The Walkthrough of Transformers: The Dark Spark

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for PlayStation 3. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.

Capitolo 1: Rise of the Dark Spark

Head to the checkpoint, drop down and use the "Blade Dash" ability to hit the three subjects in the area. Retrieve the assault rifle, shoot towards the bulletin board and then towards the tank, then proceeding upwards. Follow the path until you find a ramp with two associated bars. Drop down to locate three subjects, then three more, take them out and then blow up the reserve to cause the bridge to drop.
You will reach another bulletin board, interact with it and then proceed further towards the tunnel, where you will have to see it with three groups of consecutive opponents. Finish them, then move the trains in the area sideways, so that you can proceed upwards.
Listen to the conversation with Optimus Prime, thus locating the group of enemies on the left. Hit them repeatedly, awaiting the arrival of troops equipped with rocket launchers. With their support, you will have to try to get rid of everyone present. Also remember to interact with all the notice boards in the area, there are two, one immediately above the area where you came from, one exactly on the opposite side, at the top right. Then proceed to the next area, locating 4 opponents. Kill them and then take out Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as well. Interact with the notice board in the area, drop down again, continue forward towards the garage, freeing yourself of the 3 subjects that will create a hole in the wall. Continue forward to the bulletin board, dropping down and continuing forward until you see an intermission scene.
You will now have to wait a few seconds for the energy field around the "dark spark" to dissipate, then begin to eliminate the incoming enemies. We recommend using particularly "powerful" weapons to eliminate them. When the enemy's shield is pulverized, quickly run towards him to hit him and thus complete the level.

Capitolo 2: The Lost Vault

This section will have to be completed using the vehicle mode, given the scarce capacity of the "scatter blaster". Instead, we recommend repeatedly exploiting the Starscream and Shockwave, since before being able to enter the building it will be essential to eliminate a sufficiently high quantity of insects. The doors will then close behind you and an even greater quantity of insects will arrive on the scene. Keep moving forward, more bugs, quickly approach the lever, interact with it to switch your character. Get rid of the bugs around the room again, until the door opens. You will now find yourself in front of "Hardsheel" - it will hit you with an EMP beam, so we recommend that you keep your "vehicle" shape and use the rockets to take it out at maximum speed.
Having defeated Hardshell you will have to deal with Hardshot, the simplest of the three bosses in the area. We recommend that you keep your vehicle form so that you can take out the enemy as quickly as possible. If / when you decide to fight it on equal terms, everything will become much more complex, since you will have to deal with the insects present in the area at the same time.
The main problems will be in the fight against Sharpshot. It is in fact necessary to first inflict some "initial" damage, waiting for the opponent to run away to try to hit you with his sniper rifle. It will therefore be necessary to quickly project yourself immediately under the area where he is at the moment, finally exploiting your special ability to inflict considerable damage on the opponent.
Then jump down, always remaining immediately below the enemy. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times to finish it definitively. Returning to using Soundwave with Starscream, proceed upwards to take advantage of Laserbreak, using it to open the doors in front of you. Repeat the procedure 2 more times. Locate nearby turrets. After the cutscene, get rid of the enemy below you, waiting for two orbs to come into the area to attack you. Also get rid of the enemies on the left, and destroy the orbs near the floor below. Switch back to using the Shockwave, then transforming yourself into a vehicle to destroy the enemies in the area, moving up to the core.
Drop down, continue to the left, clearing the enemies in the area. Pull the lever, proceed to the next, freeing yourself of the enemies here as well. Make your way to the next two levers by pulling them. So move towards the center, killing the subjects in the area that await you. Then pull the nearby lever, observe the cutscene.

Video - Launch Trailer

Chapter 3: Getaway

Get rid of the enemies on each of the floors using the Ironhide. Move to the top of the building. Press the switch, thus being trapped. Ironhide will open a door for you that will allow you to escape.
Move through the various checkpoints, thus returning to Ironhide. After reaching Ironhide, you will have to deal with the giant bug. To be able to hit it you will have to wait for it to "charge" towards you, and then dodge sideways at speed. Repeat the procedure until it is destroyed. At the exit, you will find another insect, finish this too.
So return to Ironhide, meeting Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Listen to the conversation, then call the train. You will then have to keep defending until the next train appears. Activate the turret, waiting for Starscream to arrive in the area. Shoot both him and the bugs nearby, again waiting for the train to appear in the area.

Chapter 4: Possession

Proceed slowly upwards, getting rid of the Autobots in the area. Climb, dropping to the left and freeing yourself from yet another group of Autobots, while also fighting with Ironhide. After the separation from Soundwave, move to the right and start taking out the Autobots that come into the area. Also destroy the generators in "vehicle" form, using the rockets in the area to maximize your destructive capacity.
Proceed to the next area, repeating the same procedure and firing two more "heavy" rockets in the area. So look at the next cutscene. Recover the fuse, placing it in the generator to maximize your power.
Repeat the same procedure, thus listening to a recording. Move to the platforms, activate the next generator, move to the basement to activate the core. Begin climbing to the top, encountering additional subjects along the way. Then continue to Soundwave, eventually blowing up the debris and completing the level.

Chapter 5: Hustle

Proceed forward, approaching the various rockets to deactivate them. So get rid of enemies both of land and air. Return to Shockwave and Sharpshot, approaching each checkpoint and using Shockwave to proceed. Keep going through all the checkpoints until you reach the Autobot ship. You will have to destroy it in order to get out of the room.
Once this is done, drop down and proceed to the left, getting rid of the only enemy in the area. Drop down to the cutscene. After that, go ahead and use your drone to draw enemy fire towards you. So start to advance again, paying attention to the Cliffjumper in the area: he will use his "cover", instead you will have to continue killing the Autobots until Shockwave tells you to proceed along the only path present (on the left).
Once out of the room, you will find some subjects on the ground and near some pillars. Slowly make your way up, freeing yourself from nearby enemies and destroying the Cliff Jumpers along the way. Always pay attention to the walkway on which Cliffjumper will be positioned: you will have to avoid destroying it, as fighting the enemy on the ground will prove to be much more complicated than fighting him on the walkway. Also pay attention to the shots of his sniper rifle, he will often try to hit you in speed and will be able to kill you without too much trouble. After you knock him out permanently, enjoy the cutscene.

Capitolo 6: The Gates of Kaon

Retrieve the "Photon Burst" shotgun, shooting towards the red pipes visible to the left of the tank. Proceed upwards, reaching the four subjects present in the area. So keep going down, looking left to locate some pipes, beyond which other red pipes will be visible. Follow them, and then reach the next room.

As soon as you see a first Autobot, jump to the right and pulverize the tank, shooting the red pipes just behind the tank. So go back to Shockwave, helping him to finish the Autobots, and then proceed beyond the visible door on the opposite side from you.
After entering, you will have to defend yourself again, thus proceeding to the top and transforming into Brutus. Destroy all the bridges now, then defend yourself from your allies, finally returning to the Shockwave and observing the cutscene.

Chapter 7: Infiltration

Follow the highway, waiting for the moment when Jazz says "there are enemies below you". Immediately get rid of the enemy immediately below you: it is extremely dangerous. Then proceed upwards, locating another group of opponents. You will therefore hear a conversation between Jazz and Optimus, listen and then get rid of the two successive enemies visible in front of you.
Open the doors in front of you, then continue forward until you reach the turrets. Use your special ability (the kinetic shield). Keep moving forward, until Jazz "separates" from you. Look to the left, getting rid of all targets. Then deactivate the turrets on behalf of Jazz, repeating everything on the objectives that will appear in the area. Keep going up towards Jazz. Shoot the console, then get rid of the subjects in the area. Jump on the catwalk, break the wall, open the next doors.
You will now locate a group of opponents (about ten) nearby: continue upwards, destroying the red cores so as to deactivate the lasers. Proceed upwards again, reaching the top and shooting towards the last of the nuclei, so as to deactivate the lasers and proceed further forward. After the cutscene you have to save Cliffjumper, kill all the enemies, then start completing the "challenge".
We recommend taking control of a battle drone and diffraction barrier, you will need them to protect Jazz. In all other cases, we recommend using the turret instead to hit a large number of opponents in one shot. So watch the interlude scene below.

Capitolo 8: A Desperate Plan

Follow the drone until you reach the room equipped with fans. Locate the portal, destroying it with your special ability. Follow the drone again, dodging the looming fire from the surrounding walls. At the end, proceed upwards, locating the four opponents that await you.
Once out of the room, locate Starscream. After he's gone, start attacking all nearby subjects using your sniper rifle. Pull one of the levers in the area, then try to finish all the other subjects present. Reposition yourself in "vehicle" form to destroy all enemies around you. Use the lever on the opposite side, repeating the procedure on all other enemies nearby. Then proceed upwards and pull the last lever in the area.
Drop down, thus changing weapons and locating Starscream again. Get rid of the three nearby turrets, as well as the additional subjects next to the turrets. You will now have to reactivate both reactors to make the weapons start working again (both the left and right reactors).
Then destroy the console to restart the reactor. Also pulverize the artifacts in the area. Shoot your weapon, trying to escape and dodging both the fire looming from the surroundings, and the lasers in the area. If you manage to avoid getting hit, you will get a trophy in return.

Chapter 9: Ascension

Proceed upwards, then quickly opening the doors and freeing yourself of the subjects that will come out. You will therefore have to tell Jazz and Cliffjumpers to leave, to proceed alone to the outside. Get rid of all the subjects in the area, so that only the turrets remain available. Approach the first of the turrets, destroying its core. Use the console, then destroy the next turret, continue to the opposite side and deactivate the console. 5 other subjects will arrive in the area, you will have to leave the room.
Once out, get rid of the rest of the enemies, especially the huge enemy that awaits you near the exit. After finishing all the smaller "size" subjects, focus on the larger one, then move on to Megatron.
You will now have to KO all subsequent subjects that will project upwards. Having finished the first wave of opponents, Megatron will drop down. Shoot him repeatedly so he can start recharging, especially using the Dark Spark. Then pulverize the four pillars, repeating the procedure three more times to end the fight.

Chapter 10: Hunted

Move to the left, locating the two boys in the area. Keep going up, noting how the bridge is blown up. Use the nearby hook to proceed forward. Kill the people near the bridge, so the sniper visible on the right. You will now have to act as snipers to hit the visible subjects slightly below. You will have to repeat this procedure three times, killing 4 people at a time.
So make your way to the ammunition, and then deal with the flying snipers. Throw yourself behind the nearest cover, starting to kill the snipers in the area one by one. Retrieve "Drift" until the wall in front of you explodes.
Move to the next area, where there will be 15 opponents waiting for you. Get rid of all of them, then make your way to the checkpoint and watch the cutscene. Once this objective is complete, move to the left and finish off the 5 opponents in the area. Then keep going forward, arriving near the next room. The doors behind you will suddenly close: finish the three subjects visible below, then move quickly to the next play area, thus completing the chapter.

Video - Story Trailer and Gameplay

Chapter 11: Investigation

Go through the huge doors at the end of chapter 10, you will come to this area. Move to the right, freeing yourself from the subject present nearby. Also destroy the console visible in the area, then the next visible console straight in front of you. So wait a few seconds, until the doors below open.
Then move forward, repeating the procedure performed previously (however, avoiding destroying the consoles). When all the opponents are dead, you can move to the next play area and observe yet another cutscene. With that done, hit the Drift guy with a sniper shot.
So look at yet another cutscene. You will then get the role of Drift. Move to the left and locate the ramp that proceeds upwards, which leads to a reserve of weapons. Equip the Cyber ​​Corrupter, then keep eliminating the enemies, until the Titans arrive. So follow the checkpoints that appear on the screen, shooting the controls to cause the nearby door to open. Now move to the top, finishing off the 4 enemies visible on each floor. Once on the top floor, you can observe the intermission scene.

Capitolo 12: Ambushed

You will have to wait near the main room until the Titan arrives. At this point, Grimlock will transform into a dinosaur to try to help you. Keep attacking until you are allowed to switch to Transformer mode. You will therefore have to destroy all the objectives in the area, and then focus on the titan.

Chapter 13: Extinction

Keep moving along the highway, killing everything along the way. Optimus will therefore tell you to proceed along a different path, you will find yourself here in front of a large amount of enemies and some titans. Instead, keep moving forward until you locate an energy field. Take advantage of the machines visible on the right, throwing everything towards a lantern.
After the energy field, proceed upward and pulverize the next beaters, throwing some debris into their vicinity. In this way, you will interrupt the arrival of enemy reinforcements. You will also find yourself faced with some "jumpers", which should not however be a real problem.
After you meet Optimus, you will need to take care of protecting him. It will therefore be necessary to repel four waves of enemies. The first two waves will not be a real problem, Optimus will probably not suffer any damage. The last two waves will instead be more problematic, we recommend taking full advantage of the "Dinosaur" mode, waiting for the Titans to show themselves to you, after which you can take full advantage of the Fire Breath.

Capitolo 14: Locked Down

Proceed to the top, immediately encountering 3 of your opponents. Continue to the next room, getting rid of the other three opponents. Then blow up the tank, visible to the right of the bee. Avoid crossing lasers. When you reach the next room, you will find yourself facing 13 opponents. Keep going forward, until you are in front of Drift. So, face the two waves of opponents, one made up of 4 enemies, a second made up of 3 other enemies.
Watch out for the Titan as it tries to enter the nearby wall.

So go on to face Lockdown, you will have to wait until it tries to activate the generators. When it does, you'll need to destroy 3 of the generators before you can start the fight. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of all the "cover" possibilities in the area, and that the Corrupters help you. Also get rid of all the "flying" snipers present in the vicinity, so as to minimize the "random" damage you will suffer.
The best way to end Lockdown is to keep your kinetic shield active, especially when it fires missiles and / or "melee" shots at you. When your shield is depleted, you will need to quickly run forward to be able to reload it. Once this is done, repeat the above procedure to complete the level and the game!

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