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Hell's gate

You start the mission by talking to Kendra; then follow her into the cabin as she proceeds down the corridor. Talk to the doctor as soon as he is directed to you on your screen (you will see a flashing question mark). Then jump on the bed; a skit, therefore a new chat with Kendra.
Locate the elevator on the east side of the map (well signposted). Use it to go down to Falco, you will find him behind his desk in his office. Talk to him; so go up the stairs, returning to the place where you started the mission. Talk to the pilot to be taken to the lagoon.

Blue Lagoon

Proceed east, climb the ladder that leads to a turret. Eliminate the Viperwolves from here. Talk to Kendra again; jump into the jeep next to her, starting to go southwest. Again, some easy enemies to finish; subsequently, you will be forced to abandon the vehicle as soon as the path narrows slightly.
Collect the nearby ammo, then go to the corner immediately below the waterfall, where Dalton will be waiting for you. Talk to him; then, go back to the station where you recovered the ammunition. Then continue forward, eliminating any hostile presence in the surroundings. You will find yourself in an extensive plain, where you will have to place the contraption that has just been provided to you. After completing the task that was duly assigned to you, return to your base (located to the north, in case you have lost your sense of direction).
Sadly, Kendra doesn't seem to have waited for your arrival. Use the nearby boat to chase it. Proceed south, you will find no enemies. In a short time, you will reach another base; slightly south you can meet Kendra. Along with her, Dalton is found who will immediately ask you to reactivate a couple of thrusters. Move slightly east to track down what Dalton was talking about. Eliminate the Viperwolves to proceed with the reactivation without problems. So, move south. Once the job is complete, take the Gator back to report back to Dalton. As you will be told by Kendra, you will have to go up the stairs, entering the "link-bed". As you may have guessed, you will take the form of the Avatar.
Exit the base, immediately examining the nearby "Tree of Vision", the first of a potential series that you can make yours. Enter the next base, possibly running to avoid the looming Viperwolves. Inside, another "Tree of Vision", obviously to be absolutely yours. So talk to Harper to complete the objective.
So proceed south; examine the green plants, then go back to the base. Walk north. Near the gate, turn right. Talk to Tan Jala, retrieve the "Tree of Vision". On behalf of Tan Jala you will have to deal with the killing of a group of Sturmbeests, apparently infected with some dangerous disease. Walk towards the inside of the area marked on the map, the enemies will literally come towards you. Try to keep them well away, they are weak if hit from a distance. Kill the second one as well, next to the area marked in yellow. Then return to the base, where you will be assigned the following mission. Proceed west, then north; at the end of this hike, you can get your hands on the "Tree of Vision". At this point, after the scene, you will have to decide whether to attack the humans or the Na'vi. The unfolding of the next part of the game will depend on this.


Below, the missions related to the "Humans" faction.

Needle Hills

Eliminate the two enemies guarding the bridge of rocks and then proceed west, crossing the bridge, now free. Climb the vine tree, then take out the Viperwolves present here. The area has large spaces potentially suitable for your coverage, so do not despair, you will surely succeed.
Pick up the Ammo-Pod by following the path slightly lower down the hill. To get back up, it will be necessary to climb a vine plant, but we are sure that agility is not a quality you lack. Be warned though: soon after the climb is complete, you will be involved in a potentially lethal combat. Then locate the narrow path that leads to the pod. This is also the perfect location to destroy all the plants below you using your Assault Rifle. In this way, you can continue towards the base without worrying excessively about the potential opponent presence (remember to recover yet another A-Pod as you walk towards the base itself). Once inside, go through the gate to start a scene. Jump onto the nearby Scorpion, then start moving east. Talk to Kendra immediately after landing. After the cutscene, locate the nearby Scorpion (destroyed), retrieving the piece you need to repair the missiles. With this precious component in hand, return to Kendra.
You will now be assigned the task of destroying the nearby Banshee's nests. They are located on the sides of the islands, clearly marked on your map. It takes 5 to complete the mission, but their total number is much higher, so you won't have any problems meeting the requirements. You can then return to the base, proceed inside to find Kendra.
So, take the Scorpion; expect a relatively long mission. On your map, three caves will be clearly marked. First, head to the one closest to your base. Proceed inside; some Na'vi will welcome you (so to speak). Use the Assault Rifle to take care of them, undoubtedly the most suitable weapon. Take possession of the crystal, then run to the northeast, where the exit from the cave (which is collapsing) is located. Continue north until you reach the Solace cave. Place an A-Pod near the southernmost entrance; so continue towards the crystal - you can also place an A-Pod here. Your area will therefore be literally "invaded" by some groups of Na'vi, you will have to start shooting intensively to be able to repel all their looming, continuous attacks. Beware of snipers. The exit is to the west, so try to navigate correctly right away. Once outside, place the A-Pod on the plain to the east, then use the nearby vehicle to move south. You will soon reach a new cave; its peculiarity is given by the presence of many cannonballs that shoot, in your direction, starting from the walls that surround you. The best way to avoid getting involved in rough situations is to focus on speed of execution. Now north, towards Willow Tomb. Cross the bridge, eliminating previously the Na'vi placed under his surveillance (lure them outside before entering). Place the crystals in the "muddy" slots around the tree (clearly visible in the center).
Kendra will be waiting for you outside the Willow Tomb. He will immediately tell you to return to the base, where you can re-meet Chacon. Talk to her to begin the second mission.

Hell's gate

Go down the stairs, you will find yourself in front of Falco. Talk to him and the nearby doctor. After the scene, use the console that is in front of you, everything will take place in an automated manner. So, go back to Hawk, and tell him everything you understand as a result of your investigation. Head back outside to Chacon and then take flight.


Talk to Kendra, thus starting the mission. Move slightly east; talk to the subject here, he will send you to a plain, to the south, in the center of which is a sizeable Hammerhead. Obviously, it will be up to you to tame it, which is not necessarily particularly simple. The fight will be similar to a bullfight: wait for the enemy to launch towards you, dodge it by rolling towards one side of the arena, just before it hits you; then jump behind him and hit him dead.
Then take the fragment, returning to the one who had assigned you the task to make its completion official. Then launch south, starting from where you spoke to Kendra; at the southernmost part of the map, move to the right, reaching an elevated road. Here you will have to help a group of allies during the firefight. Take the second fragment and report to the boss. Then proceed towards the so-called Stalker's Valley, to the south-east. Along the way, your task will change automatically. Walk through the valley, the road will develop linearly. Remember to activate the teleport near the entrance to the valley, so you can go back easily.

Eliminate all the Viperwolves, then take control of the ATV. Kill the looming Na'vi, there will be plenty of them, getting rid of them from your vehicle will be an extremely simple task. Once you reach the predator's lair, you will find yourself faced with a kind of genetic mutation of the Viperwolf, of considerable size. The combat strategy to be used must be similar to the one you used against Hammerhead. Pick up the crystal, head for the helicopter. The map will change slightly, revealing a question mark. There is Kendra, and there you will have to head. Talk to her, then walk north, trying to avoid coming into direct contact with your opponents, as the mission requirements do not strictly require their elimination. Once at the Willow Tree, you will find the three slots where you can place the crystals on its back. Soon after, a fight against a kind of mini-boss, Beyda'amo, awaits you. This is a standard Na'vi, but with a slightly higher amount of life points. The methods of confrontation therefore will not change considerably.

Back to Bedlam

Talk to Kendra, then head - as she orders - to Hell's Gate. Go downstairs, talk to the doctor. Use the console, then look for Falco to have a chat with him too. Head out, off to the new mission.

Grave's Book

West, fight the Na'vi (only those who show up along your path, don't go looking for trouble). You will arrive in the vicinity of a lagoon, where a rather close combat will be taking place. We do not recommend getting involved in the diatribe, it could be lethal. Stay on the sidelines, continuing straight towards your goal. There you can get the crystal. Then turn east, reaching the base, where you can talk to Fulson.
As he indicated, the objective will consist in defending the base from the attack of the Na'vi. They will attack you sequentially and systematically, each group of Na'vi will come from a specific door and a certain amount of time will be guaranteed between one enemy wave and the next. Each door is connected to an A-Pod, so your task is limited: you simply have to kill the opponents who will not be killed by the A-Pod (a relatively small number). Use the turrets to speed up the process further. So jump on the Swan, located in the south wing of the base. A shooter-like mission awaits you. We cannot provide you with particular information, only your experience with the typical arcade shooters will help you. Mainly, you will have to deal with a certain amount of Sturmbeests. Once this is completed, proceed towards the village to the east. Lurk on the rocky outpost, so you can destroy all the Na'vi below, obviously enjoying the altitude advantage. Then go down to get the beloved fragment.
Go talk to Kendra to get the next mission. Proceed to the lagoon which will be promptly marked on your map. So left, retrieve the Ammo Pod and take possession of the turret. Wait for the enemies to arrive, mowing them down with the turret we just talked about. Retrieve the object, which is also well marked on the map. Then return to the center of the map to re-meet your boss. For the next crystal, simply head to the symbol on the map. Oddly, you will not encounter any resistance, at least in the first instance. However, as soon as you get your hands on the target, the enemies will suddenly jump out. It is therefore advisable to get your hands on one of the nearby vehicles as soon as possible. Then go back to the tent to find the leaders.
You will therefore have to face the equivalent of the boss at the end of the level, one of Tan Jala's sergeants. Use the shotgun to eliminate him, trying to aim for the head; it would probably be even better if you aimed directly at the head as it runs up to hit you. So place the crystal near the tree. So go back to Kendra.

Hell's gate

Go down the stairs, talk to the doctor, as expected. Use the console, then chat with Falco. Go outside and get ready for the next mission.

Hanging Gardens

You will initially have to defend your outpost from the looming enemy advance. The goal is to kill 10 Na'vi. It is advisable to use the AMP armor and then quickly kill everyone who is nearby, using the protection guaranteed by the armor itself. In this way, you will reach the goal at maximum speed.
So talk to Kendra if possible. Take the jeep, starting to move east, then north, using the elevated road. You will be faced with yet another Hammerhead, destroy it as you always have. A little further south, you will find the camp; the first repeller will be visible right next to the entrance; his partner, slightly to the right. So go back to report. Still using the jeep, drive southwest this time. You will not encounter particular resistance; however, try to keep your speed fairly high, given the presence of some small ravines that intersperse the route (at a certain speed, you will "jump" them completely automatically). Killed the enemies, grab the demo pack, then head back east.
Then place the two explosive charges as you will be shown, making the walls explode. Equip the AMP to face the numerous incoming Viperwolves. Look for a well covered position from which you can fight without problems. Warning: in order to continue, you will need to press to activate the next mission, as otherwise the enemies will continue to arrive without interruption. In the following situation, you will have to destroy the lairs. Their positions will be clearly marked on your map, placed the charges necessary for the execution and then run away in speed.
Now, still using your now trusted jeep, drive east, where the target signal is located on your map. After picking up the crate, walk along the path to the north. The target must forcibly be approached from the south-east direction, passing near the tree (you will have to leave the jeep and take the one that is immediately beyond the large vegetable). Examine the antenna to accomplish the goal. Then return to the place where you started the mission to receive the next task. Begin to proceed west, eliminating the Avatars present (they will be indicated by a yellow icon above their head). So check out the caravan to the southwest. Inside, you will find a man (you will wake him up). Kill him; so head north and repeat the process with the guy in the trailer you will find there. So use the GDI to return to the base.
The following objective will see you in search of the now mythical fragments. Head southeast first; use the assault rifle to repel the Na'vi, but don't take it into your head to kill them all, they are absolutely too many for you to do it. Walk around the perimeter of the rock, there will be a spiral path that will lead you to its top, where the splinter is located. Then continue towards the valley, where the other piece is located; use the rocky path as a cover, thus being able to reach the splinter in speed. The secondary objective is to place four offices; near the last slot for the placement of the charges, you can find the fragment you are looking for. The third and last is to the north; the only obstacle is a small group of Na'vi, not even too aggressive, so you will recover them in the blink of an eye.
You will then be able to access the last objective of the mission. Use the jeep to reach the bridge marked on the map. Talk to Batista; then take the ATV to the south, using it to destroy the barrier that prevents you from accessing the next cave. Enter the passage thus opened to reveal a new level.

The Cathedral

Walk towards the central part of the cave, where you can see Harper, along with his friends, at the top of the level. Use a standard rifle to quickly get rid of their tedious presence. You will therefore have to deal with Harper's real body; it is located slightly to the east, also here we recommend the assault rifle. Then retrieve the last of the series of Harmonics and place the fragments as previously done. Exit outside to finish the mission.

Hell's gate

Go talk to Kendra; use the console, then return to Kendra, reporting all the data you have recovered following your analysis via computer. Head outside to begin the next mission.

Plains of Goliath

Talk to Winslow, stationed near the landing point. He will send you north, where you can meet Quaritch. Take one of the MPAs that are nearby, then continue the trip in the same direction. Thanks to the suit you will be able to successfully repel the incoming Na'vi. Once at the base, eliminate enough Na'vi to reach the fixed altitude and then return to report to your superior.
So, talk to the soldier nearby to start the new part of the mission. Take possession of an ATV; therefore proceed along the imaginary line created by the Gamma Line teleporter, as the battlefield towards which you must direct must be forcibly approached from the west direction, otherwise it will be impossible to access it. Eliminate the Hammerhead, an enemy with which you are now quite familiar, so you can make an "ethical" choice that will partially determine the unfolding of the game's ending. In case you decide to change faction, from now on you will have to follow the missions relevant to the Na'vi. In case you decide to remain loyal to the human race, no ideological change will be necessary. Fight the last remaining Na'vi, then head to the helicopter, jump up and return to the base.
Therefore, start towards the southwest; after a while you will come across a vine plant. Climb it, therefore you will have to face an enemy of a fair size, comparable in some ways to a boss at the end of the level. This is a Na'vi soldier (Hukato) who controls a Predator. It is advisable to initially focus on the Predator, eliminating it as you would have eliminated any "standard" Predator type. At some point, Hukato will be unsaddled (clearly, after the animal has taken a certain amount of damage). You can therefore begin the hand-to-hand combat (or almost) against Hokato, a pure formality, a few rifle shots will be enough to reduce it to a minimum. Then go back to the base; take possession of the Scorpion, heading north-east; land using the appropriate pad, talking to the subject present here, who will provide you with information about the last part of the mission.
West, leave Scorpion as soon as you meet the vine. Climbing up, you will reach a plateau, here you will have to face a certain Raltaw. He is a complicated boss, despite not having particularly varied attacks. You will have to focus heavily on dodging its incoming arrows, waiting for it to stop for a moment to reload, then quickly extract the assault rifle and strafe it mercilessly. Then repeat the procedure, avoiding mixing the offense phases with the defense phases: you would risk being lethally hit. Return to the person who assigned you this task to put an end to the mission.


Immediately jump on the dragon; follow the directions on the map, fighting the very few enemies you will find along the way to then reach the landing strip. Collect the explosives, then equip the AMP. Start along the long path that will lead you to the place marked on the map. You will therefore have to defend the area for four minutes; it's not a particularly complex task, as long as you remember to always stay close to the A-Pod.
After four minutes, you can begin placing charges along the walls. Turn right, then climbing the hill, so as to be safe from the explosion. Re-meet with the bosses to proceed towards the end of the game. Jump on the dragon, flying north. You will land on an island suspended in the air; continue straight, up to the Well of Souls. Here the final battle with Falco awaits you, easier than you might think. Use the assault rifle, always trying to aim at your opponent's head. Three hits should be enough to eliminate him, thus completing the game.


Below, the missions related to the "Na'vi" faction.


Talk to Marali; you will be asked to continue north. Take some arrows, then shoot them towards the opposite side of the ravine, where there is a kind of plant that is imposed on you as a target. In this way, some new platforms will be accessible; you can jump along them to pick up the plant. So talk to Beyda'amo to validate your find. So go back to talk to Marali to get information about the next mission. The locations of the explosives will be indicated on the map. The first is right behind your starting position; afterwards, you will have to proceed towards the canyon, fighting when / if necessary. Activate the tree.
Then go down, using the vine tree. Eliminate all those placed in surveillance of the base; especially those who have been placed in surveillance of the turret. Therefore, place the charges safely.


Talk to Beyda'amo, walking north, as requested by her. Begin to climb the spiral path, eventually using the vine plants as a shortcut. At the top, or almost, look at the scene. You will therefore have to fight a handful of humans; continuing along the path, climb the Banshee. You will participate in a kind of tutorial, during which you will learn to control the Banshee himself. After the tutorial, use the vehicle to move east. Destroy the turret (perhaps coming down from the Banshee, much easier), then move southeast. Kill all the subjects guarding the towers, using arrows as a preferential weapon, thanks to their silence they will make your identification very complex. Once at your destination, you can place the charges and detonate the explosives, thus fulfilling the requests placed on you.
So climb the vine plant nearby, reaching a bridge. Follow it in its entirety, then use the other plants to reach the Dragon. Place yourself near the yellow emblem, pressing the button indicated on the screen to cause damage to the opponent. Get off as soon as it stops, then run along the following platforms. Return to the dragon, repeat the procedure; then other platforms, still dragon and finally arrive at the end of the level.

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Head to the spiral in the middle of the tree. Talk to the woman here, then go to Tan Jala; he will send you to Swotolu.


Talk to the shaman to receive assignments regarding the sites to investigate. Start with the closest. Use the machine gun to clear the area from the bulk of the enemy presence. Climb the steps, and you can get your hands on an AMP. After yet another fight, this time facilitated by the presence of the armor, you can go to meet Mekeni, to the north. Destroy the nearby gate; examine the four bodies; near the fourth, further south than the others, break the wall to go talk to Unipey. Soon after, you will have to face a human invasion. Use the machine gun to kill in bulk; don't worry about the rest, focus on running ahead of you, towards the bulldozer. Shoot the top control box; same thing for the second bulldozer, a little further on.
There will only be one control tower left to eliminate, it won't be particularly difficult. Using your bow, you can hit the blue spores on the tree next to it, causing everything to explode. Then return to report to Unipey. Talk to him, then approach the enemy camp, diligently hitting all the enemy guards (on the turrets) with your bow. Go over the fence; stand behind the tank, while using the machine gun to cut down the enemies in front of you. Press the switch to allow the Na'vi to be released. Also from Unipey, thus validating the mission.

So, proceed towards the entrance to the base, destroying yet another fence. After a brief look to the right, take out all the riflemen on the fence, then continue towards the gate. Using the stirrup, you can get rid of the marines placed in its defense. Then press the switch to proceed along the following path.
Eliminate the three AMPs by going through the canyon on the right. At its end you will notice a group of vine plants; start climbing them and then jump to the top of the generator and kill the enemies here. Then press the switch, causing the generator itself to explode completely. Then start following the path created by the willows. You will be the victim of an ambush by a Scorpion. Kill the enemies as soon as they get out of the vehicle. At some point, you will come to a dead end; break the rock wall to overcome this stalemate. You will have to fight another group of Sturmbeests. Then talk to the Shaman around the corner. A little further on, you can finally locate the tree. Place the three fragments in the appropriate slots, well marked by the pulsating material that surrounds them. Then go back to the Base Tree.


Talk to Tsahik, he is on top of the spiral shaped roots. Then continue straight, reaching a kind of sparkling pedestal. So, have a little chat with Tsahik again. The last need, as you have probably guessed, will be to go talk to Tan Jala. So go outside to start the new mission.

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Toruka Na'ring

Proceed along the root, then continue along the next path. Eliminate the nearby Viperwolves using the staff, then approach the camp. Before getting there, shoot the soldiers placed under his surveillance from above: you are in a position from which you will have a considerable advantage in altitude. Use the machine gun to destroy the Scorpion, then return to Marali.
Always leave the camp using the root. Head this time along the causeway, along which you will have to participate in a certain amount of fighting. At the same time, try to hit the marines below you to maximize the altitude advantage here as well. At the end of the route, you will re-establish contact with Beyda'amo. The next section of the level will see you riding a dragon. Climb the hill, waiting for him to be at a distance that allows you to mount without problems. So shoot the arrows until it falls down. Then break the cages to free everyone inside. Now, head to the plant which will be clearly shown on the map. After grabbing it, go up the screw visible on the right. Walk through the roots, while trying not to fall to the ground, where the rest is. Once you have completed the agility course, you can return to Beyda'amo. Climb onto the Thanator, grab the nearby crystal and report back to the village authority again.
So go up on Thanator, starting to move north. Kill the AMPs using the weapons installed on your vehicle. Once you reach the bridge, leave the Thanator for a moment. Cross the bridge, then retrieve the vehicle from the other side. Only one other AMP separates you from Tan Jala. You will be assigned the task of killing a total of 30 enemies in the designated time frame. After the first round of infantry, which is very easy to eliminate, you will have to deal with a few successive series of 4-5 AMPs at the same time. It is recommended that you keep Thanator up to this point, as it will be absolutely necessary to enhance your defense capabilities in order to withstand this onslaught. Then take the crystal, and then walk east to definitively complete the sub-quest.
Now move north where you can go talk to Beyda'amo. Along the way, you'll have to tackle an entire RDA base; focus on the destruction of the Thanators, the other enemies will not give you particular problems, only these can become really very dangerous. Dodge their charges, then continue north until you reach a large plain, where you can retrieve an AMP suit. Use the area to the right to hit the subjects below with the sniper rifle, then grab the crystal. So start walking north. Use invisibility to avoid all possible fights. Gather with Tal Jala, he will lead you to the tree, where you can place the three crystals, as you have well learned to do by now.


Go talk to Tsahik, then, after placing yourself in the beam of light, continue the conversation, always with Tsahik. Then talk to Tan Jala and go outside.

Va'era Ramunong

Near you you can find Swawta, talk to him and then follow everyone else, north. The goal is to destroy three consecutive RDA sites. Eliminating the first one will be easy, let your companions take care of the turret, while you kill the very few marines on the spot. In the second, things will be slightly more complicated, as you will have to deal with a Swan. Try to hit the soldier placed under his control directly, thus ending the fight at speed. Continue north for the last one; take care of the vehicles while your teammates heal the rest of the opposing crew. Nearby you will find the Na'vi to report to to complete the mission.
Then proceed along the causeway to the east, thus walking towards Fmilam. This is a relatively simple escort mission. You can decide, along the way, when to stop or let Fmilam proceed. For now, stop it for a moment, preferring to continue independently along the path. Have it come with you only at a later time, after you have eliminated the most looming threats in the area. Eliminate the AMP, then climb the vine plant.
An enemy Scorpion will release some troops, be prepared to take them out. So take the fragment and save the wounded woman. Use the horse to fly away to the southeast, talking to the Na'vi present here. You will be asked to retrieve the Cilliphant leaves, they are the leaves that grow from purple colored plants. Remember that it is essential not to kill the plant in order to obtain medically usable leaves. Invisibility is recommended to escape the Sturmbeests that populate the area.
After recovering the necessary, head to the area where the injured Na'vi was brought, so that you can heal her. To get there, you will have to face some opponents, but nothing transcendental. After completing this part of the mission, walk north-east, talking to the Na'vi in ​​the area. He will create an entrance to the cave for you (by blowing up a granite wall). Run quickly through it, avoiding the Marines when possible (don't get involved in combat unless absolutely necessary), thus recovering the fragment without taking excessive collateral damage.
Outside, you can re-meet your friend. With him, head north. Use invisibility to avoid most of the enemy resistance. When you get to the area completely dried out by some explosion / fire, select the causeway. Here you can reunite with Beyda'amo. With her, go to the point marked on the map, eliminating the Marines that will come towards you. After the destruction of 6 of them, an AMP will arrive; he will not be joined by any standard troops, so hit him from behind to immediately dry him out. Return to Bedya, then walk north-east. Eliminate the opposing troops from the plateau near the "Tree of Vision". Drop down, stay on the right, enter the cave. Watch out for the RPG dude, visible on one of the crystals above you. Keep moving until you can hit him from a fully covered position.
Then use the crystal as a "ramp" to reach the upper level; from here, you can actually pick up the crystal you need to continue. So north-west, thus reaching the center of the map. Use the bridge to reach Jan Tala and therefore the usual "Tree of Vision", where you can place the newly recovered crystals. Then go back to Tan Jala, on the outskirts of the island.


Go talk to Tan Jala for the umpteenth time. After the chat, you can passively watch the flight to Kxania Taw which is configured as the next mission.

Kxania Taw

Use the horse-like to proceed northeast. Destroy the gate, unfortunately you will not be able to recover the amount due. Move east, talking to Beyda'amo, near the "Tree of Vision". From here, west, then south, avoiding fighting thanks to the use of invisibility. So deviate north, then west, north again. You will finally reunite with Bayda'amo, from his speed of movement, always increasing to yours, it seems as if he is using teleportation.
Enter the base (on foot). Take over the turret, destroying the Scorpion (top priority). There will then be only 10 soldiers who, compared to the Scorpion, will turn out to be a no brainer. When you get stuck, use invisibility to gain some cover and regain lost energy. After the fight, take the crystal from one of the urns in the hangar.
So start moving east. Beyda will be ambushed by an AMP, you have to protect her. These enemies are now bread for your teeth. So continue up to the "Tree of Vision"; after the cutscene, talk to Beyda again, completing the level.


Go talk to Tsahik; so with Kendra, he is near the entrance. Tan Jala is upstairs. You can then continue to the next level.

Plains of Goliath

Talk to the two Na'vi in ​​the area; you can choose which of the two parts of the mission to perform, both components of the couple will have a task to assign to you. Let's start by going east; try to kill all the enemies present, you will need it in order not to suffer excessive damage later on. Approach Batista only after having reset his protections. Kill him with close-range hits, he's particularly strong when he attacks you at long range, but you can easily take him out in a near-hand combat. So go back and report to the Na'vi who had assigned you the task.
Talk to his mate, then heading south-east. Use the horse to reach this area. Upon reaching the base, destroy the turret and nearby Marines. The enemy you will have to face is exactly identical to Batista, so the same tactical considerations made for him will apply. To go back, use the "Tree of Vision", traceable slightly to the north-east.
Go back to the beginning of the level by climbing the Banshee. Fly north, near the "Tree of Vision". Here you can receive the third quest, the last of the level. Several Na'vi will help you in the fight, so this time it will not be necessary to perform painstaking work of eliminating opponents along the way. Focus on killing the real target. Remember that destroying the AMP will not be enough to finish Savoy, you will then have to hit him directly.
Return to report to complete the mission, allowing you to proceed to Tantalus.


Run straight ahead, using your stealth ability to dodge incoming enemies. Once at the checkpoint, you will be strictly required to hold your position for a total of three and a half minutes. Fortunately, your allies will provide you with some support, making completing this objective anything but difficult. Remember, however, it is required that you kill at least a total of 18 subjects.
Continuing forward, go up the hill, thus approaching the Leonopteryx. Using it, you can reach the Well of Souls. There is no final boss, just approach the tree to complete the game.

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