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    The Last of Us 2: where to find all Ellie's diary entries

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    During the journey Ellie can write down and draw on her diary, let's find out in this guide where to find all the entries in The Last of Us Part 2

    As of now we already know that GOTY 2020 will be a challenge to the death and with the release of The Last of Us Part 2 the choice is even more difficult. On his shoulders there is all the emotional weight of the first chapter, he is also responsible for evolving the gameplay. The latter part would in fact seem to have received a huge improvement, guaranteeing the player the ability to deal with any situation at will.

    However, it is perhaps the narrative that has made players fall in love with his near-collapse world the most. Also in the second chapter is offered the possibility of read Ellie's thoughts collected in his diary to broaden the spectrum of themes and sentiments dealt with. Between one distraction and the other, however, it will be easy to lose sight of the opportunity to get them all and come halfway to complete the Archivist objective. Let's find out then where to find all Ellie's diary entries in The Last of Us Part 2.

    Ellie will have no more secrets

    In this article we will guide you in finding all the diary entries in The Last of Us 2. There are 20 in all and some you will get them automatically simply by proceeding with the plot, others you will have to be the one to look for them and press triangle in front of the scene or the right object.

    Below you will find them in the order of play following the progress of the chapters. As already mentioned this will help you to advance with theArchivist goal, however to complete it you will also need to find all the Artifacts in the game. In any case, you will be at a good point. We then proceed by finding all the entries in Ellie's diary in The Last of Us Part 2.

    Chapter 2 - Jackson - The Last of Us 2: the diary entries

    The first four entries of the diary can be found in the second chapter which takes place in Jackson, starting place of The Last of Us Part 2:

    • 1 - Patrol: After dismounting from Shimmer, follow Dina to the scenic spot overlooking the horizon and the mountains. By triggering and ending the conversation with Dina, we will be able to record the first entry in the diary.
    • 2 - Patrol: In the children's section of the library, shortly after grabbing Eugene's Firefly pendant, you will see the puppet of a giraffe on one of the shelves set in the wall. By interacting with the object in question you will have acquired the new page.
    • 3 - Preparations for departure: In the back of the house, in the kitchen, you will find Joel's mug. Watching her with Ellie the entry will automatically be recorded in the diary.
    • 4 - Preparations for departure: Now head upstairs to Joel's study. On the wall on the right you will find a guitar, interacting with it you will get the new voice.

    Chapter 3 - Seattle day 1 - The Last of Us 2: the diary entries

    We then proceed to chapter number 3 that is to Seattle during the first day of exploration. So here it is fifth to tenth Journal entries in The Last of Us Part 2:

    • 5 - The gate: Before climbing over the wall take a look at the graffiti that says “WLF: Violators will be killed on sight”, then press triangle in front of the writing.
    • 6 - Downtown: Cross the checkpoint bridge to the Valiant Music Shop and halfway across you will come across a lookout. Inside this structure there is a drawer in which you will find an Artifact. Immediately after collecting it, you will have the opportunity to draw a new diary entry.
    • 7 - Downtown: You will unlock this item immediately after reading Rabbi Saunders' letter. Adding to the diary will be automatic.
    • 8 - I tunnel: The first time you meet the Shambler, the new infected in the game, kill him and then look at his corpse. Ellie will add a new entry to the diary.
    • 9 - The birthday present: When you come across the Tyrannosaurus outside the Wyoming Museum, interact with the sign in front of it.
    • 10 - The birthday present: when you reach the section dedicated to astronauts, interact with the bench to add a new entry to Ellie's diary.

    Chapter 4 - Seattle day 2 - The Last of Us 2: the diary entries

    Let's move on to the following items of the Ellie's diary in The Last of Us Parte 2:

    • 11 - HillcrestBetween the Used & Rare Books store and Ruston Coffee is a WLF poster that has been covered in some graffiti. Interact with the poster to unlock a new journal entry.
    • 12 - Looking for ropes: At the beginning of the chapter, as soon as you take control of Ellie, look to the horizon for a new entry.
    • 13 - The Seraphites: Inside the office lobby, you will see some graffiti on the wall with a message that says "Feel his love". Interact with it to add another entry in Ellie's diary.
    • 14 - The Seraphites: At the first sighting of the hospital, Ellie will automatically add a new entry.
    • 15 - The Seraphites: Kill all the Seraphites in the park, then interact with the corpse at the bus station to get the item.

    Chapter 5 and 10 - Seattle day 3 and Santa Barbara - The Last of Us 2: the diary entries

    We have finally come to the last entries of the diary in The Last of Us Part 2, here we will pass from the fifth chapter ad a big jump up to the tenth of Santa Barbara. With these last five you will finally have completed the search:

    • 16 - Towards the aquarium: when you are in the library, go downstairs and look for the children's section. You'll find an Alice in Wonderland painting on the wall, with some fake mushrooms nearby. By interacting with them you will get the voice.
    • 17 - The Submerged City: After pulling a chain to open the passage for a boat, look left and go to the stairs. Go up and enter a room with a window overlooking the Ferris wheel. Interact with the window to get a new diary entry.
    • 18 - Infiltration: Shortly after killing the dog, look for Owen's gym bag and watch his dog tags for the Lights. Ellie will automatically add a new journal entry once it's put away.
    • 19 - Inland: Once you have exited the building and crawled under its wall, you will automatically unlock the diary entry.
    • 20 - The Resort: After the firefight with all the Rattlers, follow the train tracks and you will come across a van blocking the rail path. The Rattlers logo is painted on the side of the van. Interact with it and you will unlock a new diary entry.

    Survival is just the beginning

    With the information we have given you you will now have completed Ellie's diary with all entries in The Last of Us Part 2. In case you have any doubts or want clarification on this extremely narrative survival game created by Naughty Dog and published by Sony, ask us your questions below in the comments or check out our other guides: to start playing, to training manuals, where to find all workbenches, where to find all weapons, find all Ellie's cards and combinations of safes.

    The game is available today exclusively on PlayStation 4. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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