Guides Guide to armor sets - Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Compared to his predecessor, Assassin's Creed Valhalla shows a more focused approach to armor, with fewer pieces of equipment available to Eivor than it could have been in the past.

On the other hand, armor has unique stats and bonuses which, once the set is complete, must complete the fighting style you have chosen.

Some if they increase the damage, others allow you to have a more effective and deadly stealth approach. In principle it is always better equip a complete setrather than mash up different armor.

Each armor set consists of 5 pieces:

  • Elmo
  • cloak
  • Torso
  • Gloves
  • Leggings / Greaves

Below you will find a complete list of all the sets that you can get, as well as various indications that will allow you to find them peacefully.

In addition to this, I remind you that if you need more information regarding the title, you can always take a look at our complete guide on it:

Complete guide to the game
  • Clan Rave set
  • Occult set
  • Hunter's Set
  • Magister set
  • Brigandino's set
  • Galloglach set
  • Mentor Set
  • Thegn set
  • Thor set

Clan Raven set

This will be the first set that you can get in the very first area of ​​the game, just continue with the first quests and you will find all the pieces.


  • Increases armor as life decreases.
  • Increases the chance of critical damage.

Occult set

The most difficult set to recover as its pieces are scattered throughout the map, in regions with very different levels of power.


  • Increases assassination damage when crouched and hidden for 10 seconds.
  • Increased headshot damage.

Hood of the Occults

Location: Camulodunum Bureau in Essex - Suggested Power: 160

Its location will be far from intuitive, so we advise you to carefully follow the following steps.

Locate the flight of steps on the southern outskirts of the city of Lunden. You will need to blow up some rubble to unlock the ignition, so look for the oil barrels near a large tree near a stream. Grab a barrel, climb the tree and throw it on the pile of rubble.

Proceed to the tunnel and you will come to one flooded area, with a barred door at the bottom. Dive underwater until you reach the north wall.

Following the path you will come across another closed door. Move your gaze to the left, go up the wall and you will find yourself on a ledge that overlooks the flooded area found earlier. Now, jump to the opposite platform using the pole fixed to the ceiling.

Once again you will find one locked door. Again, dive into the water and at the bottom you can retrieve the key. The room facing you is a dead end, however you can shoot one of the locked doors through the metal fence.

Leave the room and go up to the platform. Then jump to the other side and you can cross the door that was previously barred, finally finding yourself beyond the flooded area, where you will find the much coveted hood of the hidden.

Mask of the Occult

Location: Londinium Bureau in Lunden - Suggested power: 90

Again, recovering this piece of the hidden set won't be easy. Look for the circular wooden structure just outside walls of Lunder.

To reach the inside of the building, look up at the sky and you will see a tree protruding from the top of the city walls. Climb to the top and then launch into the structure.

Once inside, don't get out of the water, dive in and look for a wooden wall. After breaking it, follow the tunnel, shoot the explosive jar to clear the rubble and open the chest to get the mask.

Robe of the Occult

Location: Eboracum Bureau - Suggested power: 190

Go to Jorvik and head southeast of the theater, where you will find the dungeon entrance behind a wooden wall.

There will be an opening in a wall, go through it and then turn first right and then left until you reach the corner on the right. Move the object blocking the hole in the wall to access a corridor and walk through it until you get to one metal door.

Here you are in Eboracum Bureauy, here you will have to find two keys: the first will open the chest with the robe, the second one with ingots.

The key is located on top of one of the furniture. Go back to the crypt and the robe will be yours.

Gloves of the Occult

Place: Ratae Bureau in Ledecestrescire - Suggested power: 20

The bureau is located in the northeastern part of the city. To enter the basement you will have to hit a pocket with rocks, which falling will destroy the floor revealing the secret entrance.

Continue to the last room and the chest with gloves will be on your right.

Pants of the Occult

Location: Ceres Bureau Temple in Glowecrow - Suggested Power: 220

Enter the temple from the main entrance and destroy the objects you find on your right to reveal an opening.

Beyond the wall you will find a room full of one poisonous gas. Stay calm and throw a torch to set it on fire. The way will be clear and you can continue without being poisoned by the gas. However, you will have to be fast, as the gas will regenerate after a while.

Do the same in the next room, where you have to destroy the wooden floor. You will find yourself in a partially flooded room with more gas threatening your life. Again, set it on fire with the torch and continue up the stairs.

At this point destroy the pile of rubble blocking the passage to access the final room and get the last piece of the occult set.

Hunter's Set


  • Increases damage when hitting enemies over 20m.
  • Speed ​​increase.

Helm of the Hunter

Location: Tonnastadir in Ledecestrescire - Suggested power: 20

The helmet is located inside a hiding place under the fort. To open the way you will have to go through a door guarded by a large number of guards. The key is guarded by the commander, who you will find in the long house.

Once you have the key, head for the door, go through the guard and enter the tunnel. Eventually, in the deepest room of the tunnel labyrinth, you will find the chest.

Hunter's armor

Place: Ravensburg in Grantebridgescire - Suggested Power: 20

In the town of Ravensburg in one of the stone houses you will find the chest with this incredible piece of equipment.

Hunter's Cloak

Location: Strong Templebrought - Suggested Power: 20

Climb the tower facing the river in the northwest area of ​​the fort. From here take down one of the wooden piles to destroy the floor, then jump down and this is where you will find the cloak.

Forearms of the Hunter

Place: In a cave near Besuncen Tor in Grantebridgescire - Suggested power: 20

Looking northwest from Besuncen Tor you will find a waterfall. Go through it to find a flooded tunnel, dive into the water and swim to the opposite side. You will re-emerge in the cave with the chest.

Hunter's Trousers

Location: Soham Refuge in Grantebridgescire - Suggested Power: 20

At the center of the field, head towards the most impressive refuge, that's where you will find the chest with the leggings.

Magister set


  • Increases melee damage overnight.
  • Increase damage with ranged weapons.

Mask of the Magister

Place: King's Bury in East Anglia - Suggested Power: 55

Head to the main building of the monastery, inside you will find the chest with the mask of the Magister.

Cloak of the Magister

Location: Serpent's Landing in East Anglia - Suggested Power: 55

Look inside the island camp for a wooden wall to break, the chest will be right behind it.

Vest of the Magister

Location: Leah Villa Garrison in Oxenefordscire - Suggested Power: 90

The chest is located behind a pile of rubble, you will have to use one of the oil barrels in the adjacent building to blow it up. To get inside you will need to move one of the wooden boards on the roof.

Once removed jump inside, break the lock on the door and you'll be able to bring one of the barrels in front of the pile of rubble to make it explode.

Forearms of the Magister

Place: Buckingham in Oxenefords - Suggested Power: 90

Find the key that opens the doors of the church and head inside. In the main entrance look up and you will notice a ladder, hit it to make it go down. Go up the ladder to find the chest with the piece of equipment.

Magister's trousers

Place: Oxenfeforda in Oxenefordscire - Suggested Power: 90

The chest is located inside the north tower, which you can enter through a window on the side of the building. Once inside, look up and break the most fragile section of the floor. Climb through the opening you created and knock down the candlestick.

Once this is done, you can move the wooden shelf and open the coveted chest.

Brigandino's set


  • Increase armor points when surrounded by two or more enemies.
  • Increased melee damage.

Brigandino helmet

Place: Wenlocan Outpost in Sciropescire - Suggested Power: 130

This chest is one of the easiest to find. In the back of the camp you will find a cave, the entrance to which is blocked by a boulder. Move the boulder to find the loot.

Cape of the Brigandino

Place: Quatford in Sciropescire - Suggested Power: 130

The cloak is located in the basement of the town's longhouse. To enter it you will have to head towards the nearby river, here you will find the entrance to a cave. Destroy the wall ahead and you and follow the tunnel.

Armor of the Brigandine

Location: Canterbury Cathedral in Cent - Suggested Power: 130

The armor is located behind a locked door on the second floor of the cathedral. Find the door and go down the hall on the opposite side of the room. From here you can aim for the lock on the door to break it. Go back to the door, now open, and continue to the room with the chest.

Brigandino's gloves

Place: Beamasfield in Cent - Suggested Power: 130

The gloves are located in one of the largest houses in the city, you will need two keys to reach them. The first is inside a hut with an open window. While the second is well protected by a guard patrol in one of the fields on the outskirts of the city.

Trousers of the Brigandino

Place: Dover Fortress in Cent - Suggested Power: 130

Near the edge of the fortress you will find a staircase, use it to go to the harbor area. Here you will find some floors that you can destroy, use the oil barrels and make your way to the beach. Once again blow up the heaps of rubble and the wooden wall that will appear in front of you until you find the chest.

Galloglach set


  • Increases resistance to melee damage when hitting enemies with a finisher.
  • Increases the damage of melee damage.

Galloglach helmet

Place: Halstead Outpost, Essexe - Suggested Power: 160

To reach the helmet you have two different ways:

  • Destroy the wall with one of the oil barrels.
  • Climb to the roof and shoot the lock through a metal grate.

Galloglach cloak

Place: Brentwood Outpost, Essexe - Suggested Power: 160

The chest from which to loot the cloak is guarded by a large number of guards. Ax in hand and ready to attack!

Galloglach armor

Place: Spalding Bandit Lair, Lincolnscire - Suggested Power: 160

In the center of the camp, in the shed. The only way to enter is a staircase, just below the shed which will take you directly inside.

Galloglach bracelets

Place: Lincoln, Lincolnscire - Suggested Power: 160

To find the bracelets you will need to locate, near the city center, the most guarded building. Nothing to do but get rid of the guards and open the chest.

Galloglach trousers

Place: Bolingbroc Castle, Lincolnscire - Suggested Power: 160

The chest with the loot is inside the second courtyard of the castle. No puzzles, just so many guards to defend him.

Mentor Set


  • Increases attack after a critical hit.
  • Increase the speed.

Dress as a Mentor

Place: Guildford, Susthexe - Suggested Power: 160

You will find this piece of the mentor's set inside the town church. Climb to the top of the tower where you can knock down some of the building materials, once the floor is destroyed you can enter the church.

From here, break the wooden floor and then the door lock, move the furniture and the wood to find the chest.

Forearms as a Mentor

Location Anderitum Hideout, Susthexe - Suggested Power: 160

Inside the camp, kill one of the elite soldiers to retrieve the key to the underground tunnel. Once in the tunnel you will find yourself in front of a pile of rubble, destroy it to open the way to the cave with the chest.

Mentor Mask

Location: Sherwood Hideout, Snotinghamscire - Suggested Power: 250

You'll find it in the only hut in the hideout.

Mentor Cloak

Place: Loch Clunbre Hideout, Snotinghamscire - Suggested Power: 250

The cloak will be placed inside a chest in the central hut of the hideout. The key to unlocking his door will be obtained from an elite enemy nearby.

Mentor's breeches

Location: Wincestre Garrison, Wincestre - Suggested Power: 250

To enter the building that contains it, you will need to shoot an arrow through the window in the opposite direction of the barred door.

Being the place full of enemies on guard, you will recognize it very easily.

Thegn set


  • Increases the chance of a critical hit after a parry
  • Increased critical damage

Helmet of Thegn

Location: Old Minster of Wincestre - Suggested Power: 250

To find the helmet you will need three keys to open the chest that contains it.

The first key is in the Old Minster tower just below the sync point.

The second key is hidden above one located on the roof, inside Old Minster.

Finally, to reach the third key, go behind the tower, break one of the windows and enter. At this point, turn right, and then right again, without going up the stairs. You will arrive in a room full of papyri. Go down one floor by taking the door on your left and the key will be yours.

All that is missing is the chest. To find it, go back to the main room and exit through the door a North East. Look at the facade of the building and destroy the window in the center, climb up and finally you can unlock the chest

Cloak of Thegn

Place: Old Minster, Wincestre- Suggested Power: 250

The chest is in the bishop's residence a southeast of Wincestre, get ready to fight as the area is highly guarded.

Once inside the building, climb up until you reach the second floor. On the south side you will notice a small room which can be accessed by breaking the wooden obstacles that stand in front of you.

Move the object blocking the passage to reveal an opening where you can shoot to break the lock on the door.

Go around, open the door and here is the chest.

Heavy Tunic of Thegn

Place: Temple of Brigantia in Eurvicscire - Suggested power: 190

Southeast of the temple, and north of a small island, you will find an area from which you can dive to find a long submarine tunner. The chest is roughly halfway through, but be warned, you'll have to be quick if you don't want to drown.

Bracelets of Thegn

Place: Stenvege camp in Eurviscire - Suggested power: 190

The camp is made up of two concentric circles. To reach the innermost circle you will need to find the key by killing one of the elite guards.

As soon as it is defeated, head towards the main door, the only access point to the innermost part of the camp.

Enter the house you will see facing you to find the chest with the bracelets on your left, along with other items.

Trousers of Thegn

Location: Aelfwood in Glowecrowth - Suggested Power: 220

Head into the woods to find a strong enough enemy, he has the key you need to open the chest. Once he's killed, Thegn's trousers will be yours.

Thor set

We have therefore come to the last set of this list, which is the armor presumably worn by the very famous god of thunder of Norse mythology.

In general, this armor is made for those who want to exploit the status of daze to your advantage, increasing your speed when inflicted and generally improving the effectiveness of the status.


  • Increase: Speed ​​when you stun an enemy
  • Additional boost to Stun

Found all the set, moreover, you can finally get the legendary hammer Mjolnir. For more information on where to find all the pieces we have one driving on the set of Thor.

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