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    DOOM Eternal: guide to collectibles

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    Rip and tear is the chant that accompanies our outings under the banner of the massacre in DOOM Eternal but, deep down, in addition to tearing apart enemies, it is sometimes also useful to take a break to look around and discover all the secrets that a level has to offer. They could be toys with which to embellish our room in the Fortress of Destiny, or albums to hang here and there, Codex thanks to which to deepen the knowledge of the game world and its background ... Very often, however, they will be real and own objects to improve the performance of the DOOM Slayer in battle, collectibles that all of a sudden turn into indispensable tools to avoid succumbing to the increasingly fierce and fierce demonic hordes, especially at advanced difficulty levels: we talk about over two hundred collectibles, from which we exclude the Extra Lives as they are not included in the count at the end of the level nor are they linked to any particular trophy that provides for the complete collection. Unlike the collectibles, in fact, they will always be present in the levels even if you play them more than once: you will need them only in view of the "Climb the Rankings" trophy, for which you must complete the Extra Lives game mode having ten spare ones with you. . Collecting collectibles in one save will allow you to unlock well twelve trophies out of thirty-four: the difficulty ultimately does not affect any aspect of the game, so feel free to play it as low as possible so as not to waste too much time.

    Mission 1: Hell on Earth

    Mission 2: Exultia

    Mission 3; Base of Followers

    Mission 4: Doom Hunter Base

    Mission 5: Super Blood Nest

    Mission 6: Base of the ARC

    Mission 7: Core of Mars

    Mission 8: Sentinel Prime

    Missione 9: Taras Nabad

    Mission 10: Nekravol

    Mission 11: Nekravol Part II

    Missions 12/13: Urdak / Final Sin

    Fortress of Destiny

    DOOM Eternal pc
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    Exit date: March 20 2020

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