Valheim - Guide and tips to get started

Valheim - Guide and tips to get started

We are facing the phenomenon of the moment, valheim, the survival open word game developed by Iron gate ab of which you can find at the following link our preview, which has been very successful on Steam. Freely inspired by Scandinavian mythology, you will play as a dead Viking warrior, whose soul will be ferried by the Valkyries into inaccessible and fascinating territories, with the task of killing Odin's ancient rivals and re-establishing the situation in Valheim. During the exploration you will have to face many adversities, between pitfalls of various kinds and monstrous beings, and collect material necessary for your survival.

The following text may contain narrative and playful spoilers on Valheim, the latest work by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Studios. We therefore advise you to continue carefully in order to avoid any major and minor spoilers, which could undermine your play experience.

Exploration in Valheim

Faced with such an exaggerated open word, don't be afraid to venture into uncharted territoryindeed, do it with curiosity. You will leave from a modest village and try your hand at climbing the rugged snow-capped mountains, and then stop to admire the many incredible landscapes. Enter the darkest and most dangerous forests, until you reach the sea, on which you can navigate at your own risk.


Everything will be within your reach, as you will be excellent craftsmen. You will range your workers skills from building basic equipment to houses and castles, boats and even warships, from sowing and cultivating fields to transporting goods, to purchasing various materials.


In any environment, be it a plain or a mountain, you will face challenges, sometimes unpredictable, and unique enemies, as well as mythical beasts. You'll even have to summon five bosses to fight them, as many things are connected to each defeated boss, from how to advance to different areas to unlocking new situations.

crafting in Valheim

As you progress, you will be able to forge more and more powerful weapons and armor. In addition, you can prepare food and mead for your health, and create various items useful for production.


Valheim supports independent player-hosted servers, as well as any worlds you can create.

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