FIFA 20: Web App, how it works and how to download it

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The FIFA 20 Web App is finally available for download and we want to explain to you what it is for and how to download it to manage your FUT team

EA Sports has finally released the final version of the Web App for the FUT of Fifa 20. This new version of the Web App allows you to manage your team as you would console o PC but conveniently from the browser of your devices. In addition to greatly simplifying the life of the coaches, the Web App allows you to make the transfer and receive bonuses. Let's start to understand better what it is and how to download it!

What are we talking about?

If you are a fan of FIFA, you will surely know or have played at least once FUT mode. This mode allows you to build a team from scratch, winning packages in which to find more or less strong players that we will then use in the challenges that await us. From goal to attack, we will have to put together the perfect team to destroy the opponent with a goal, until we reach Division 1. Already since the previous chapter of the franchise, FIFA had made available to its users a Web App to manage your team from the browser. Now, this application has been improved and enriched with comfortable and very interesting additions. Ready to go into the details of the FIFA 20 Web App?

Why should i download it? - FIFA 20: Web App, how it works and how to download it

The FUT mode is probably the most loved and played by FIFA users by now for several years. The possibility of creating your own dream team complete with a coach, staff, uniforms and stadium has made this mode the pivot on which it now completely rotates FIFA online. Although it is much more comfortable and direct to manage your team directly from the game, it is not always possible. And this is precisely the strong point of the FUT Web App. Thanks to this app you can manage your club at any time and wherever we are. The most interesting aspects of this app are:

  • Team management, thanks to which it is possible to prepare the next matches that we will face wherever we are and at any time. In addition to preparing for the match, you can buy players on the transfer market, change tactics and customize your club
  • Access to the Squad Creation Challenges, through which it is possible to exchange players who are not needed to access packages, obtain items and resources for the team. In addition, the SCR player protection will prevent you from accidentally discarding the best players in the squad.
  • Receive prizes and rewards. Through the Web App it is possible to redeem the rewards for the progress in the Weekend League, in the Division Rivals and in the Squad Battles without having to log in to the game on another platform. Redeem your FUT Champions Points directly from the Web App to make sure you participate in the Weekend League!
  • Finally it is possible check seasonal goals of the FUT, take a look at the progress made, check how long it takes to reach the next objective and check off the tasks. Furthermore, it is possible share our squad with friends with the feature "Share on the Internet".

How and where to download - FIFA 20: Web App, how it works and how to download it

As we have repeated over and over in the course of this guide, this FIFA 20 companion app allows us to gain total control of our FUT Club anywhere through the browser of smartphones, PCs or tablets. As for the devices Android or iOS, you can download the Web App from the corresponding stores (Google Play and App Store) for free from this link. Similarly, on PC and Mac you can access the app simply by connecting from the browser and logging into your account linked to FIFA 20. Easy, right?

Towards the Golden Bench

So, have you already downloaded the FIFA 20 Web App? Are you ready to manage your team anytime, anywhere? We hope we've been of help and wish you a big one good luck in building your dream team. Furthermore, as always, we invite you to stay updated on Holygamerz for further guides, news and much more about FIFA 20 and the world of video games. Bye!

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