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There are no cheats for this version


There are no cheats for this version

PlayStation 2


Big wheel
Opting for a bad choice when talking to the computer (after beating Tinkerer)

Black Cat
Choosing to save the Black Cat when fighting her (choose 1st response from Smythe)

Opt for a bad choice (2nd / 3rd response) before fighting Kraven

Jessica Drew
Choosing to help Shield's crew from symbiotes (before fighting Jessica Drew)

Luke Cage
Opt for the bad choice (2nd) when talking to a man who claims he can derail the train with symbiotes inside

Random Assist
You can get Mysterio, Night Crawler, Wolverine, Ctylok, Galactus, Hypno Hustler randomly by completing each level or purchasing Ultra Rare Power-ups

Possibility to use it after defeating him

Taking Shocker to prison (after defeating him)

Opt for the good answer when talking to the computer (after beating Tinkerer)

PlayStation 3

There are no cheats for this version



New game + and concept art
Complete the game once


There are no cheats for this version

Xbox 360


Token radar
After collecting 1000 Spider Coins, all Spider Coins appear as red circles on your mini map

New Game +
After completing the game, look at the Credits until the end, then select Continue and the Credits restart (don't skip them!). After 3 times the game finally starts keeping all the items from your previous game

Complete each of the following achievements to earn the corresponding score

100 Hit Combo Ownership (25)
Fate 100 Hit Combo Ownership

250 Hit Combo Neighborly (50)
Fate 250 Hit Combo Neighborly

50 Hit Combo Spider Silk (10)
Fate 50 Hit Combo Spider Silk

Air Combo Skill (15)
Defeat 50 Enemies using only aerial combos

Bad Kitty (15)
Beat Cat Woman

Bowling Ball (5)
Hit 5 Enemies with the web in a single shot

Complete Story, Act One (50)
Complete Act 1

Complete Story, Act Two (50)
Complete Act 2

Complete Web of Shadows (75)
Complete the game

Declawed (15)
Battete Wolverine

Battete 100 Nemici (20)
Battete 100 Nemici

Battete 500 Nemici (35)
Battete 500 Nemici

Encountered (5)
Parry an enemy counterattack

Eviction (5)
Hit a Tech Mech Pilot from his chair

Excessive Spider-Man (15)
Complete half of the optional objectives

First One Hundred (15)
Found 100 objects

Great Power (10)
Prevent 25 City Crimes

Great Responsibility (25)
Prevent 100 City Crimes

Ground Combo Skill (15)
Defeat 50 Enemies using only ground combos

Heroic Accumulation (25)
Find half of the items

Id (15)
Grab the Black Jumpsuit and spend time with Cat Woman

Max Out Spider-Man (75)
Max out Spider-Man

Obsessive Spider-Man (25)
Complete 60 Bonuses

Over The Counter (10)
Parry and then counterattack 100 enemies

Overkill (20)
Use every single attack, ground, air, wall on a single enemy 10 times

Super Ego (5)
Reject the Cat Woman

The Bigger They Come (5)
Beat the first Tech Mech

Trampoline (25)
Hit 20 Enemies in a row with the web

Ultimate Spider-Man (50)
Buy all the improvements

Vice (5)
The first black suit

Virtue (5)
The first red suit

Wall Combo Skill (15)
Defeat 50 Enemies using only wall combos

Winged (15)
Battete Vulture


Armor Spider-man (Black and Gray)
Complete Act 2

Ben Reily
Complete 25 city events

Cosmic Spider-Man
Complete Act 1

Iron Spidey
Collect 150 Spider Coins

Spider Carnage
Eliminate 500 enemies

Spider-Man 2099
Complete 50 city events

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Exit date: November 7, 2008

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