Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved - Cheats

Who I am
Aina Prat Blasi
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Xbox 360


Mad Cat Skillz
Collect 9 lives

Earn a 10x multiplier

Survive the first 60 seconds of the game without shooting or using bombs

Collect 9 bombs

Score 1,000,000
Earn 1,000,000 points

Score 100,000
Earn 100,000 points

Score 250,000
Earn 250,000 points

Score 500,000
Earn 500,000 points

Survive 1,000,000
Earn 1,000,000 points without shooting

Survive 100,000
Earn 100,000 points without shooting

Survive 250,000
Earn 250,000 points without shooting

Survive 500,000
Earn 500,000 points without shooting

Extra Bomba (Evolved)
Get 100,000 Points

Extra Pump (Retro)
Get 25,000 Points

Extra Vita (Evolved)
Get 75,000 Points

Extra Waist (Retro)
Get 20,000 Points

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved x360
  • x360
  • pc

Exit date: November 22, 2005

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