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Among the various collectibles of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla there are alpha animals. These animals are similar to the legendary animals of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. The beasts you kill count as Mysteries, and, moreover, they will be used to obtain the trophy "Master of the Hunt".

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Guide to finding alpha animals

We will then replay the various locations to help you find all the alpha animals. Their search is not difficult, in fact, it will be more a matter of time than of difficulty. The game to help you in the enterprise will make you appear a marker in the shape of a paw. This marker will activate when you are in the vicinity of an alpha animal. In total they are ten, divided as follows: seven in England e three in Norway.


  • Black Shuck
    The hyena, of a more unique than rare aggression, will be found in the area of East Anglia.

  • The Corpse Feeders
    This cute trio of wolves, which you will find in the area of Oxenefordscire, they will be a big deal since you will be at a numerical disadvantage. The advice I can give you is to play it on the defensive. As soon as you find an opening, face it one wolf at a time. By using this trick, it will be easier for you to take victory home.

  • The Beast of the Hills
    The beast of the hills is none other than a bear, located in the Reduce. Following the marker, you will not find the beast waiting for you, but a building. Enter it and walk through the labyrinth (don't worry it's a unique path). Once you have finished the maze, all you have to do is face the bear.

  • Gemad Wulfe
    This white tiger, you will find it in Northumbria, precisely in the region of Unconscious.

  • The Blood Swine
    You will find this cute wild boar in the marshy area of Eurviscire. Just wander around the area a bit and you will find it.

  • Aelfred's Battle Sow
    This time you will have to find a bull. You will find it in the Suthsex, in the region of Wessex. Following the image below, you will find yourself near the farm Tuicca. Among the various bulls, you will find one that is bigger and has a different coat, that is your goal. But be careful, when you attack the alpha animal, the other bulls will attack you!
    In this case the best advice is to use the bow, run away for a while and repeat the process

  • Wildcats of the Weald
    This time if you head near Hantumscire, in the western part of Wessex, you will find two cheetahs waiting for you. It won't be anything too worrying, just perform the same tactic you did with the three wolves.


  • Elk of Bloody Peaks
    To find this moose, just go to Rygiafylke, in the region of Fornburg.

  • Bear of the Blue Waters
    Go to Hordafylke. Following the image below you will find yourself having to hunt a polar bear.

  • O Yan Do 'Ne
    The ultimate goal, to get the coveted trophy is in Vinland. In order to access it, you will need to delete all War Keepers which are part of theOrder of the ancients. Your last prey will be a reindeer.

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