Resident Evil Village - Mask puzzle guide in Dimitrescu Castle

Resident Evil Village - Mask puzzle guide in Dimitrescu Castle

During your fantastic tour in the cAstello Dimitrescu, there will be many puzzles (really Resident Evil style) to complete. One of these, very interesting, you will carry on throughout that part of Resident Evil Village, or that of the masks. In reality it is nothing so difficult: you only have to insert four masks inside four statues, and that's it. Perhaps. At this link you can find the complete guide including everything you need within the game.

Attention! This guide contains spoilers! Continue only if you have already reached this stage of the game and want to know how to continue to proceed with the adventure.

The masks to be taken will be 4:

  • Mask of Sadness
  • Mask of Joy
  • Mask of Anger
  • Pleasure Mask

These four will be in necessary areas to explore (so you can't miss them), attached to fairly large statues. You will have to take them and bring them all to the main hall, so as to allow the opening of the door (and escape from the Dimitrescu Castle).

Resident Evil Village - Mask puzzle guide in Dimitrescu Castle

Here's how to get the masks and solve the puzzle in Dimitrescu Castle

Mask of Sadness

After being thrown away by Alcina Dimitrescu, you can advance and end up in the room of Sadness, where you will find the first mask.

Mask of Joy

After getting the Iron Key (completed the Piano Puzzle), you can enter the Library, kill one of Alcina Dimitrescu's daughters and take the mask.

Mask of Anger

You will have to arrive in the Tower of Anger, after completing the Puzzle of the Bells, climbed to the roof and descended with a zipline at your destination.

Pleasure Mask

You will find it in the Room of Pleasure, and it will be easy to take. It will be more difficult to understand how to advance: once taken, in fact, the exit door will close. In order to advance, you will have to go into the adjacent room, defeat one of Dimitrescu's daughters (use a craft bomb to break the wall), then remove the animal skull from the wall, disassemble it and place it in place of the mask.

Room of the Four

Each of the masks will have some joints, from one to four, and you just have to match them with the cracks in the statues and you will have solved the riddle.

The Resident Evil Village mask guide ends here, but you can find many more in our Complete Walkthrough.

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