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Island buildings

town hall
The Town Hall is your starting point in the bizarre world of Tomodachi Life. The first step necessary to populate the island is in fact the creation of its first inhabitant. You can decide to import a Mii that is already on your console, such as your personal Mii or one of the saved ones, or alternatively create one from scratch. In this case, if you want you could use one of the two cameras of your 3DS to take a photo to use as a starting point. These options will come back to you whenever you decide to manually add a new inhabitant to your island. Alternatively, still inside the Town Hall you can use the QR Code option to scan via camera and directly import a "prepackaged" Mii. The game allows, again through this menu, to create a QR code of each of your Miis, generating an image that can be shared on the network. On the game's official website there are already several Miis to host on their island including basketball champion Shaquille O'Neal and singer Christina Aguilera. If, on the other hand, you want to welcome the Miis of friends or other Nintendo users, access the Mii Plaza from the main menu of the console and save on the internal memory of your 3DS the Miis that you find most sympathetic. The last way to increase the population of your island is the reception via Local Play of a Mii sent from a friend's console: of course you can in turn send a copy of yours, all through the Send / Receive menu which can always be selected at inside the Town Hall.
When you are done with the Mii transfers, the main building on the island allows you to keep an eye on a whole host of useful information about the inhabitants of the island. In the Mii List you will find a list of all the Miis at your disposal divided by age, personality and type of relationship. By selecting each of them you can make changes on the fly, jump directly into his apartment or even delete him if you are bored of his presence. The Baby Register, on the other hand, provides you with information about the children generated by your married Miis. But be careful, in order for Miis to procreate you will need to make sure you have activated the relevant item in the Options menu. In this section you can also change the time, activate or deactivate StreetPass and SpotPass, change the name of the island, adjust the game sounds and delete all saved data.
Finally, the Album is the place to consult a list of all the objects in the game divided by categories: food, clothes, hats, furniture, objects and treasures. The items already unlocked will be viewable, while those still to be unlocked will be represented by a darkened outline and a series of three question marks (???) will appear in place of the name.

All the Miis on your island reside together within a single structure, the Apartments. Selecting them from the map you will be placed in front of an external overview of the building from which with a quick glance at the windows you can understand which and how many Miis are in their rooms by observing the presence or not of light beyond the windows. In the event that a Mii has any problems or requests, a sample colored icon will be displayed on their apartment window. The little green man warns you of the Mii's willingness to involve you in a game. Usually this is something very simple, such as recognizing pixelated objects or memory tests - if you win, however, you will be rewarded with a prize.

The little black man with a dark cloud inside the comic tells you that the Mii has a problem to solve: your advice would be ideal to clear his mind and point him in the right direction. The little blue man with a rainy cloud inside the comic is the icon of sadness, so don't hesitate a second too long and run to console your resident. Pink, on the other hand, is the color of love, and therefore there is no need to explain to you what that pink icon refers to with a little heart enclosed in a comic. When a Mii opens his heart to you revealing that he has fallen in love, it will prove to be a very delicate moment: it will be up to you to offer the right advice and avoid Cupid's victim a bitter disappointment. First of all it is necessary to understand if the Mii object of his attention intends to reciprocate and only then try to understand what could be the most effective declaration of love to start a happy relationship as a couple. Don't take these situations lightly, two hearts are in your hands. Finally, the last icon, an orange little man with a thoughtful face inside a cloud, indicates personal problems for the inhabitant of the apartment: it is not always a negative event such as a fight, in other cases it may simply be the willingness to make new friends on the island. Once again, therefore, your advice will be considered a precious commodity.

Dress shop
The basic clothing of Miis, let's face it, is really sparse. To improve their wardrobe, a clothes shop will soon become available: for its opening you will have to host more than 1 male Mii and 1 female Mii on the island, in addition to having solved at least 5 problems. However, the store is not the only place where you can stock up on new clothes. You can do the same at the market held in the park, by giving a sewing machine to a Mii, by purchasing the mystery box at the Luna Park, or by importing via SpotPass and StreetPass.
The clothes are divided into five different categories, but this is only a distinction to help you in your search: like uniforms, costumes and unisex clothes, even clothes designed specifically for men or women can be worn indiscriminately by Mii men and women. Of course, a pink tutu will not increase the self-esteem of a male character, but nothing prevents you from sending him around in this way exposing him to the laughter of his fellow citizens. The availability of new clothes changes on a daily basis. In addition, the clothes obtained through other ways (see a few lines above, ed.) Will also become available for purchase. Finally, new models will appear as the seasons change.

Pawn shop
This activity will only open its doors after obtaining 5 treasures. Not surprisingly, however, because the only possible activity within the four walls of the Banco dei Pegni is the sale of treasures in exchange for money. Generally there is a tendency to sell duplicates, but in case you don't really care about expanding your collection - because yes, this is the only usefulness of treasures - you can also sell unique pieces without hesitation.

Hat shop
Guess what? A shop that sells hats! You never would have guessed that, would you? Initially the models available will be limited to a handful, but soon the number of available pieces is bound to increase.

The changes in the assortment work exactly the same as for the clothing store, so if you want some more information, refer to the paragraph above. For its opening it is necessary the presence of at least 2 Mii per genre in addition to the resolution of 10 problems.

Food store
Despite the sentimental intrigues worthy of a South American soap opera, the happiness of the Miis on the island is directly linked to a much more material good than love: food. The Alimentari shop is the place to meet their needs, with new dishes available every day. In fact, it is not enough to put something on the table to win the smile of the Mii: each of them in fact has some foods that they particularly like and others that just can't swallow. While the latter only fill the belly without affecting happiness, serving a Mii her favorite food also guarantees a distinct jump in her happiness level. Once you discover the favorite and hated foods of each Mii, these will be indicated in his personal file, helping you with future decisions. But remember that the size of the stomach varies in each Mii and the same portion of food sufficient to fill one may be little more than a pleasant snack for another.

The downtown area where the fountain is located hosts the daily donation of funds generously made by your Miis. In addition, between 6.30am and 12 noon, a rotating Mii will hold a flea market at this location where it will sell items not available elsewhere. Around the cool waters of the Fountain, instead, rap competitions take place every evening between 6 and 7.

Furniture shop
The anonymous Mii rooms can be customized by purchasing a set of furniture here. You can choose between the special offers of the day, exclusive sets, or the more classic ones unlocked by performing the normal activities provided in the game. To unlock it you will need to have at least € 200.

Concert Hall
Even if in our part of Italy it has gone out of fashion like the unimaginable colored jackets of Fiorello, on the island of Tomodachi Life karaoke is still a big hit of the summer. Whenever a Mii levels up you can give him a song to perform at the concert hall: only your generosity will make this place active on the map. Also giving the same song to two or more Miis, the exuberant singers will perform in group performances, even performing customized versions of the songs, if you feel the vein of the lyric writer flowing in you.

Not much happens on the beach. The only event expected in this setting is a sort of voting called Judgment Bay: you make two drawings on the sand, and the Miis distribute themselves according to their preferences. Of course, the method isn't exactly scientific, but you have to be content. Judgment Bay can take place at any time of the day, so keep an eye on the directions on the map.

On this board in the center of the island, which will appear after hosting at least 5 Miis in the Apartments and solving 15 problems, various rankings are published daily. There are several categories. In general, most of them are beyond your control: you can't decide which Mii is the most desired or which Mii is considered the most beautiful.

Instead, the ranking of the Mii on which the most money has been spent (unlocked after investing at least 1000 and on a single islander) and the ranking of the Mii that has received the most attention (available after solving 90 problems) depend on your actions.

Villette Mii
Married Mii couples will enjoy some privacy by moving into their own little house, although occasionally they may still be found inside their old room in the apartment block. Married Miis will behave exactly as before, visiting friends and frequenting other entertainment venues. However, too many distractions could lead to a failure of the marriage and consequent divorce: in that case their little house will disappear from the island as quickly as it appeared.

Panoramic Tower
As on the beach, only one event takes place on the Panoramic Tower, the beginning of which is totally random and can take place at any time of the day. It's called Quirky Questions and it's basically a prize quiz where you have to answer a question and ask the Miis one in turn. This evocative setting, available from the moment you give a gift to a Mii who has already leveled up, occasionally serves as a backdrop to Mii rides on its summit or skateboarders' raids at its base.

Compatibility Test
The ideal place to find out which couples are most likely to form or which Miis travel on the same wavelength. Information to keep in mind when Miis ask you for their opinion in the Apartments.

Photo studio
In this place you can view the photos taken in the game or take new ones, making group portraits of the islanders. To take a photo, simply press the X buttons for the image displayed in the upper screen or Y for the lower screen.

On its dock you will find items obtained through StreetPass. The visitor's book will also keep track of all the other islands you may have had contact with.

News bulletin
Each new milestone reached in the game will be celebrated with a special edition of the Newsletter conducted by a random Mii from among those on the island.

When the population of the island reaches 7 elements (of which at least 3 males and 3 females) the Newsletter will be enriched with a double daily edition (at 7 am and 19 pm) during which the most interesting facts of the day will be pitted.

The bar hosts two types of events: the chat between men and the chat between women. From time to time the men and women of Tomodachi Life love to meet each other and pleasantly spend time together. When it is not occupied by the group meetings for the coffee, it can host a couple of lovebirds intent on exchanging effusions.

Luna Park
There is always something to do at the Luna Park. In the morning between 10 and 11 a nice magic show takes place in which a random Mii will be sawn in two ... and then reassembled, rest assured! In the afternoon (from 14.30 pm to 16.30 pm) and in the evening (from 21 pm to 23 pm) it is possible to participate in Tomodachi Quest, a simple RPG embellished with adorable pixel graphics. In this turn-based mini-game you will have to move inside a dungeon and fight against enemies until you come face to face with a final boss, who will have the appearance of the treasure that will be yours as a reward once you defeat the enemy.
Between 17 pm and 21 pm the attractions of the park are the setting for a market. The merchandise for sale is always and only a mysterious bag containing three objects, which can be purchased for € 50. In general, the three mysterious objects contained in the bag can be sold for more than the € 50 necessary for the purchase, making the Luna Park market an ideal place to make small investments. To be able to enjoy the view of the Ferris wheel, however, it is necessary for an inhabitant of the island to confess his love.

Sharing Pictures for Nintendo 3DS
Through this function you can log in to your favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr) and quickly share the images taken in the game, in the Photo Studio, or in the photographic events held at the Park.

Imported Clothing Store
This business only sells clothing obtained through StretPass and SpotPass.

The grassy area of ​​the Park is where Miis love to spend their time the most. Between 8 and 9 in the morning you will find them intent on playing Frisbee, while from noon to 14.30 in the Park the afternoon market is set up in which you will find items not available in the shops for sale. After that it is the turn of the barbecue which lasts from 14.30pm to 15.30pm, so from 16pm to 17pm it is possible to be immortalized in photos by one of your Miis.

This place will host young Miis sent to travel the world by their parents. To unlock this setting, a Mii couple must have an heir on your island. For more information on how children are generated on the island of Tomodachi Life, we refer you to the last chapter of this guide.

I Mii

The inhabitants of the island are the center of the world of Tomodachi Life, with their bizarre outings, their problems and their romantic relationships. Guaranteeing them a high level of happiness is certainly the fastest way to vary their musical repertoire and obtain new objects with which to enrich their lives, but on the other hand, in reality, nobody forbids you to torment them just for the pure pleasure of doing it. In reality, it will be natural for you to treat those Miis who have managed to win you over immediately with their sympathy and to snub those who are less than you like.

Your relationship with Miis and the relationships that Miis will weave with each other will depend on the personality you design for each of your inhabitants.

In fact, in the Mii creation menu there are five different parameters on which you will be called to express yourself on a scale ranging from 1 to 8: speed of movements, gentle or direct speech, calm or intense facial expression, cheerful or serious mentality, and finally, the propensity for originality or normality.

The different possible combinations give life to four different characters, each in turn declinable according to four variables.

The relaxed sentimental
The relaxed buddy
The relaxed dreamer
The relaxed optimist

The thoughtful independent
The independent artist
The independent free spirit
The independent lone wolf

The extrovert entertainer
The extrovert leader
The extroverted storyteller
The extrovert trendsetter

The self-confident adventurer
The self-confident enterprising
The self-confident brainy
The self-confident designer

Problems with Mii
Just like us, Miis are also plagued by the problems of life. Fortunately for them, a couple of taps are often enough to solve them, but there are still problems. To understand when a Mii has thoughts that torment him, just look at the Apartments and notice the icons placed on the windows (for their meaning we refer to the paragraph dedicated to the Apartments in the previous section). After entering the apartment of the thoughtful Mii and clicking on the comic that accompanies it, the Mii will proceed to explain what his concerns are. In general, these are always rather simple matters: clothes, food, furniture or hats, in more complex cases some particular dish or garment.

More rarely, you will be required to teach the Mii a phrase or line to use when the Mii is in a certain mood. In other cases, however, the problem will be the loss of an object: to find it, it will be enough to probe the mood of the other Miis who seem to have a problem until you come across the one who has found the lost object and does not know how to make it back.
Don't forget that solving Mii problems will not only increase their happiness by speeding them up to a higher level, but will also often be rewarded with treasures or other items.

Mii dreams
Mii naps, whether late at night or sporadically accompanying their lazy afternoons, can be crowded with dreams. When this happens, the crouching Mii is flanked by a cartoon featuring a crescent moon over a starry sky. By clicking on the comic you will be immersed in the Mii dream: be careful, these are often absurd and alienating experiences. However, visiting the creepy dream world of Miis may be the only way to obtain items and foods not yet available in stores. But don't be fooled by the content of dreams: if a Mii dreams of a dish, such as spaghetti or french fries, that dish is not necessarily one of his favorites.

How are babies born

We could tell you about bees and cabbages, but the reality is that in Tomodachi Life the mission of giving birth to a child is much more complex than in reality, with the stork delivering small pests according to its will to torment the peaceful lives of the children. future parents (coff coff ...). Either way, the first step is to welcome a Mii's confessions.

Knowing that the fever of love devours one of the inhabitants of the island, however, in itself, is of little use. At this point you will have to enter the scene with your miraculous advice. Miis are deeply insecure, so after the usual confession they will ask you if you think it is appropriate to declare to the lover, or if it is better to leave it alone. Unless you have different plans for the two Miis in question that you plan to cultivate as good evil geniuses, perhaps because you had planned an engagement with some other islander, there is no reason to hinder a possible future union from the start. Just like in reality, even between two apparently incompatible characters the happiest of loves can blossom. So, in short, always encourage lovers, badly you will have to console them for some time to recover from the disappointment.

Once convinced, the Mii in love will bombard you with questions about what to do. After brainstorming and examining the consequences of each piece of advice, we are quite convinced that in reality any suggested behavior can be equally successful. In short, if they are roses they will bloom! Likewise, the manner in which the declaration of love is expressed will also have little influence on the final decision. Choose the answer that inspires you the most without too much delay and don't fret. Before charging, the Mii will also want some advice on how to dress. Guess what? That's right, any dress is fine. If your role as love counselor has been played well, the two Miis will meet and decide to start a relationship. In reality, appointments are successful in most cases regardless of your efforts, but you can ignore it.

Relationships between Miis live in ups and downs, but in all likelihood there is an ace in your sleeve that can help strengthen the relationship. You could sneakily give one of the two lovers a ticket for a trip for two people, which the lucky one will obviously decide to use together with his partner. A few days out of town will allow the two Miis to increase their compatibility and when they return, the two could be ready for the big step. The procedure for the marriage proposal is very similar to that of the declaration of love that we have described above. First you will need to convince the Mii that the marriage proposal is a good idea, then provide him with suggestions on how and when, then advise him on the right attire. Have fun, because in any case your decisions will have a decidedly relative weight on the final answer.

However, your role in the topical moment of the proposal will be much more important. While the two lovers are facing each other on the lower screen of the 3DS a heart will be displayed that you will have to press each time the face of the Mii who is about to make the proposal will be displayed in the thoughts of his / her partner . After tapping the screen three times at the right time, the proposal will be accepted and you can watch some glimpses of the ceremony and the honeymoon.

Upon returning, the two Miis will move to a Mii Villa to enjoy some privacy ... and bring a baby into the world! It will take a couple of days at the most, but soon you will receive a call in which the two parents will notify you of the arrival of the child, also asking you if you feel like deciding his name. If not, the game will take care of assigning a randomly generated name to the creature. By letting a little more time pass, you will be joined by a new phone call: this time the parents intend to inform you that the child is now an adult. The last, and most important decision lies ahead. In fact, you can decide to assign him an apartment alongside the other adult Miis, or let him travel the world by traveling via StreetPass between the islands of other players!

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