Pokémon GO Guides - Unusual Eggs Event and How to Get Mewtwo Shadow

A new special research mission, “An Interesting Newness” (yes, new) linked to some new discoveries from Professor Willow, is available from 22pm on October 12th. After a long absence from the radar, the missions of the GO Rocket team return, whose final boss will be our stylish Giovanni.

But that's not all, because with the mission it also starts the second half of the autumn event - the first completed on the same day. This is connected to the eggs, and in particular to a new type just discovered by Spark, team leader of the Instinct team.

Unusual Eggs [An interesting new feature]

A new type of egg is added to the roster of incubators - the unusual Egg. The GO Rocket team is taking possession of it, although they have not yet managed to make the Pokémon inside a Shadow Pokémon. This is why you will find them in the hands of leaders Arlo, Sierra and Cliff - who change teams for the occasion.

These eggs they will only contain Dark or Poison-type Pokémon, or Pokémon that evolve to gain one of two types (including Vullaby, Pawniard and Sandile that debut in the game!). To get them you will need a space in the egg box, to hatch them a normal incubator (or superincubator) will be enough but you will need to walk for 12km.
During this second half of the fall event, however, the hatching distance of all eggs is reduced to a quarter than normal (so 3km will be enough for unusual Eggs).

The event does not end there: Dark and Poison Pokémon such as Poochyena or Spinarak will appear more frequently in the wild, and by taking a photo of one of your Pokémon you will receive a surprise. The GO Rocket team will be the protagonist again: like their leaders, in fact, even the recruits renew their teams.
Diglett, Shellder, Slowpoke, Aerodactyl and Skarmory are added to the Shadows already available, while the three leaders will use Shadow versions of Growlithe, Drowzee and Omanyte that can be chromatic. Cliff, Arlo and Sierra costumes are now available in the shop for your avatar.

How to catch Mewtwo Shadow

With the event it is activated the special research "An interesting novelty", bringing the special missions dedicated to the GO Rocket back into business after many months of stop. To help you complete, the GO Rocket team and their leaders throughout the event they will appear more often in Pokéstop and their balloons will be more frequent. This includes, of course, the three leaders as well.

Upon completion of the special search you will be able to face Giovanni and the legendary Shadow Mewtwo, which you can capture (until further notice it is not known if in chromatic version). It will be the first for anyone who hasn't bought a ticket for this year's GO Fest remotely: take advantage of it absolutely.

Remember that in order for the "Interesting New" quest to start, you will need to first have completed any special GO Rocket missions in progress.

The fall event will end on October 19th, but Unusual Eggs and the “Interesting Newness” quest will remain available beyond the deadline.

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