Bloodborne - Guide to the three endings obtainable in the game FromSoftware

Bloodborne - Guide to the three endings obtainable in the game FromSoftware

It's been a while but Bloodborne, Manufactured by FromSoftware, however, it remains a particularly complex game, and some players have not yet faced many situations to this day. Like the final, which always arouse curiosity, but which are not always easy to obtain, but in this guide we will give you the help you need to unlock them. Two of these endings are obtained at the same point in the story, while the third will have to work a little to get it.

ATTENTION: by continuing to read this guide you will surely run into SPOILERS related to the plot of Bloodborne, and therefore we advise you to continue reading only if you have already finished the game, if you know the endings, or if you are aware of it.

First Bloodborne Finale: Dawn of Yharnam

When you are returned to the Hunter's Dream and found the burning workshop (after defeating the Authority of Mergo, last boss out of the dream), the Automa will tell you that Gehrman is waiting for you at the foot of the Great Tree. When you get to Gehrman, he will tell you to sacrifice your life so that you can wake up forever from the dream and do away with the long and cruel night of the hunt. By deciding to to accept, you will be beheaded at the foot of the tree, after which you will witness a movie in which you will wake up at dawn in a square in Yharnam.

Second final by Bloodborne: Respect wishes

To get this ending, however, you will have to refuse Gehrman's proposal, saying that you are not going to sacrifice your life. At this point Gehrman will get up from his wheelchair, arm himself with his scythe and begin the fight. When you defeat him, one of the Great Beings called will descend upon you Lunar Presence. Unfortunately, in the face of so much power, you will succumb and in the final cutscene you will see the hunter in a wheelchair being pushed by the Automa. Eventually you will take Gehrman's place, and you will be the guide of all the hunters who will venture into the dream from then on.

Third Bloodborne Finale: Beginning of Childhood

The third ending is the one that will challenge you the most and in order to access it you will need three gods four umbilical cords featured in Bloodborne.

The first cord it is the easiest to have as it will be given to you after you have defeated the last boss before Gherman, La Balia di Mergo.

The second cord it is found in the abandoned workshop in the cathedral area, but it will only be possible to go there after defeating The Bloodthirsty Beast. After beating this boss, a door will open to the right of the lantern in the Odeon Chapel. Inside you will find an elevator, go up to be transported to the upper floor. Now go through the room where an old man in a wheelchair is standing and exit to the left, where there is a small bridge that will lead to another tower. At the end of the walkway, you don't have to enter the tower, but you have to continue on the balcony to the right until the floor collapsed. Jump to the one below, continue to do the circular path until you find an archway. Enter and in front of you you will see some rotten wooden walkways. Go down until you find in front of you a big door all worked: WARNING, is not found at the bottom of the tower, but about halfway! So study well the path to take and carefully choose the beams on which to land to reach it, because once you reach the bottom you will not be able to go up and you will have to go around the city again. Open the door, enter and arrive at the garden. Enter the workshop and in the center of the table pick up the umbilical cord.

The third cord you will take it inside the Iosefka Clinic, which would then be the place where the game begins. In order to access this area you will have to make a rather long path. Go to the Forbidden Forests and head to the house surrounded by the cages where the dogs are. From this point you will have to go left, where you will find a cave that leads to a poisoned lake where there are giants. Escape or face the giants, then head to the uphill tunnel and go up the very long stairs. You will find yourself exactly behind one of the closed gates you saw at the beginning of the game, open the gate with the lever that is nearby, then follow the path that will take you to the first floor of the Iosefka clinic. Keep going up until you find Iosefka and to get the umbilical cord you will have to kill her. Be careful because depending on the progress of the story you can find Iosefka in two different ways. If you go to the clinic before defeating the Roma spider, Iosefka will order you to leave, and if you enter her rooms you will be attacked. If, on the other hand, you go to the clinic after killing Roma, Iosefka will be lying and suffering on a bed, and in these conditions it will be very easy to hit her to get the cord.

As we said before, you will only need three umbilical cords but, in case you can't find one of the above you can fall back on room cord available. There are two solutions to get it. Before beating Vicar Amelia, you will need to speak with Arianna (the prostitute you will find knocking on one of the closed doors while in Cathedral Ward) about the safe haven of the Odeon Chapel. Arianna lives in the alley to the left of the large square with two giants which is located just before the Cathedral. Enter the alley and turn left, her house is the one with the door with a lighted lantern. Talk to Arianna about the shelter and she will go there immediately. The second solution is more bloody: if Arianna has survived until that moment (always after being led to the Odeon Chapel), after defeating the Nurse of Mergo, you will find Arianna in the sewers above the Tomb of Odeon (the square room whose stairs lead to the odeon chapel). You will discover that she has given birth to a child that is not really human, and to get the cord you will have to kill him.

At this point, return to the Hunter's Dream. Before talking to Gehrman, use the three umbilical cords, then repeat the same process as for the second ending Respect Desires, described earlier. At the end of the battle against Gehrman, you will again see the Lunar Presence descend upon you, but this time it will not be able to submit and you can begin the fight. After the Lunar Presence is defeated a cutscene will play in which you will begin the morph and you will transform into a new Great Being.

This is all there was to know about all the Bloodborne endings, for more help we refer you to our section dedicated to guides, also updated with the titles of the moment.

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