Final Fantasy VII Remake - Trophy and Platinum Guide

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Trophy and Platinum Guide

Although the game is very populated with trophies due to history (and therefore impossible not to take), you will have to be very careful for some of these, which will require you to play several phases of the game several times. Here is the list of trophies and the guide to platinum Final Fantasy VII Remake, last work of Square Enix detailed in the following article.

We remind you that this guide contains SPOILERS about the history and evolution of events in Final Fantasy VII Remake, therefore continue reading carefully, or only if you have finished the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Trophy and Platinum Guide

Trophies related to history

22 of the trophies within the title they will be earned simply proceeding with the main missions of the story, accompanying Cloud and companions on their adventure. These trophies are:

  • Explosive Departure: Conclude Chapter 1. BRONZE
  • Obstacle Escape: Conclude Chapter 2. BRONZE
  • New handyman: Conclude Chapter 3. BRONZE
  • Ties rediscovered: Conclude Chapter 4. BRONZE
  • Versatile Strategy: Conclude Chapter 5. BRONZE
  • Dark on the slums: Conclude Chapter 6. BRONZE
  • Death Trap: Conclude Chapter 7 BRONZE
  • Renewed meeting: Conclude Chapter 8. BRONZE
  • Paradise of wishes: Conclude Chapter 9. BRONZE
  • Water labyrinth: Conclude Chapter 10. BRONZE
  • Shadows of Fear: Conclude Chapter 11. BRONZE
  • Against the impossible: Conclude Chapter 12. BRONZE
  • Royal Nightmare: Conclude Chapter 13. BRONZE
  • Hope of salvation: Conclude Chapter 14. BRONZE
  • Ruins at sunset: Conclude Chapter 15. BRONZE
  • Night visit: Conclude Chapter 16. BRONZE
  • Away from hell: Conclude Chapter 17 BRONZE
  • Destiny layers: Conclude Chapter 18. BRONZE
  • Mercenary Debut: win the first fight BRONZE
  • Exhausting tenacity: exterminate an enemy for the first time. BRONZE
  • Apprentice Summoner: evoke an Esper. BRONZE
  • Invocative triumph: triumphs against an Esper for the first time. BRONZE

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Trophy and Platinum Guide

Bronze trophies

  • Targeted attack: strike an enemy's vulnerability for the first time. BRONZE
  • Tempest Liberation: rescue an immobilized ally. BRONZE
  • Music search: you get three discs of the jukeboxe. BRONZE
  • Beginner handyman: complete the first handyman mission. BRONZE
  • War Studies: gain the maximum level of mastery with a weapon skill. BRONZE
  • Reckless pilot: excels at the challenge in moto cones compliments of Jessie. BRONZE
  • Expert Launcher: becomes the Seventh Heaven darts champion. BRONZE
  • Investigator: you get the Chocomoguri matter. BRONZE
  • Synchronized intrusion: exceeds the maximum Shinra security level. BRONZE
  • Breaks everything: triumphs in all tests of the Rompicasse in normal mode. BRONZE
  • Full Flour: testify that with your flowers the Green House has created all the compositions. BRONZE
  • King of the gym: becomes the champion of pushups. BRONZE
  • Dance star: Anyan recognized your talent as a dancer. BRONZE
  • Triumphant Gladiator: win your first independent challenge in the Arena. BRONZE
  • Sartorial research: you examined three suits for the Corneo audition. BRONZE
  • Demolition Man: triumphs in all tests of the Rompicasse in hard mode. BRONZE
  • Gym Queen: win all traction races with Tifa. BRONZE
  • Angelic gratitude: you received the letter from the Angel of the slums. BRONZE
  • Special friendship: you have earned Johnny's eternal friendship. BRONZE
  • Level Mastery: at least one character has reached level 50. BRONZE
  • Exhausting Mastery: achieve a damage bonus of 300% against an exhausted enemy. BRONZE

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Trophy and Platinum Guide

Trofei d'argento

  • Sartorial ambition: you have gone through all the outfits for Corneo's audition. SILVER
  • Legendary Handyman: complete all handyman missions. SILVER
  • Music collector: get all jukeboxe discs. SILVER
  • Analytical mastery: complete all of Chadley's dossier files. SILVER
  • Warfare Mastery: learn all weapon skills. SILVER
  • Eclectic Mastery: learn all the techniques of the enemies. SILVER
  • Gas intervention: defeat the Molboro. SILVER

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Trophy and Platinum Guide

Gold trophies and platinum trophy

  • Extreme sabotage: defeat the Ubris prototype. GOLD
  • Supreme Tenacity: complete all chapters on Hard mode. GOLD


  • Master of Destiny: earn all trophies. PLATINUM
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