Sekiro: how to earn Sen credits and experience fast

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How to earn Sen credits and experience quickly in Sekiro? Obviously, in titles like this, finding tricks that make our life easier is not easy. We want to give you a little advice and maybe help you in this business!

In this mini guide I want to suggest you a very profitable area that in Sekiro will allow you to gain experience and earn Sen credits quickly. The area I am suggesting to you may be quite advanced. If you haven't gotten there yet, don't worry and keep this information for the right time. 

Sekiro: how to earn Sen credits and experience fast

The first thing to do, to get experience and earn Sen credits quickly while playing Sekiro, is to go to the right area. As you can see in the hole the point I am referring to is located in the Abyss of Ashina. More precisely you will have to go to the idol: Village of Mibu

As soon as you arrive at the idol just mentioned, go to your left. Exactly on the banks of the watercourse. As you will notice there will be an opponent staring at an object (if you have not already recovered it). This enemy is particularly difficult so I invite you to follow my advice carefully to deal with it in the most profitable way. 

As mentioned, you will have to skirt the small river and literally stay attached to the walls. Any little mistake could result in a long fight and that's just what we want to avoid in Sekiro to gain experience and earn Sen quickly

At first glance it might seem better to jump on his head and do a "kill area", but trust me it won't work! At the top right is the ninja wolf you want to kill! The animal will start barking and your friend will draw his sword. In a nutshell, goodbye dreams of quick and easy "farming".

Sekiro: how to earn Sen credits and experience fast

To make your life easier, I have decided to show you exactly what you need to do. The video above is perhaps more useful than a thousand words! If you stay close to the wall and attack your enemy without being seen you will get 784 experience points and 94 Sen (the currency of the game)

The nice thing about these passages is that they can be repeated quickly and almost indefinitely. As you can see in the video, in fact, it will be enough for you to rest at the idol who resides a few meters from the target and repeat the killing. If the coins obtained seem few to you, I remind you that you will also get materials every time that if sold will make you earn more money. 

In a nutshell you now know how in Sekiro is earning Sen credits and experience quickly!

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