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In this guide on Spider-Man: Miles Morales we will go to see what are the gadgets present in the game and their updates

If in the previous guide we had seen all Venom abilities of our hero, here we are going to explore the gadgets and related updates that are present in the title Spider-Man: Miles Morales. What will distinguish the new New York hero from his mentor? To find out, we just have to start the article.

Here are the gadgets and updates - Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Miles Morales, New York's new superhero, isn't just as brute force as it might seem from the Venom skill tree. The new Spider-Man is capable of to unite a high ingenuity to the physique, just like his predecessor and mentor, Peter Parker. His ingenuity emerges in his four equippable gadgets.

Throughout history, Miles will have access to all gadgets, including updates that will enhance them. Swapping every gadget in the middle of battle and accompanying the chaos with some well-placed Venom shots will make the game livelier and more intriguing. Now let's see what our superhero will use.

Launch cobwebs

Allows rapid fire of the web shooter. Enemies near walls hit by cobwebs will be attacked on the surface. Let's see the updates.

  • Increase Capacity 1- Reduces damage from melee attacks by 25%.
  • Reduction of Charging Time - Web Launcher ammo reloads faster.
  • Spider Web Bomb - Glue a stunned enemy with spider web to the wall or floor, turns the opponent into a spider web bomb that explodes and traps nearby enemies. 
  • Increase Capacity 2 - Increases the maximum ammo capacity by 2. To activate it you will need to start the New Game +.

Holographic drone

Deploy a drone that uses a bright light hologram to fight alongside the character. Here are his updates.

  • Enhanced Drone - Increases the damage dealt by the holographic drone.
  • Increase Capacity - Increases the capacity of Holographic Drone Ammo by 1.
  • Maximum autonomy - Increases the amount of time a holographic drone remains active.
  • Fatal Mistake - The holographic drone explodes when deactivated, knocking enemies back.

Remote Mina

Fires a mine that can be activated remotely. When activated, it electrifies and damages enemies. Let's see the updates.

  • Live Wire - Increases the knockout ability of the remote mine when connected to a fuse box, from 3 to 4 enemies.
  • Increased Capacity (Level 10 required) - Increases the maximum ammo of the mine at a distance by 1.
  • Raw Energy (Level 11 required) - Increases the damage of the ranged mine.
  • Venom Recharge - Get Venom when you are in the area of ​​effect of a ranged mine as it explodes.

Center of gravity

Create a gravity source that brings enemies together, knocking them down and making them vulnerable to Venom's attacks.

  • Increased Capacity - Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the Center of Gravity by 1.
  • Gravity Disarm (Level 10 required) - Disarms enemies hit by Center of Gravity.
  • Gravity Boost (Level 13 required) - Center of Gravity becomes strong enough to affect large enemies.
  • Gravity Reach - Increase the area of ​​effect of the Center of Gravity.

Price of Gadget Upgrades - Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The price of the upgrades is the same for all gadgets. Let's start with the 8 Activity Tokens for the first update, while the second costs 10 Activity Tokens. To purchase the third update you need 12 Activity Tokens and 1 Tech Part, while the latest update is only available in the New Game +.

What do you think of the gadgets present in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and their updates? Let us know yours in the comments. If you are looking for some advice to start playing, I invite you to read our guide. In order not to miss future news regarding the videogame universe and the other Insomniac Games branded games, continue to follow the pages of Holygamerz! 

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