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Trailer hidden in the demo
Complete single player missions in First Hunt and get a high score in each. The trailer will be visible on the title screen by pressing a blinking dot

Unlockable arenas
These arenas can be unlocked in several ways. Some are always there, while others have to play multiplayer. You can unlock Gateway arenas when you land on a new area in single-player. Others unlock when you finish the game.

Alinos Perch
It opens at the beginning

Combat Hall
It opens at the beginning

Compression Chamber
Play 4 local matches

Council Chamber
Play 16 local matches

Data Shrine
It opens at the beginning

Elder Passage
Play 18 local matches

Fault Line
Play 22 local matches

Fuel Stack
Play 20 local matches

Play 12 local matches

Play a 4-player match

High Ground
It opens at the beginning

Ice Hive
It opens at the beginning

Incubation Vault
Play 6 local matches

Outer Reach
Play 10 local matches

Processor Core
It opens at the beginning

Play 2 local matches

Sic Transit
It opens at the beginning

Stasis Bunker
Play 40 local matches

Play 8 local matches

Transfer Lock
It opens at the beginning

Weapons Complex
Play 14 local matches

Licenses of Hunters
Winning Wi-Fi matches to earn points, if you lose matches, you will lose points. Get the following amount of points to unlock ranks

Rank 1 - Bounty Hunter
0-39 Points in Multiplayer

Rank 2 - Super Hunter
40-139 Points in Multiplayer

Rank 3 - Elite Hunter
139-389 Points in Multiplayer

Rank 4 - Master Hunter
390-750 Points in Multiplayer

Rank 5 - Cacciatore Legendary
750-MAX Points in Multiplayer

Metroid Prime: Hunters ds
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Exit date: May 5, 2006

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