Resident Evil Village: how to transfer saves from PS4 to PS5

The new Capcom survival horror has finally arrived on both old gen and next gen. Let's see how to transfer Resident Evil Village saves from PS4 to PS5

Resident Evil Village is the new title developed by Capcom of the historic survival horror saga. The game continues the storyline linked to the character of Ethan Winters and reveals a new and disturbing setting as well as new and terrible enemies. Village maintains the first person of the seventh chapter and the classic survival structure of the saga. There will be craftable items, a new shop and a map with freely explorable areas. In this guide we go to see how transfer saves di Resident Evil Village da PS4 a PS5.

Cross generational bailouts

The transition between different generations of consoles is almost a constant in the world of Gaming. Although until now this transition has always been seamless, as of today, with the new PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms, things are about to change. Both are in fact compatible with the titles of previous generations. Following this speech, there are several games that, in the purchase, give access to both versions old gen and next gen of the game. One of them is Resident evil village. Since the title is therefore present on both PS4 and PS5, let's find out how transfer saves di Resident Evil Village da PS4 a PS5.

Simplicity - How to transfer Resident Evil Village saves from PS4 to PS5

Although Microsoft with Smart Delivery and saves in Cloud it often makes things easier, the same cannot be said of Sony. In fact, if you own consoles PlayStation you will not be able to play on one console using saves from another console. For this reason, if for example you are playing on PS4 in Village, you will have to transfer Manually the saves the moment you decide to upgrade to PS5.

Fortunately though, if you decide to do it, instead of starting one again new match, the process is not that long. To begin with, you will obviously have to start with your save up PS4 with your name PSN. After that you will have to go to the main menu of the game and go to the options. From here click on Upload Saved Data, which will make you save the save on the server. Now is the time to pick up your PS5.

Second part - How to transfer Resident Evil Village saves from PS4 to PS5

On PS5, once you enter the game's main menu, scroll down and go back to the options like you did before on PS4. Here you can download your previous save from the screen Download Saved Data. This will connect you to the network and retrieve the previous save by bringing it to the new console. If you can't find the save, come back on PS4 and check that you have uploaded in the way correct. Once the file is recovered, you can continue the adventure on PS5 without having to start over from the beginning.

A journey with no return

We have come to the conclusion. In this guide we have seen how to successfully transfer Resident Evil Village saves from PS4 to PS5. We wish you a lot divertissement and we remind you, if you have further problems with the game or if you simply want more information on some aspects, to go and take a look at our other guides and especially our review of the game. Resident Evil Village is available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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