Pokémon Unite - Passive, Active, and Power Up Item Guide

Pokémon Unite - Passive, Active, and Power Up Item Guide

Pokemon Unite is the new moba born from the collaboration of The Pokémon Company e Tencent games which has been very successful, especially thanks to the combination of quick and easy to learn games, together with a good dose of strategy to be prepared through the objects present in the game. And it is precisely these that we will talk about today in this Pokémon Unite guide, where we will try to explain all the passive and active objects of the title, and how they are enhanced.

Here is the guide to all the items in Pokémon Unite and their upgrades

Let's start with order, the objects in the game are basically divided into 2 groups: passive objects, which will give you permanent bonuses for the duration of the game, and active objects, which instead will have an internal recharge and that you can activate using the Y button at any time of the game. Both types must be prepared before the match begins and cannot be changed until the next match.

Passive items

Of these they may be kept up to 3 at the same time from every pokémon.

  • Cookie Air: [HP +8 (+240)]. When a pokémon scores a goal, its maximum HP increases by 100/150/200
  • Assault Vest: [HP +18 (+270), Sp. Def 0 (+42)]. When a pokémon is not in combat, it grants a shield that protects against damage from Sp. Atk up to 9/12/15% of the user's maximum HP
  • attack weight: [Atk +0,6 (+18)]. When a pokémon scores a goal, his Atk increases by 6/9/12.
  • Buddy barrier: [HP +20 (+600)]. When a pokémon uses its Unite move, that pokémon and its closest ally with the least HP gain a shield equal to 20/30/40% of their maximum HP.
  • Power Amplifier: [Cooldown of Unite move quickened by + 0,4% (+ 6%), DC of moves decreased -0,3% (-4,5%)]. After a pokémon uses its Unite move, the damage it deals is increased by 7/14/21% for a short time.
  • Exp Share: [HP +16 (+240), Movement speed 0 (+150)]. While the pokémon has fewer experience points than the rest of the team, it gains 2/3/4 extra experience points per second if the team defeats a wild pokémon.
  • Float stone: [Atk +1,6 (+24), Movement speed 0 (+120)]. Increases movement speed by 10/15/20% when the pokémon is not in combat.
  • Focus band: [Def +2 (+30), Sp. Def 0 (+30)]. When the pokémon drops to low HP and every 3 seconds, it recovers 8/11/14% of the HP it has lost.
  • Leflovers: [HP +16 (+240), regeneration HP 0 (+9)]. When the pokémon is not in combat, it recovers 1 / 1,5 / 2% of its maximum HP every second.
  • Muscle band: [Atk +1 (+15), Atk speed base +0 (+ 7,5%)]. When the pokémon hits with a basic attack, the damage is increased by 1/2/3% of the enemy's remaining HP.
  • Rocky helmet: [HP +18 (+270), Def +0 (+42)]. When the pokémon takes a certain amount of damage, damage is dealt to the opposing pokémon equal to 3/4/5% of that Pokémon's maximum HP.
  • Scope Lens: [possibility of Crit. + 0,4% (+ 6%), Crit damage. +0 (+ 12%)]. Increases Crit damage. on basic attacks. The more the pokémon's Atk increases, the more damage it increases.
  • Score Shield: [HP +15 (+450)]. While the pokémon tries to score a goal, he gains a shield equal to 5 / 7,5 / 10% of his maximum HP and his goal cannot be interrupted as long as he has this shield.
  • Shell bell: [Sp. Atk +1,6 (+24), DC of moves -0 (-4,5%)]. When the pokémon hits with a move, it recovers a minimum of 45/60/75 HP. The more Sp. Atk has the pokémon, the more HP he recovers.
  • Sp Atk Specs: [Sp Atk +0,8 (+24)]. When the pokémon scores a goal his Sp Atk increases by 8/12/16.
  • Wise Glasses: [Sp Atk +10 (+39)]. Increases the pokémon's Sp Atk by 3/5/7%.

Active objects

Of these items, each pokémon will be able to choose only one per game and, unlike the passive ones, these cannot be upgraded.

  • Eject Button: [55s] Quickly move the pokémon to the target area.
  • potion: [30s] Regenerates some of the pokémon's HP.
  • X-Attack: [40s] Increases the pokémon's Atk and Sp Atk for a short time.
  • X Speed: [50s] For a short time increases the pokémon's movement speed and prevents it from decreasing.
  • full heal: [40s] Removes all statuses from the pokémon and makes it immune to impediments for a short period of time.
  • Goal Getter: [120s] Double the pokémon's goal points for a short period of time.
  • Fluffy tail: [25s] Prevents wild pokémon from acting for a short time and increases the damage dealt to them.
  • Slow Smoke: [40s] Creates a cloud of smoke that greatly decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short time.


Passive items can be upgraded to make them even more effective and help you more during games. To do this you will have to spend the Item Enhancers, purple tokens that can be obtained in various ways:

  • Buy in the shop: at the cost of 10 Air Tickets, or 1 Aeos Gem, you can buy one. There is no limit to how many you can buy.
  • Complete missions and events
  • Complete the battle pass
  • As a reward by using energy

The more you progress with the levels of the various objects, the more it will cost you to do the next level.

Level 2 x3 Level 16  x50
Level 3  x4 Level 17  x55
Level 4  x5 Level 18  x60
Level 5  x6 Level 19  x65
Level 6  x8 Level 20  x80
Level 7  x10 Level 21  x100
Level 8  x12 Level 22  x120
Level 9  x14 Level 23  x140
Level 10  x20 Level 24  x160
Level 11 x 25 Level 25  x180
Level 12  x30 Level 26  x210
Level 13  x35 Level 27  x240
Level 14  x40 Level 28  x270
Level 15  x45 Level 29  x300
- - Level 30  x300

With this concludes our guide on objects in Pokémon Unite, if you are still interested in other articles regarding the world of the new moba of The Pokémon Company, we recommend that you also read the other guides we have done, such as the one to check the own match history.

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