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Let's find out together how to overcome the challenges The Duel of season 1 of chapter 2 of Fortnite thanks to this guide

The world of Fortnite you know, it is always in constant evolution. Every day we see all the colors and not only on the island. In fact, it was the case that upset the world of pro-players a few days ago. Jarvis “Jarvis” Khattri was in fact banned from the same epic Games for the use of aimbot on his second profile. While the fans and the "big names" of the game are divided between those who defend the pro-player and those who are the most famous software house ever, the new challenges land on the island. Let's start this guide to challenges The Fortnite Duel and let's find out how to overcome the new missions of season 1 of chapter 2.

Let's get over them all! - The Duel Challenges Guide | Fortnite chapter 2 season 1

Search for chests in the EGO Outposts

The first challenge in this challenge guide The Fortnite Duel for season 1 of chapter 2 plans to search for chests in the EGO outposts These particular structures recall the outposts introduced in the previous chapter and, just like then, they are scattered all over the map. In the map below we show you the exact location of all the EGO outposts Remember to land first in order to have some opportunity to open a basket. In case you can't, you can still play in brawl mode.

Inflict damage on opponents while aboard a speedboat

The second challenge involves inflict damage on opponents while aboard a speedboat. To complete this challenge you can also play single if you don't have a friend who can play with you. All you have to do in fact will be board a speedboat and hit your opponents shooting with the same. In the event that the damage does not count, you can still switch between the various stations and hitting opponents with weapons. We remind you that this vehicle was disabled for Arena modes and tournaments.

Visit different EGO outposts

The third challenge in this challenge guide The Fortnite Duel for this season 1 of chapter 2 plans to visit several EGO outposts You can combine this mission with the first one and complete them both in no time. However, you will almost certainly not be able to visit the various outposts in one game. We at Holygamerz therefore recommend that you parachute on an outpost and, after having collected a good equipment, head towards the next ones. We also report here the map with all the outposts that you will find on the map.

Assault Rifle Eliminations

The fourth challenge involves eliminate opponents using an assault rifle. This type of weapon is certainly the most used since the first days on Fortnite. It is very useful and versatile, not to mention that it is also one of the most accurate. You can use it at both long and short distances, but it is at a medium distance that it gives its best. To make your life easier and quickly overcome the challenge, we recommend playing the brawl mode.

Revive a teammate in different games

The fifth challenge in this challenge guide The Fortnite Duel for this season 1 of chapter 2 plans to revive a teammate in different games. Whether you have friends or not, the only way to overcome this challenge is to play as a team. If you don't have active companions, we advise you to activate team fill in order to be matched with other players. All you have to do next is wait for your friend to be shot down and revive them. Alternatively, your teammate can throw himself off a cliff to be immediately revived by you. Remember that you will have to play several games in order to complete this challenge.

Look for crates of ammo in different points of interest

The sixth challenge involves look for crates of ammunition at different points of interest. These places are none other than the "cities" on the map, or whatever any place has a name. All you have to do to complete the challenge quickly is to land in one of them, open a crate of ammo, and immediately head to another. Repeat this and continue until you complete the challenge.

Heal a teammate with the Bazooka in Bende

The seventh challenge in this challenge guide The Fortnite Duel for this season 1 of chapter 2 plans to heal a teammate with a Bazooka in Bende. This particular weapon was introduced in this chapter and is also quite easy to find, especially in the brawl mode. All you have to do is organize with your allies, find one and carry it with you until the time of need. Then there will be nothing left but distribute the bandages by shooting at your friends and that's it

Eliminate opponents at Scogli Scoscese or Borgo Bislacco

The eighth challenge involves eliminate opponents at Scogli Scoscese or Borgo Bislacco. These challenges are not exactly easy to overcome, especially if you are not an expert in the game but only a casual gamer. All you have to do will be choose the place you know best and head there before your opponents. Get some good equipment and good luck. Obviously our advice is to play in single mode so that you can permanently eliminate your opponents at the first (and only) killing.

Restart a buddy

The ninth challenge in this challenge guide The Fortnite Duel for season 1 of chapter 2 plans to restart a buddy. Taking a cue from Apex Legends, developers introduced reboot vans a few seasons ago. Once dead in any squad mode (except brawl) the player will leave a tab that will allow him to be restarted by his squadmates in these vans. All you have to do then is wait for your friend to die and bring your card to one of these points. Below we present the map with all the places where you can restart your companions.

Assist a teammate in several eliminations

The tenth and final challenge this week plans to assisting teammates in several eliminations. This particular mission may be simple, but it hides several pitfalls. Not knowing the life points and the shield of our opponent, we will have to be careful how many times we will hit him and wait for our partner to take him out. In conclusion, we will have to weaken the opponent as much as possible, but we will never have to fire the last bullet. Of course, it won't be easy, but with a little practice and insight you will make it. Our advice, however, is to play the brawl mode. This way you will be able to complete the challenge in no time.

Have fun - The Duel Challenge Guide | Fortnite chapter 2 season 1

For this guide to the challenges The Fortnite Duel is now everything. We remind you that the challenges from the fourth onwards will be blocked and to unlock them you must first complete the previous ones. If you are left behind with the challenges Pact of the Dock, I invite you to read our article by clicking here. In order not to miss further news regarding the video game of epic Games, continue to follow the pages of Holygamerz!

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