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Among the various secondary activities that it offers us Immortals Fenyx Rising, we cannot but count the challenges of the lira puzzles. In fact, going around the map you will have noticed that in some locations there are giant lire with which it will be possible to interact.

These lire are not ends in themselves, but conceal puzzles that will require a particular combination of notes to be solved and give access to the prizes they conceal.

Each lyre has four strings to which as many different notes will correspond, to be played through the use of a bow and some arrows.

For convenience in the guide we will indicate the strings as 1,2,3,4, meaning string number 1 as the leftmost string and number 4 as the rightmost string.

Having made this premise, necessary to understand the meaning of the series of numbers present, let's start with the guide.

  • Fallen Rocks
  • Valley of the Eternal Spring
  • Wood of Kleos
  • Lair of War
  • Terre della Fucina
  • King's Peak

Lyre of Fallen Rocks

You will find the first lira at "Fallen Rocks”In the southern part of the map.

The combinations to play to unlock all the prizes are:

  • 2,4,1
  • 4,3,4,1
  • 3,1,2,4,4

Lyre of the Eternal Spring Valley

You will find the second lira in the Valley of the Eternal Spring, in the western part of the game map.

In this case the combinations to be entered will be:

  • 4,2,1,4,2
  • 3,2,3,1,4
  • 2,4,1,3
  • 1,3,2,4,2,1

Lyre of the wood of Kleos

You will find this lira in the Wood of Kleos, in the north-west area of ​​the map.

The combinations needed to get all the prizes in this case are:

  • 2,1,3,4
  • 1,4,3

Lyre of the War Den

Your next target will be in the Lair of War, southeast on the map.

In this case the combinations are:

  • 3,1,1,2,4,3
  • 2,1,3,2,3,4
  • 1,1,4,2,3
  • 2,3,1,4,2,4

Lyre of the Terre della Fucina

Northeast on the map, in the Terre della Fucina, you will find the penultimate lira.

The combinations to play are:

  • 1,4,1,3
  • 3,2,1
  • 1,3,2,3

King's Peak Lyre

You will find the last lira at King's Peak, in the northernmost part of the map.

The combinations are:

  • 2,2,4,2,3
  • 3,4,4,2,3
  • 1,4,2,3

Frequently asked questions and answers

Rockfall According to Varnes (1998), these are movements consisting of the displacement of rock blocks due to the effect of gravity on steep slopes, whose movements, depending on the slope gradient, can be of the free fall, jumping, rolling or sliding type (figure four).

Each card will have the meaning of a "Yes" or a "No" associated with it.
-These are the cards that mean Yes: the magician, the sun, the star, the judgment, the temperance, the planet, the empress, the chariot and the force.
These are the cards that mean No: the hanged man, the tower, death, the moon and the demon.
8 jun two thousand twenty-one

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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