Fortnite Season 9 Week 1: where to find all the aerial platforms

    Fortnite season 9 arrived yesterday and all players were able to see all the changes it brought with it, such as the new skins that are available with the new Battle Pass, John Wick's mansion and some new areas. Before the new season made its official entry into the game world, some information has arrived in advance regarding the weekly challenges, which concern exactly week 1 and week 2.

    Today we propose one small guide to help you find all aerial platforms present in the Fortnite map in order to complete one of the challenges of week 1, which may require some more effort than the others, which you find listed in the news in question. All you have to do is visit the suggested areas, from the image you find below, and in no time you have completed the challenge in question.

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    Fortnite Season 9 Week 1: where to find all the aerial platforms

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    Finding the aerial platforms will be very simple and you just have to look around to find the closest one, which will simply be suspended in the air. Furthermore, if you have already landed in another place, just find the platform and go under it to get on it, thanks to a whirlwind of air that will transport you upwards; in the aerial platform, in fact.

    The locations where it will be possible to find the platforms are:

    • South-east of the volcano of the new Pressure Plant area
    • Southwest of Pacific Park
    • Southwest of Laguna Languida
    • East of Neoinclinato, near Stale Drown
    • North of Palmeto Paradisiaco
    • South of Lethal Lands
    • West of Condotti Confusi

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