Spider-Man Miles Morales: Cloaking skills guide

Cloaking skills will be incredibly useful to you in Spider-Man Miles Morales. So here we talk about it in this guide

From the early game stages of the latest videogame adventureSpiderman you will have noticed. Insomniac games wanted to feature in role key the progression of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. So you have three skill branches available to grow your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man: Skill Combat, skills Venom and skill of Concealment. We will dedicate this guide of ours to the skills of Concealment of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. 

Thanks to the skills in question, the game will partly assume the typical characteristics of one stealth game. Basically we will make ourselves invisible to the eyes of our enemies and we will be able to surprise them from behind or infiltrate in comfort in certain locations without being spotted. These skills will be very useful to you both in the campaign main game is in the side-activities and you will begin to be able to unlock them when you reach the Level 7.

However, we remind you that by progressing in the game you will have the possibility to unlock all the skills of the other branches available, making Miles a real relentless force. Before moving on to the actual skills, a few general notes on the setting and the narrative premise of the last effort of Insomniac.

Cinematic spectacle  

Strengthened by the incredible qualitative and commercial success represented by Spider-Man for PS4 2018, on 11 June, on the occasion of the reveal with great fanfare of Sony's new hardware machine, Insomniac Games has announced Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The narrative of the game continues where the previous Spider-Man and its DLC left off "The city that never sleeps". During this episode Miles Morales was bitten by a genetically modified spider and acquired powers similar to those of Peter Parker.

A year after the first game ended, Miles trained with Peter and has completely immersed himself in the role of Spider-Man, even if he has not yet gained experience. After Parker leaves to join his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson of the Daily Bugle newspaper, Miles remains the only bulwark of justice in New York. The young man must therefore divide his energies between supporting his mother's political campaign River Morales for the City Council and the defense of both Harlem, his new home, is indeed New York City. This is in fact threatened by a war between the Roxxon Energy Corporation and a cyber criminal army called Underground driven by The Tinkerer

The game will shine on PS5 hardware with support for the Ray Tracing, the tactile feedback of DualSense and ai uploads almost instantaneous. the whole adventure of Miles will be marked by one showmanship cinematic evident in many cutscenes and quick-time events. Precisely for this spectacular feature, the game will also make a sophisticated function available to users Photo Mode.

Simon Rutter, Sony Vice President, recently reported in an interview that the game is "a 'expansion and improvement compared to the previous title ". Later, however, Insomniac spoke of the project in terms of independent play, claiming it was "the next adventure in Marvel's Spider-Man universe". Compared to the previous videogame Spider-Man, the campaign is shorter. The game by the authors has often been compared to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, being also the latter of short duration compared to the other main titles in the series. Let's proceed now with our guide and let's discover the skills of Concealment of Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Cloaking skills guide

The Skill List - Spider-Man Miles Morales: Cloaking Skills Guide

We propose below the list of cloaking ability available in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. As you see, it is about 8 skills. For each we will indicate the level of achievement, the effect and the cost of unlocking. Let's see the list:

  • Occult presence: Unlocks at level 7 and requires 1 skill point. Thanks to this skill, the energy of Concealment will recharge faster than 20%.
  • Commensurate reaction: Unlocks at level 7 and requires 1 skill point. Thanks to this skill, attacking during Concealment will require less energy.
  • Invisible attack: Unlocks at level 8 and requires 1 skill point. When you finish the enemy with a Venom attack no cloaking energy is consumed.
  • Surprise move: Unlocks at level 11 and requires 1 skill point. The Venom's fist deals additional damage when used in Concealment.
  • Spider wait for: Unlocks at level 12 and requires 1 skill point. Increases the capacity of the Cloaking energy bar so that you can stay invisible longer.
  • Explosive cocoon: Unlocks at level 13 and requires 1 skill point. Press L1 e R1 simultaneously to throw enemies trapped in cocoons, make it hit the ground and trap nearby enemies.
  • Dazzling: Unlocks at level 14 and requires 1 skill point. Press L3 and R3 at the same time while in Concealment to release a glow which reveals and stuns all nearby enemies.
  • Hidden Force: It unlocks automatically at New Game Plus and requires no skill points. Combo Gauge does not reset on stopping a combo while in Concealment. A additional combo point it is generated with each attack.

Spider-Man Miles Morales: Cloaking skills guide

Chameleon spiders

That's all, now you too know how to become perfect chameleon spiders and escape the eye of the enemies. It is definitely about skill powerful and useful that will spare you tedious minutes of overly prolonged fighting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide on Cloaking Skills in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. If you are a beginner with the latest Spider-Man game, we recommend this guide on gadgets and updates. Here you will find instead the guide on all the others ability available in the game. Here instead i tips and tricks to get the best out of the game and fully enjoy Spider-Man's latest videogame adventure. Stay tuned to Holygamerz for all the news and curiosities from the gaming world and beyond.

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