Resident Evil Village - Complete guide to the challenges of the game

Resident Evil Village - Complete guide to the challenges of the game

Resident evil village it is finally reality, and it has very many inside challenges to be completed in game to receive completion points as a reward, which will be essential to purchase certain items and models to obtain trophies. In this guide, we will show you one by one all the challenges present in the game (including those that were initially obscured), so that you know immediately what awaits you. We remind you that you can consult our complete guide to trophies and the platinum trophy.

ATTENTION: the Resident Evil Village challenges listed also present notions that could result as SPOILERS for new players, and therefore we recommend reading only if you have already finished the title or if you know the history of the game.

Challenges related to the time you will spend

  • Bloodlust: Defeat the mutated Lady Dimitrescu in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds (25,000 CP)
  • Hide and Seek Champion: Defeat Angie in under 1 minute 40 seconds (10,000 PC) - Once Donna's puzzle is solved, run as fast as you can to reach Angie in the 3 locations, the first are locked and the last is random
  • Sashimi: Defeat mutated Moreau in less than 1 minute (25,000 CP) - The timer starts when Moreau smashes the wooden boards, we advise you to stay close to the covers for when he jumps on the roof and spits acid
  • Blitzkrieg: Defeat mutated Heisenberg in under 4 minutes (15,000 CP) - Use low difficulty, you can use the vehicle to shoot the glittering nuggets

Challenges related to certain modalities

  • Never Trust The Concoctions: Finish the story using 4 or fewer healing items (35,000 CP) - Getting the infinite bullets once the campaign is over might help
  • Dad is in a hurry: finish the story within 3 hours - Decreasing the difficulty will surely help you
  • Low Cost Travel: Finish the story by spending less than 10.000 Lei (22,000 CP) - Having infinite ammo will help, but keep track of all expenses
  • The old way: finish the story using only the knife - The artillery against Heisenberg and the final battle are obviously excluded. Unlock Chris's knife first as it is more effective (70,000 CP)
  • I'll settle for it: finish the story without creating any items (45,000 CP) - Infinite ammo and low difficulty can help you
  • Messy: Finish story without fixing inventory (33,000 CP)
  • Thanks for playing! Beat story 3 times (39,000 CP)

Many of these challenges have their respective trophies, and in our Platinum Guide we give you more tips on how to overcome them.

Challenges related to certain Resident Evil Village difficulties

  • A Model Dad (Trophy / Challenge): Finish the story on easy difficulty
  • You're Strong Dad (Trophy / Challenge): Finish story on normal
  • Dad of the Year (Trophy / Challenge): Finish story on extreme difficulty (31,000 CP)
  • Best Dad in the World (Trophy / Challenge): Finish the story on Shadow Village difficulty (100,000 CP) - It's the highest difficulty and there are extra semi-bosses

Many of these challenges have their respective trophies, and in our Platinum Guide we give you more tips on how to overcome them.

Challenges related to crafting, exploration and shopping

  • Never say goal (Trophy / Challenge): move the bedroom ball in the study (3000 CP) - You can do it when you put Rose to bed, be careful not to lose it
  • Photojournalist (Trophy / Challenge): Use the photo mode
  • Creative: create an object 
  • Fabricator: Craft 60 items in the crafting menu - You can do this in multiple runs
  • Survivalist: Craft 150 items in the crafting menu (11,000 CP) – Can be done in multiple runs
  • Survival Expert: Craft 300 items in the crafting menu (cumulative) (38,000 CP) - You can do this in multiple runs
  • Craft Expert: Craft all kinds of items in the crafting menu (6,000 CP) 
  • Craftsman: Get every recipe (6,000 CP) - Beware of the Duke's new recipes, there are a total of 11
  • New Customer (Trophy / Challenge): Buy something from the Duke
  • Gunsmith (Trophy / Challenge): Equip a weapon with a Kendo Approved accessory (Trophy / Challenge): Equip each weapon with its accessories (15,000 CP)
  • Burglar (Trophy / Challenge): Unlock a lock with a lockpick - There are plenty of them throughout the game
  • Jill Approved: Unlock 15 locks with a lockpick (15,000 CP) - You can do this in multiple runs
  • Geologist: Shoot 15 different minerals - keep an eye on the glittering roofs and pillars 
  • Goat! (Trophy / Challenge): Destroy a Goat - You will find one in the center of the village at the start of the game
  • Goat Crack! (Trophy / Challenge): Destroy all goats - There are a total of 20, you can do it in multiple runs (16,000 CP)
  • Cartographer (Trophy / Challenge): Complete the Village Map - You will have to explore every place in the game
  • Avid Reader (Trophy / Challenge): Read every document in the game (14,000 PC)
  • Restorer (Trophy / Challenge): Combine a treasure in its full form 
  • Treasure Hunt: Combine all the treasures
  • Roll what a passion: solve a labyrinth - You can do it in the Dimitrescu Castle with the sphere on the second floor, bringing it next to the Duke
  • Let's change the air! (Trophy / Challenge): Break every window in Lady Dimitrescu's castle in one run - There are a total of 19 (8,000 CP)
  • When Nature Calls ... (Trophy / Challenge): Open the door of each Village Latrine in a single run (3,000 CP)
  • Factory Scrap (Trophy / Challenge): Shoot a Soldat from the production line in the factory (3,500 CP)
  • Settebello: gets to get 777, 7.777, or 77.777 Lei in history
  • Anniversary Gift: Hold 52.911 in history (12,000 CP)
  • Countdown: Get 54,321 Lei in history (12,000 CP)
  • Rain of Coins: Get a total of 8,100,000 Lei in history (35,000 CP) - You can do it in multiple runs and spend them as you wish

Many of these challenges have their respective trophies, and in our Platinum Guide we give you more tips on how to overcome them.

Combat-related challenges

  • Hunter (Trophy / Achievement): Kill an animal during the story
  • Poacher: Kill 40 animals throughout the story (13,000 CP)
  • I Hate Ravens (Trophy / Achievement): Kill 5 ravens throughout the story (7,000 CP)
  • Sniper (Trophy / Achievement): Kill an enemy with the F2 sniper rifle (3,000 CP)
  • Cooked to perfection (Trophy / Achievement): Set a Moroaica on fire, mandatory if you are going to get the Riverbank treasure. (
  • Social Distancing (Trophy / Achievement): Push an enemy after parrying.
  • Three for the Price of One (Trophy / Achievement): Defeat three enemies with one shot, use the magnum or sniper rifle.
  • Lightning Reflexes (Trophy / Achievement): Shoot a flaming arrow as they throw it at you.
  • Pack Leader (Trophy / Achievement): Kill the Alpha Varcolac, go back after defeating Moreau to Luiza's house and you will find him.
  • David vs. Goliath (Trophy / Achievement): Defeat Urias in the first match, do it in the second run. (20,000 PCs)
  • Unstoppable: Kill 30 lycans during the first attack, do it during the second run (20,000 CP)
  • Friendly Fire: Kill 20 enemies with attacks from other enemies (4,000 CP)
  • Shortbread Hands: Drop the weapon from the Moroaica's hand.
  • Down to Earth: Defeat a Samca with a mine (5,000 CP)
  • Torn to Pieces !: Remove all armor from the Panzer Soldier.
  • Head Trauma: Kill 150 enemies with a headshot, including melee. 
  • Assassin: Kill 300 enemies
  • Butcher: Kill 600 enemies (12,000 CP)
  • Mr. Death - Kill 1500 enemies (50,000 CP)
  • Bang Bang - Kill 200 enemies with the gun (11,000 CP)
  • Rifleman: Kill 100 enemies with the shotgun (12,000 CP)
  • Sharpshooter: Kill 80 enemies with the sniper (12,000 CP)
  • Powder Fire: Kill 50 enemies with Frag Grenades (14,000 CP)
  • Gunslinger: Kill 30 enemies with the magnums (28,000 CP)
  • Ra-ta-ta: Kill 180 enemies with the assault rifle (27,000 CP)
  • Demoman: Kill 40 enemies with craft bombs (13,000 CP)
  • Minesweeper: Defeat 50 enemies with mines throughout the story (14,000 CP)

Many of these challenges have their own trophy, such as "hot crush", "pack leader" or "I hate crows", and in our platinum guide we give you further tips to overcome them.

History challenges, impossible to miss

  • Beware of the Wolf! (Trophy / Achievement): Survive the werewolf attack
  • The Four Lords (Trophy / Achievement): Escape the mine
  • Ethan l'ammazzavampiri (Trophy/Achievement): I killed the changed Lady Dimitrescu. 
  • Hi, Baby Doll (Trophy / Achievement): Defeat Donna and Angie
  • Fish out of water (Trophy / Achievement): Defeat the mutated Moreau
  • Round two (Trophy / Achievement): Defeat Urias in the fortress
  • Ethan and the Stone Goblet (Trophy / Achievement): Place the giant's goblet at the ceremony location. 
  • Principle of Elimination (Trophy / Achievement): Defeat mutated Heisenberg
  • The Roots of Evil (Trophy / Achievement): Find the Megamycete in the underground ruins. 

Challenges related to the Resident Evil Village Mercenaries mode

  • Combo King: Get a combo of at least 30 in Mercenaries (10,000 CP)
  • Village Hero: Complete The Village in Mercenaries (5,000 CP)
  • Castle Adventure: Complete the Castle level in Mercenaries (8,000 CP)
  • The Monster Factory: Complete the Factory level once in Mercenaries (10,000 CP)
  • The Executioner of the Night: Complete the Brutal Village in Mercenaries (20,000 CP)
  • Expert Mercenary: Get at least an A rank on all levels in Mercenaries (50,000 CP)
  • Legendary Mercenary: Get at least an S rank on all levels in Mercenaries (70,000 CP)
  • Exaggerated !: Deal over 10.000 damage in a single attack on Mercenaries (20,000 CP)
  • Very Skilled: Use 10 skills in Mercenaries (5,000 CP)
  • Most Skilled: Use 22 skills in Mercenaries (30,000 CP)
  • Model Collector: See all character and weapon models (1,000 CP)
  • Art Collector: See all concept art (1,000 PC)
  • One Stop Shopping: Get 200 items from the shop (3,000 PCs)
  • Villager: Complete 30 challenges
  • Completionist: Complete 70 challenges (12,000 CP)

These were all the challenges of the game, but if you need help with other trophies or tricks, here is the complete guide of the game!

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