Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 1

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With the new Season of Fortnite the challenges of week 1 also arrive, here is a guide on how to overcome them in the best possible way

Fortnite Season 3 has finally begun. Many new features have been introduced to the game and with them also come many new weekly challenges. As you well know the challenges will allow you to acquire a large number of experience points. The latter are useful for increasing the level of the Battle Pass and unlocking numerous aesthetic objects useful for customizing your character. Let's find out how to overcome all the Fortnite week 1 challenges in our guide.

New challenges and old classics returning

Season 3 is completely dedicated to water. Even the map was submerged, going to completely upset the trend of the games. This latest update also brings a whole host of new mechanics. The first of these is certainly the inclusion of some sharks present in the waters of the game that will attack the players. The latter, however, can also use them as a mount.

Not to mention the raiders, NPCs who will put a spoke in the wheel to anyone who comes within range. The weekly challenges are made up around the new mechanics. We therefore find several novelties that will give a little freshness to our classic objectives that we know well by now. Each challenge will earn you well 35.000 Experience Points, here's how to overcome them all.

Damage the Booty Sharks in Sweaty Sands (0/200) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 1

It starts right with a challenge involving one of the novelties introduced by Epic Games this Season 3. All you have to do is go to the Sweaty Sands (which are located in the Northwest, around the coordinates B-3 and B-4 of the map). At this point, spot one of the Booty Sharks in the water. To complete the challenge just hit it with one of your weapons, accumulated a total of 200 damage the challenge will be overcome.

Eliminations in Foschi Fumaioli (0/3) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 1

This challenge is quite simple, it is in fact the classic elimination challenge. Go to the Foschi Fumaioli (to the north-east, between the coordinates G-2 and H-2 of the map) and eliminate a total of three opponents in this area. Kills stack over the course of matches. Nothing could be easier then, maybe try to find yourself in the area while playing this week and overcome the challenge without too many thoughts.

Enter the Gattogrill warehouse (0/1) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 1

Here is another challenge based on one of the major news of this third Season. To succeed in the enterprise you will have to go to the Fortress of Kit (you can find it in G-7), here you will find one of the new AI controlled bosses waiting for you. Defeat Gattogrill and his henchmen and you will get his powerful weapon and badge to enter his warehouse. At this point you can follow the instructions on the screen that will show you the place, inside you will find many rare items useful for your game.

Inflict damage within 10 seconds of landing from the whirlpool of Hydro 16 (0/1) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of the week 1

Another completely new challenge makes its debut this season. As per the title you will have to inflict damage on someone at Idro 16 (located around D-7). It will be enough to do even 1 damage to overcome the challenge, however, you will only have 10 seconds from landing. To be able to complete the challenge, launch yourself in that area, in which a vortex of water should be visible. That is your goal, you land in the reel and you will be thrown into the air again. At this point, land on Idro 16 and hit the first enemy you find in the area. Many players will likely find themselves there to overcome the challenge then you shouldn't have a problem finding one.

Find Gnomes at Cozy Heights (0/3) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 1

A new treasure hunt arrives this week. This time you will have to find 3 small garden gnomes scattered around the map. Go to Cozy Highlands, the first gnome is found south of quadrant C-1. The second is clearly visible in one of the houses on the coast in the garden of a villa. Finally the third is found in the attic of the northernmost house, break the roof and you will have access to the last objective of this treasure hunt.

Search for chests or boxes of ammunition at Shaky Well (0/7) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 1

This is a pretty simple challenge that you can complete with very little effort. You will simply have to open 7 chests or ammo boxes at the Shaky Pit (located between quadrant C-6 and C-7). There is not much to be said in this challenge, the area is full of treasures as well the number of chests accumulates over the course of the games. Make sure you pass by while you play and in no time you will be able to complete this challenge as well.

Land at the Misty Moors and finish in the Top 25 (0/1) - Fortnite Season 3: guide to the challenges of week 1

The Misty Moors (quadrant E-7) are one of the most dangerous places in the entire game. The area is full of treasures, so plenty of players take the risk of landing there to get powerful weapons right from the start. To get to the Top 25 the best way is to avoid clashes as much as possible. It is certainly not an honorable tactic, we know, and you will probably not win by hiding, but to complete the challenge it could be a good method.

A sea of ​​Experience Points

This ends our guide to the challenges of week 1 of Fortnite Season 3. Make sure you complete them all to get really a lot of experience points and complete the Battle Pass as soon as possible. You will unlock many new skins and cosmetic items. On the other hand, the challenges are all quite simple and even the most complex have very specific strategies with which it is possible to complete them.

Let us know if this guide was useful and continue to follow us on the pages of Holygamerz to stay up to date on all the news from the world of video games and more!

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