearby.
  • Reconnaissance
    • To complete this contract all you have to do is reach the indicated place and wait until you have taken control of the area. This type of contract is not very complicated to complete, but it could attract unwanted attention.
  • Looting
    • To complete the looting contracts you will need to find three specific chests hidden in the map and open them. Luckily you will be able to see the location of the crates on the map, plus they will never be too far away.

To get a lot of money we advise you to always take all the contracts you can find, but in particular it is advantageous focus on looting contracts. These missions allow you to earn a lot of money and if your team is well organized you may be able to complete them in no time.

Choose the right class - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

Unlike the Battle Royale mode, in Malloppo you can use yours right away custom classes. Using the right class will allow you to have a big advantage on your opponents, so we suggest you take the time to create some. If you want to know some valid tricks to create good classes for Malloppo, you can find many useful tips in ours guide of Warzone dedicated.

Don't go straight to battle - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

At the start of a game it might be tempting to jump straight into the fray to get some kills and pick up some cash, but this isn't always the wisest choice. Most often it is cheaper landing in isolated places, so as to calmly gather resources. This tactic may be particularly useful for familiarizing yourself with the game during the first few games or if your team doesn't communicate much with you.

Once you are properly prepared, you can finally return to the warmer areas and eliminate enemies exhausted by continuous battles. Be careful though, because if a team has defeated many enemies it will probably have accumulated some dangerous killing streak.

Stay United - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

Unlike many other Call of Duty modes that can easily be played alone, Malloppo places a lot of emphasis on team play. Being part of a close-knit team will significantly increase your chances of winning, especially if there is a lot of it communication. Here are a number of benefits you can have by staying close to your allies:

  • Killing an enemy along with your teammates is much easier than doing it alone
  • Your allies can tell you the location of an enemy in case they are about to attack you from behind
  • If necessary, allies can share their items and money with you
  • Should an enemy land you, it's always handy to have allies nearby ready to revive you.

Money first - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

As we said earlier, to win in this mode it is essential to accumulate a lot of money and you don't have to do a lot of killing. In Malloppo it is possible to finish first even without a fight once, so you may want to focus on looking for money in other ways. The main methods of earning money are:

  • Explore the buildings
  • Open the supply crates
  • Looting the corpses
  • Complete the contracts

This does not mean however that you have to avoid fighting at any cost, but simply that it is not necessary to spend every moment of the game fighting.

Don't ignore the shopping stations - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

Given the importance of money in this mode, many people tend to gamble without ever buying anything. In the purchasing stations, however, you can find many useful items, including balloons for the deposit of money. Also there may always be a need for a UAV, for an self-resuscitation kit or some shield. So our advice is to save as much as possible, but in case of need don't worry too much about buying something.

Keep an eye out for helicopter landing spots - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

Every now and then of the helicopters will arrive at certain landing spots and players will be able to go there at deposit your own money. These places, however, really attract a lot of enemies, therefore you will hardly be able to reach them without a fight.

Whenever you are in the vicinity of one of these helicopters, we recommend nhide in an advantageous spot and wait. After the first groups of enemies have eliminated each other, you can easily kill the survivors and take their hard-earned cash.

Acting in a group - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

Once you secure a helicopter landing spot you may want to rush to deposit your money yourself, but this it's never a good idea. These places always attract a lot of players and some may arrive when you least expect it.

For this reason it is always essential stay together with your team, so that they can defend each other. For example, while a player is depositing money, the others can check that there are no enemies approaching and defend him from any threats.

Keep your money safe - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks for winning in Malloppo

As we said earlier, dying in Malloppo will make you lose money, taking you away from victory. So before you engage in insane combat against well-armed enemies, it's best to think about it a couple of times.

If you are really determined to perform a risky attack, we advise you to first secure your money. Of all the advice we could give you, the one we think is easiest to follow is to simply go to deposit your swag in one of the helicopters scattered around the Warzone map, but we also have some other tricks to suggest. For example, if you want to take a risky action and don't have time to deposit your money, you can just throw them on the ground and have your ally collect them.

Scour Every Place - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks for winning in Malloppo

If your goal is to get to a specific point on the map, you may sometimes be inclined to run in a straight line to this place. This behavior, however, risks making you lose many opportunities, since in this way you will ignore a large part of the loot present in the map. We therefore advise you to stop at every single place on your journey, significantly increasing the chances of finding money and weapons.

They don't need them anymore - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

If one of your companions dies, in this mode most of the time you just have to wait for him to resurrect and come back to get your things. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, as the body may sometimes be difficult to reach. For this reason, if you think that one of your allies is unable to return to his corpse, we recommend that you immediately rush to get his things. It is always better that you have them rather than fall into the hands of enemies.

Use balls sparingly - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks to win in Malloppo

As we told you earlier, Money Deposit Balls are an easy way to deposit money but it must not be abused. These balls can only hold a limited amount of money and are required to buy them a whopping 30.000 dollars. Also, even if they are not gigantic, these balloons can still attract enemies and put yourself in a bad situation. For this reason we suggest you never buy too many and of use them only in safe places, such as the roof of a skyscraper.

Knowledge is power - Call of Duty: Warzone, tips and tricks for winning in Malloppo

As we have already mentioned in many other guides on the tips and tricks of the Battle Royale yes Warzone, also in Swag we suggest you to use as much as possible the heartbeat sensor. This tool is truly exceptional, as it will allow you to locate the location of hidden enemies. Be careful though, as in this mode all players can use their own custom class and for sure many will be invisible to this tool thanks to some specialties.

Crushed rich

Thanks to this guide, you are now aware of tons of interesting tricks and useful tips that will help you win in Warzone's Swag Mode. If you are also interested in the Battle Royale, we urge you to take a look at some of our dedicated guides:

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to always follow us here on Holygamerz.

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