The Outer Worlds - Complete Guide to Scientific Weapons

The Outer Worlds - Complete Guide to Scientific Weapons

Let's go talk about The Outer Worlds, the title developed by the original authors of Fallout, Obsidian Entertainment. We are here today with a new guide concerning the very interesting ones scientific weapons, which the developers have wisely inserted and hidden within the title. These are quite important, given that the genre of the The Outer Worlds it is definitely the shooter, and in many situations the character is forced to pull the trigger. Precisely for this reason, we now show you how to find all the weapons in question, explaining and deepening the use of each of these.

Le scientific weapons have the peculiarity of inflicting states of unique negative effects on enemies, and they are configured as the most powerful objects to be found in the entire explorable galaxy, as well as a really interesting sci-fi design. Furthermore, it must be remembered that increasing scientific skill will also increase the strength of these in turn. The weapons in question are a total of 5, and each of them is obtainable in a different location.

Prismatic Hammer

The Outer Worlds - Complete Guide to Scientific Weapons

Il Prismatic Hammer it is certainly the easiest scientific weapon to find on all, nevertheless it is perhaps the best. With each hit, the mallet is able to release devastating charges, which sweep away enemies as if they were simple grains of sand, and remember that by progressing in the correct way within the tree of scientific skills, this effect can even be improved. Obviously, if you face only one enemy, its usefulness is limited, since the weapon is perfect for more or less numerous groups of opponents.

To obtain the Prismatic Hammer you must first go to the Pioneer Ship. The weapon is inside a secret engine room in the galleon, which is fortunately not particularly difficult to reach. In fact, it is sufficient to go to the west side of the ship and choose one of these passages. Either you break open a door that's behind several stacked boxes, or you can find a floor entrance in the upper left corner of the crew quarters. In this second case it will still be necessary to break into a door, to then access the engine room. The Prismatic Hammer is located near the desk.

Phineas Shrinking Ray

The Outer Worlds - Complete Guide to Scientific Weapons

Unfortunately the Phineas Shrinking Ray it is not a weapon who knows how useful. It's definitely nice to have it in your inventory, as using it is basically pretty fun, despite not being particularly effective. Through this weapon it is possible to inflict minor damage on enemies while they are shrunk, but it is necessary to keep firing for the effect to continue, and when you have more than one opponent in front of it all this is impossible.

To begin the search for the Phineas Shrinking Ray you must first go up Terra 2 and take the power regulator for your spaceship. Right after it is enough to go by Phineas, to notice that the weapon in question is in plain sight right on a table in front of him, almost as if he were asking to be picked up.

Mandibular Rearranger

The Outer Worlds - Complete Guide to Scientific Weapons

The second close-range scientific weapon is the Mandibular Rearranger. Each shot of the latter freezes the targets more and more, slowing them, until complete hypothermia. Obviously it is not meant for large groups of enemies, as you need to focus on a single to get the maximum utility from this weapon.

To obtain the Mandibular Rearranger the first step is to get the extraction cartridge from Gladis on Pioneer ship. After leaving Terra 2 you will be able to reach Scylla, the place you need. It will then not be necessary to do anything other than follow the specific mission of the purchased item on the map. As soon as you arrive at the outpost just look at the ground, it is impossible not to notice a safe, where the weapon is hidden.

Ray of Mind Control

The Outer Worlds - Complete Guide to Scientific Weapons

Despite the incredibly annoying noise it makes when using it, this weapon is definitely the most fun and it's pretty loud too. Through the use of the Ray of Mind Control it is possible to pit all enemies against each other. The damage that these inflict is enormous, and the weapon is therefore configured as really powerful ... and hilarious.

To obtain the Ray of Mind Control you have to go from Duncan in Fallbook su Monarch and once again buy an object, the usual one datapad. Moving to an abandoned laboratory a Cascadia you will be close to the scientific weapon. In the final chamber of this, you will find the weapon on the table, ready to make entire ranks of opponents fight each other.

gloop gun

The Outer Worlds - Complete Guide to Scientific Weapons

La gloop gun is the last of the five scientific objects inside The Outer Worlds. Through this it is possible to inflict electrical damage that spreads among the enemies, also causing them to rise in the air against their will.

To obtain the gloop gun you will have to speak with Duncan, as you did for the Ray of Mind Control, and you can buy yet another datapad. Once the objective has been followed, a research center is reached, where to obtain the scientific weapon it is necessary to hack a terminal or answer the three questions proposed. We can tell you that you just need to give the strangest answers you will find, and the object will be consecutively yours.

You managed to get all the scientific weapons? Let us know in the comments, while we refer you to the guide on Three Engineering Manuals in The Outer Worlds present in the dedicated section on our site.

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