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In this new guide, we will list what we believe are the best classes for Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone continues to have great success among gamers and more and more people are approaching this title. Despite the main mode of the Infinity Ward is in effect a Battle Royale, it is still possible create custom classes. This feature is often ignored by many players and for this reason we have decided to write this guide, in which we will list what we think are the best classes for Call of Duty: Warzone.

The right class for your style

Custom classes are very convenient, as they allow you to get easily very useful weapons and specialties. One of the main advantages of the classes though is that they allow you to get equipment that fits the your style of play.

Each gamer prefers to play in a different way, some focus on close combat, others prefer to keep their distance, while still others choose a stealth approach. With the right classes you will be able to bring out the best in you and yourself become a better Warzone player.

Fighting face to face - Call of Duty: Warzone, guide to the best classes

Let's start our guide to the best classes for Call of Duty: Warzone by talking about very quick equipment. If you love move non-stop in the map e face your opponents head-on, this is the class for you. As a main weapon we recommend using one machine gun and in particular we recommend you the MP5. This weapon deals great damage and has a very high rate of fire, so it is the ideal choice for eliminating opponents from close range. As a secondary weapon we recommend that you bring a M4A1, as this reliable assault rifle will come in handy in mid-range open-field encounters.

As for the grenades, we suggest you use some molotov cocktail, exceptional for putting pressure on opponents, and the heartbeat sensor, as it is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the game. Finally, we recommend that you use "Quickly"To move quickly,"Excessive response"To use M4A1 and"Experienced expert”To defend you from grenades.

  • Primary weapon: MP5
  • Secondary weapon: M4A1
  • Garnet: Molotov cocktail and Heart rate sensor
  • specialty: In a rush, over-response and expertly navigated

Maximum Firepower - Call of Duty: Warzone, best class guide

If you like to shoot a lot and destroy opponents with force we advise you to consider this class. As a main weapon we suggest you use the PKM, one of the best machine guns in the game. This weapon will allow you to defend your position in an excellent way and keep enemies at bay. In case someone gets too close, we advise you to use the 725, a truly lethal shotgun.

As grenades, we recommend that you bring Claymore to better defend your position and granate flash to flush out opponents. The specialties that we recommend instead are "Overloaded", To recharge faster, and once again"Quickly"And"Excessive response“, So as to compensate for the heaviness of the weapons and to be able to carry the shotgun with you.

  • Primary weapon: PKM
  • Secondary weapon: 725
  • Garnet: Claymore e granate flash
  • specialty: Running, Over-Response, Overloaded

One Hit, One Dead - Call of Duty: Warzone, guide to the best classes

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to keep your distance and eliminate opponents with an accurate shot of sniper rifle. As a main weapon we suggest you use l’AX-50, in our opinion one of the best sniper rifles in the game. As a secondary, however, the best choice is definitely the MP5, so you will have a weapon capable of defeating enemies who have come too close to your position.

The best grenades for a sniper are definitely the Claymore, since they will allow you to better defend your position, but also the bait grenades they will be very useful to you. Finally, as a specialty we suggest "Tracer"To find the places where players died and, for the umpteenth time,"Quickly"And"Excessive response“, So you can go from roof to roof quickly while taking the MP5 with you.

  • Primary weapon: AX-50
  • Secondary weapon: MP5
  • Garnet: Claymore and Grenade Tinder
  • specialty: Running, Excessive Response and Tracer

Quiet as a ninja - Call of Duty: Warzone, guide to the best classes

If you love you love to move in the shadows and hit enemies off guard, this class is perfect for you. As the main weapon this time too we recommend the sniper rifle AX-50, while as a secondary the .50 GS pistol. With this class you will have to avoid direct confrontations at all costs, so you need a powerful gun to take out enemies quickly without them having time to react.

As we said earlier in some classes, the Heartbeat sensor it is one of the best equipment in Warzone and for this class it will be essential. You can also bring some with you Claymore to use to protect yourself when you climb a building to snipe. Finally, let's move on to the specialties, one of the most important points of this class. First of all it is mandatory to use "Cold blood", So you will be invisible to enemy targeting systems, then"Ghost"In order not to be identified by drones and UAVs, and finally"Tuning”To quickly revive fallen allies.

  • Primary weapon: AX-50
  • Secondary weapon: .50 GS
  • Granata: Claymore and Heart Rate Sensor
  • specialty: Cold Blooded, Phantom and Tuning

Ready for anything - Call of Duty: Warzone, guide to the best classes

For Warzone players who want to be ready for any eventuality there is not one among the best possible classes more fitting of this. As a main weapon we recommend you again l’M4A1, as it is excellent for both medium and long range. As a secondary, we suggest the shotgun 725, so you will be efficient even from a short distance.

As for explosives, we suggest always green ones flash and fragmentation grenades. For the specialties, however, we focus once again on "Excessive response"To be able to use the 725, then we also recommend"Fireworks"To reduce the damage of explosives and"Tracer”To follow in the footsteps of the opponents. Of all the Warzone classes we've told you about, this one is for sure one of the best to use in the final stages of the game.

  • Primary weapon: M4A1
  • Secondary weapon: 725
  • Garnet: Fragmentation grenade and flash grenade
  • specialty: Blaster, Excessive Response and Tracer

Ready to win!

Thanks to this guide, you now know which are the best Call of Duty: Warzone classes based on your play style. If you want improve in this title, we recommend that you also take a look at our other guides like the one on settings, the weapons e the places to get off.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on Holygamerz.

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