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Animal Crossing: New Horizons it's an immense game and every single day could make a difference if you are a constant player, or if you want to enjoy everything that it can offer you to the fullest. For this reason you will have to optimize every moment of the game if you want to fully explore it, so here is a guide that will explain you in detail. which activities to prefer every day.

However, keep in mind that here I will talk about standard activities of the game, during the events the priority will clearly shift to completing all the limited-time tasks. To do many of these activities in Animal Crossing you will need to have unlocked some tools and also to know better the game mechanics.

  • Nook Point and Lost Property Chest
  • Miles of Nook +
  • Bottles with message
  • The inhabitants who are building
  • Fossils and buried stars
  • The special visitors
  • Fruits and weeds
  • The rocks
  • La Bottega di Nook and the Sisters Ago and Filo
  • The Turnips
  • Water the flowers
  • Animals and balloons

Visit Point Nook and check out the Lost Property Chest

Each time you access the Point Nook for the first time in a day, you will always get a handful of free Nook Miles. Their precise amount will increase by one day, starting from 50 up to 300 after 7 days, and will remain so for the following ones.

Be consistent with accessing Point Nook, since forgetting to log in in one day will reset the bonus Miles you can get back to zero and you will start again from 50.

In general, however, these are the quantities obtainable every day:

  • First day: 50 Miles
  • Second day: 80 Miles
  • Third day: 100 Miles
  • Fourth day: 150 Miles
  • Fifth day: 200 Miles
  • Sixth day: 250 Miles
  • From the seventh day onwards: 300 Miles

Since you are already at the service center, make sure there is nothing of interest in the Lost Property Chest, whether you've missed something for the island and haven't realized it.

Do the first Nook + Miles missions

Also to maintain a steady and fairly substantial flow of Nook Miles, remember to complete the first 5 missions Miles of Nook + to take advantage of their multiplier.

If you want you can continue to complete the others that will appear gradually, but remember that these will not have any type of multiplier, thus rewarding you with less Miles.

For more information on this type of currency and on the Nook + Miles missions that may appear later, I refer you to our guide on this.

Look for messages in a bottle

If you search well on the beach, you will find some glass bottles with a new DIY project inside them.

2 will appear per day, one in the morning and another in the evening, remember this before you start touring the island unnecessarily. However, being a very boring activity to do alone, I recommend that you bring a fishing rod with you and look for some fish in the sea while you explore.

Talk to the villagers who are building

Every few hours, one of the inhabitants on your island will start building something in his house. If you visit him and talk to him, he will give you a new DIY project.

To judge whether an inhabitant will be at home or not without trying to enter, observe whether the curtains of the current house will be open, if the lights will be on or if smoke will come out of the chimney.

Look for fossils and buried stars

Every day at 5:00 in the morning, 4 points will appear on your island in the shape of a “slot” where you can dig for fossils.

If you have forgotten to unearth them the day before, they will increase to a total of 6. Then take them to Blatero to find out what to do with them: if you have not already exhibited them, give them to them, otherwise sell them to Nook's Shop.

For more information, see our complete guide to fossils.

Another cool thing you can get by digging once a day will be bags of 10.000 Stars in the bright spots. Furthermore, if you plant some Stars in the same spot, a tree of stars will be generated after a while, allowing you a very easy profit.

Interact with special visitors

Completely randomly during the week, some may arrive on your island special visitors who will entrust you with tasks, sell items or buy them at a higher price.

Some examples are Spirideo, Gulliver and Volpolo. Since they will all be useful to you in one way or another, always keep an eye on that they are not present.

Collect fruits and weeds

Le weeds they will be very uncomfortable for you, as they will lower the rating of your island and, in general, will be very ugly to look at. For this, always check that no new ones have grown and, if so, collect it and sell it to Mirco and Marco (if Florindo is present, sell them to him).

If you also have several trees with fruits, collect them to make new ones appear in the following days. Here, too, you can keep them, plant them or sell them at Mirco and Marco's, the latter option especially useful when it comes to exotic fruit.

Hit all the rocks on the island

Using an ax or a shovel you can repeatedly hit the rocks to obtain useful materials for the construction of objects or Stars.

Just remember to place a couple of holes behind you, so you don't back away when hitting the rock and get all their materials.

Buy what you can from Nook's Shop and Sisters Ago e Filo

As you may have noticed after having built them, both the Nook's workshop and Sisters Ago and Filo they will have items for sale that will vary from day to day.

For this reason, you should always buy as much as you can, even at the cost of storing everything in the house storage.

Buy or sell turnips

If you have enough money to spare, you can jump into the stock market and buy a good amount of turnips and then resell them.

They will only be obtainable on Sundays from 8:00 to 12:00 by the character Brunella. You can take as many as you like, the only limit will be the money you can spend.

You can then resell them from Monday to Saturday at Mirco and Marco's for a variable price (just ask them to find out in advance). But be careful! Sell ​​them immediately in the week after you buy them, as otherwise they will rot and will not be rendered useless.

Traveling back in time will also cause them to deteriorate prematurely, but you can still sell them to Mirco and Marco on other players' islands. You can find out more in our guide to Brunella turnips market.

Water your flowers

Unlike previous titles in the series, water the flowers it will not be necessary to make them grow, but rather to allow them to spread on the ground.

So do it right in the end, it won't have all this priority over other actions; however, remember that it is very useful to have hybrid flowers.

Capture the animals and pop the balloons with presents

These are not really activities that you will have to do at regular intervals, but you can still do them while you are doing others.

Trying to get the local fauna will not only allow you to get something else to sell, but it will allow you to fill the Blatero museum slowly.

Just remember that for the fish you will need a fishing rod, for the insects a net and for the sea creatures a wetsuit.

Another thing you can do is pop the balloons with gifts that will fly over your head from time to time, in order to get fantastic items that will come in handy.

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