Super Mario 64: where to find all stars in the Whomp Fortress

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With today's guide we will help you find out where to find all seven stars in the Whomp Fortress in Super Mario 64

Super Mario has finally turned 35 years of age, an IP among the oldest in the world of video games and certainly among the best known even to non-gamers. For this reason Nintendo has put together a video game collection in its name, taking back three of its best video games. It is about Super Mario 3D All-Stars which contains Super Mario galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64. The latter in particular is the protagonist of our guide in which we will help you complete one of its levels. Today we treat the Fortress of the Whomp, we then tell you where to find all the stars in this level of Super Mario 64.

All of them

The Whomp Fortress is the home of all the Whomps of Super Mario 64. During the game you will meet in fact of many types. At the top of this sort of mountain, you will also meet their huge rocky king, who will await you for a "crushing" battle.

The structure of this level makes it look almost like a mountain as you will climb to the top in a spiral path most of the time. However, you will also be able to move freely, as the game offers several tools and shortcuts to do so. Finding the stars might get a little tricky, but we will help you do it with success. So let's proceed by showing you where and how to find all seven stars in the Whomp Forest of Super Mario 64.

Star 1 and 2 - Super Mario 64: where to find all the stars in the Whomp Fortress

The first star of this level is very classic and is obtained in a similar way to that of Bob-omb Battlefield. You will have to tackle the path who faces you as soon as you start the game and survive all its woes. Despite the freedom of action offered by Super Mario 64, you will hardly find it difficult to recognize the path to continue moving forward. The aim is to get to the top of the fortress and face the boss in front of you.

His name is King of the Whomp and will try to crush you whenever it can. You will have to watch out for his hits and every time he is on the ground, hit him on the back right where there is a white, bandaged X. When you hit him three times, the boss will be defeated and you will have earned your star.

To obtain the second star, you will have to return to the level after beating the boss. In his absence you will find, in that same arena at the top of the level, a tower to climb. If you are careful and good enough to get to the top, you will have obtained the second collectible. Now that you've got your hands on it, let's move on to the next stars of the Whomp Fortress in Super Mario 64.

Star 3 and 4 - Super Mario 64: where to find all the stars in the Whomp Fortress

In the spot where it can be found there is a moving platform in the middle of the fortress, you will have to fall into the water to reach a separate area. You meet a friendly down here Bob-omba rosa who can activate a cannon for you. Enter the cannon and shoot at the platform under a pole. Hitting right, Mario will grab the pole in flight. Once grabbed, slide down to grab the star. Missing your shot will likely fly into infinity and lose a life. The next of the seven stars is that of the red coins, so you will find yourself exploring the Whomp Fortress more in Super Mario 64.

At Whomp Fortress most of the red coins you will find them along the route, with some small exceptions:

  • Above the bottom moving piece of wall at the start of the level
  • Above the second Thwomp on the stairs
  • Behind the first sleeping Piranha Plant
  • On a narrow ledge between the two Piranha Plants
  • In the path of the rotating platform
  • On the slope below the rotating platform, drop down to get it
  • On the floating platforms on top of the fortress
  • On another floating platform on top of the fortress

Star 5 and 6 - Super Mario 64: where to find all the stars in the Whomp Fortress

The fifth star is located on a floating island, for this you will need a flight partner. To get help, head to the start of the level and climb the tree beside it. An owl will pop out and now what you have to do is position yourself under its shadow and jump to cling to it. The bird will take you up flying over the islet above which you will find the star. Try to guide the owl as best you can in that direction and let go as soon as you are over the island to get the star.

For the sixth star, there are two walls on either side of the rotating platform. On the side near the Piranha plants, there is actually a false wall. Head to the cannon we used for the third star, and this time aim directly at the wall. Aim the cannon at the corner of that wall and fire. Mario will hit it, blasting the wall and revealing the hidden star inside. Now you are missing only the last of the seven stars of the Whomp Fortress in Super Mario 64.

Star 7 - Super Mario 64: where to find all the stars in the Whomp Fortress

The last of the stars in the Fortress of the Whomp in Super mario 64 is instead the typical hidden star that you can get finding 100 coins, very easy as there are a lot of coins in the Whomp fortress. You will find fewer yellow coins, but between blue coins and enemies you will not struggle to collect them all.

A welcome return

With the guide we have given you now you should know where to find all the stars in the Fortress of the Whomp level in Super Mario 64. In case you have any doubts or want clarifications about this remaster, ask us your questions below in the comments, or if you are looking for other guides we have some really interesting ones: find all the stars in the Aquatic Abyss, find all the stars of Snowy Earth and where to find all the stars in the Lava Lake.

Super Mario 64 is available in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection exclusively at Nintendo Switch. If you haven't purchased it yet, hurry up as it will only be in stores until March 2021. In the meantime, I invite you to continue following us on Holygamerz to stay updated on the world of video games and technology.

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