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Do you want to become the best coaches on the square? Are you convinced that you can do better than the coach in charge of your favorite team? Well, with these tips and tricks on Football Manager 2020 you can show everyone the managerial qualities that you claim so much

Starting yesterday, Football Manager 2020 is available, the new chapter of the most played Sports Interactive and SEGA managerial saga in history. With our tips and tricks, suitable for both newcomers to the game and the most experienced coaches, you can hone your club management skills, reaching the end of the climb that will lead you to raise the cup with big ears.

The coach that every team would like

Ok friends, are you ready? If you are, take a pen and paper, because we are ready to explain how to become the new Pep Guardiola, but without the millions and sponsors. Ah, and did you know that in this new Football Manager you can play against Robbie Williams? Don't worry, we will explain how to do this too. Let's begin!

Never lose a 0 player - Football Manager 2020: tips and tricks

For a higher profit margin over time, it's worth it to lock a player free or at parameter 0 with a contract of at least 4 years, with an optional three-year extension. Once you have reached the 7-year contract (i.e. the initial 4 plus the 3 optional), there will be a 100% chance that the player will accept a further renewal of the contract at the same or lower price. Alternatively, you can increase the agent's commission, to have the same result.

"Market rumors" - Football Manager 2020: tips and tricks

Generally, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the recommended clubs to follow for this advice, but all big clubs or anyway those that notoriously have excellent talent scouts are a valid option. Every season or two you can find the 17 year old phenomenon that with the right staff can turn into new Cristiano Ronaldo. In order not to miss the opportunity to grab the new phenomenon of the moment, follow maniacally the market rumors of the players followed by the big players. To do this, you need to go to the page of the club of interest, and in the News section there will be the subsection of rumors about transfers. However, please do not forget that in order to access this option, you will have to select the division in which the club is active as "Playable".

Avoid the second yellow - Football Manager 2020: tips and tricks

During a painful match, it can happen that you lose your mind. Therefore, when your "irreplaceable" player or an important defender gets the first yellow card, we advise you to use the indications "Calm > Assertive" on the player in question, at the end of the first half. Advise the player to be careful, or to calm down to avoid the second yellow. This trick works 95% of the time, and will save you from finishing the match in 10. The player's reaction will almost always be "He seems to have calmed down."

Rule # 4: Never refuse a trade - Football Manager 2020: tips and tricks to become the best manager

When you receive an exchange offer for a player that you believe cannot be sold, or an offer that you do not consider acceptable, vi we strongly advise against refusing the dry offer, because it could annoy the player and negatively affect his subsequent performance. What we advise you to do, however, is to add one to the initial offer received technical counterpart.

To the initial offer always add a player from the other club you may be interested in, or a player much stronger or more expensive than yours. In the first case, if the club accepts, you will have obtained a player that interests you. In the latter case, the club will be discouraged from proceeding with the negotiation, and your player won't complain about the outcome.

Always offer a trial week - Football Manager 2020: tips and tricks

If a free or limited player wants a higher salary than you would like to offer, give them first one week trial. This can have a double function: in the first case, the player will be motivated to play well, and so you could make a bargain. In the second case, the player's request at the end of the trial week will have dropped significantly. The trial weeks are also very useful for scouts to give a better judgment on the player in question. After the trial week, the scout's opinion will be much more accurate and reliable.

Robbie Williams? - Football Manager 2020: tips and tricks

Did you know that in Football Manager 2020 it is possible to play a single match against AI? Of course. The even more interesting thing is that in the list of opponents, you can find many Youtubers and celebrities from the world of entertainment, including ... Robbie Williams.

To do this, just go to the draft mode as if you would like to play against a friend, and after selecting the division and the club, and having drawn up your manager profile, just go to the next screen, invite a player, egelect the AI ​​of the game. Then select the players you want to add to your league from the list, and that's it!

Smart Loans - Football Manager 2020: Tips and Tricks

This tip is for users who like military in the minor divisions. It may often happen that you get notifications from players on loan from major clubs. To get notifications you need to go to the team profile, and select "Get Team Report". Once this is done, select 4 or 5 clubs, assign them scouts, and wait for the team report. They will report you benefits and reserves on loan including you can try shopping, and advice on which of them might agree to move to your club.

If you are lucky, you will be able to get players from 3-4 stars at ridiculous prices. Once he has obtained the pearl of the team, knowing already that he will have to return to his club at the end of the season, he will not even ask for a ransom or an extension of the loan. Pay attention to one particular though: the report will tell you all the players who could move to your club, but it is not said that they will. A player in the crosshairs of a more prestigious club will hardly choose yours, for this reason we recommend a lot of patience and to choose wisely among the clubs to follow, looking for business.

Have you already become the best?

With our Football Manager 2020 tips, you should already be the best in the business. If the call-up from Real Madrid has not yet arrived, we strongly advise you to give you to horse racing. In any case, good luck, and keep following us on Holygamerz for more guides, news and much more. Have fun, coaches!

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