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This 2018 has given us an excellent draft class, let's see what are the overall and the main characteristics in NBA 2K19 of the top 10 picks this year

Of this 2018 draft we have talked about it, we will talk about it and probably will talk about it in the future, considering the great qualities and great expectations of the young players in question, there are even those who have compared this year's class to that of 2003, the best ever that featured players of the caliber of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony e Chris Bosh. Let's see how this year's rookies are performing and their main characteristics on what is the best known basketball video game currently in circulation, that is NBA 2K19.

NBA2K19: the 10 best rookies | Guide

Here is the list of the top 10 choices in descending order with their respective characteristics and possibilities.

10 - Mikail Bridge | NBA2K19: and 10 Migliori Rookies

Directly from Villanova, Mikail Bridges, a G / AP with a great propensity for penetration and more physical play. His 3-point shooting qualities are few, but he makes up for it with an excellent one defensive propensity, being chosen at 10 and being on a roster full of great players there is little pressure on him, perfect context to make him grow!

9 – Kevin Knox | NBA2K19: i 10 migliori rookies

He showed excellent things in the Summer League proving to be very complete in the attacking phase and, as we can see, come on NBA 2K19 rating, prone to improvement especially in the defensive phase. Use its enormous potential with caution and foresight, its excessive unpredictability could betray you.

8 – Collin Sexton | NBA2K19: i 10 migliori rookies

In the orphaned Cavs of Lebron James there is a need for someone to turn the light back on, that someone can be just Sexton, with his enormous qualities at the 3-point shot, you can take advantage of it both after a discharge but also from the dribble. It must be preserved in defense given his still immature physicality for the NBA, during your games try to mark him on the less dangerous opponent and then unleash all his talent in attack.

7 – Wendell Carter JR | NBA2K19: i 10 migliori rookies

In a totally rebuilding team like the Chicago Bulls, Wendell Carter JR can be a very important pawn. A fairly complete C / AG in the attack phase, you can use it to field a very interesting quintet during your NBA 2K19 games complemented by the likes of Lavine, Parker and Markkanen. Take advantage of his average qualities and his penetrations after a block.

6 - Mohamed Bamba | NBA2K19: the 10 best rookies

Here is one of the talents with the highest potential and room for growth of all the NBA and also of all NBA 2K19. Bamba is a relaxed-tempered C with enormous athletic and defensive skills. Take advantage of it from rolling to go to iron, this guy with his crushed he is able to take the basket home with his own rebounds defensive will trigger your transitions and with his stopped it will make you jump out of your chair. On a team not chock full of talent like the Magic, he (along with Gordon) can become a little star that pulls the Orlando franchise out of obscurity.

5 - Trae Young | NBA2K19: the 10 best rookies

The "little Steph Curry", many see in him characteristics similar to the multiple champion of the GS Warriors. Young has great potential, a shot from 3 enviable and excellent quality of passages, in fact you can take advantage of his "Direction" to provide excellent assists. The Atlanta Hawks have an excellent talent in their hands, the one with the greatest room for improvement as regards NBA 2K19, you just have to use it and discover its enormous potential.

4 - Jarren Jackson | NBA2K19: the 10 best rookies

A very good AG / C for the Memphis Griezzlies, a very athletic and dynamic player despite his size. Offensively very complete, efficace in post as much as from the average and why not, sometimes even from 3 points if very unmarked. Defensively still a bit immature but you can work on his defensive constancy in a hypothetical MY GM mode of NBA 2K19 to improve it.

3 - Lucka Doncic | NBA2K19: the 10 best rookies

Surely the most awaited, at least by us Europeans, the former Real Madrid star, now under the Dallas Mavericks is the main candidate for the title of Rookie of the year. Offensively you won't have any kind of limitations, Doncic is an extremely modern player, a PM the size of an AP / AG, a total player: assists, penetrations, 3-point shooting, post and average, you can really indulge yourself with the one who in his first year in the NBA is already the go-to-guy of your deductible. Using it in NBA 2K19 is fun and challenging, you just have to try!

2 - Marvin Bagley III | NBA2K19: the 10 best rookies

Arrived at the Kings from second choice, until now he has not registered astonishing numbers, but his talent is beyond doubt. In a hypothetical MY GM mode it would be the classic player on which work from a psychological point of view. Lots of physicality and truly magical hands, skilled at both average shot is under the basket, a little more foresight in the defensive phase would not be bad, use it on opponents that are not too dangerous and give them the opportunity to go to rebound to then unleash your transitions.

1 -Deandre Ayton | NBA2K19: i 10 migliori rookies

Here we are at the first choice absolute of this 2018 draft, Ayton is showing all his talent and all his enormous potential. Make the most of it out of the blocks, don't be fooled by the size, Ayton has a good (can be improved!) Average shot; in post it has very few rivals as well as iron. Defensively it is useless to underline his talents from rebounder and stopper. Together with Booker you can exploit it in an interesting MY GM mode (the Phoenix Suns are among the franchises that we have recommended to start a MY GM mode on NBA 2K19).

Here are the ratings and the main characteristics of the top 10 choices of this 2018 draft, you just have to play many games ad NBA 2K19 and have fun with each of them. In the meantime, I refer you to our previous guide about the best 3-point shooters in NBA 2K19.

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