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Continue ours guide to collectibles di DOOM Eternal. In this second article we will show you how to complete the Exploration of the second mission of the campaign Exultia and where and how to collect 15 collectibles scattered throughout the level.

The collectibles of Mission 2: Runes, Crystals, Albums and much more

As you may have seen, they really are in DOOM Eternal many types of collectibles. In addition to those we have already talked about in the first mission of the guide, in this second level others are added that it is good to know before proceeding:

Sentinel Crystal

This crystal, inserted inside an ancient rock stele, serves a boost your stats (armor-life-ammunition) and also to add special perennial bonuses in combat such as faster reload of the blaze or weapons.

Sentinel Battery

An almost mandatory collectible that you will need for upgrade the Fortress of Destiny of the Doom Guy and access new areas.


Runes are real upgrades that can be equipped that provide stat bonuses or allow the Doom Guy to access new abilities, such as an upgrade to the Blood Fist, jumping and more.


Old vinyls with a track of the game's soundtrack.

Secret Events

Events hidden in the game world and marked in pink on the map that help you earn Weapon Points as well as lower the level of demonic corruption of the mission. They will require you to kill a certain number of enemies within a certain time limit.

Empyrean key

This particular key can only be obtained by completing a Slayer Challenge. Collecting all 6 unlocks the Unmaykr in the Fortress of Destiny. Find more information in our dedicated guide.

As always there are also some side objects, always explained in the guide of the first mission of the game and which will be very useful:

  • Extra vite
  • Automappa
  • Restoration of life e armor

Mission 2 | Exultia | Where to find the collectibles?

To complete the Exploration of this mission you will need to collect 15 different collectibles, so here is the location of runes, albums, mod bots, toys and all the other secrets hidden in Exultia:

Map 1

Vita Extra

Drop down from the right side of the bridge to reach an area with an extra life.

Codex 1

Virtually almost on your way, once you exit on the semi-destroyed balcony of the building, go right instead of left.


In the first combat zone, the red ones on the map. Go to the far left from the entrance to find a secret area with armor.

Rune 1

Go to the bottom of the circular area, impossible not to see it, the game will show it to you.

Vita extra

A little above the previous Rune. Basically you have to go over the central part of the structure by circling with the yellow metal bar near the Rune.

Toy 1 Arachnotron

Go down inside the circular structure, always starting from the previous collectible. Keep to the right to notice a secret area marked with a question mark on the map. Then enter the opening on the right and punch through the left wall.

Codex 2

After the platform area, before entering the room with the spinning device. Turn around and jump to the platform behind you to reach the page.

Codex 3

In the area with the spinning device. Climb onto one of the spinning blades and wait for it to turn to the right side of the room to reach the page.

Vita extra

Once out of the room with the spinning blades, jump over the chasm with your new skill. Once you land, turn around to notice an extra life floating just below the building you came from.

Vita extra

Look behind the throne in the throne room.

Codex 4

Leaving the throne room, in the right alcove.

Sentinel Battery 1

It will be indicated to you by the game.

Secret Event 1

From the intersection a few steps before the battery, turn right to see yellow bars. These take you to a building with a Secret Event. To reach it, jump twice and reach the first bar. Do the same for the second one and if you don't reach it try to use the push, finally use the remaining push and the double jump to get to the final wall.

Map 2

Album 1 At Doom’s gate

In the area with the big robotic hand. Punch the house next door to move it and head down into the revealed cave. Climb left to collect the album from the secret area.

Mod Bot

In the area full of guts that you will have to cross to reach the device and reactivate your hand.

Vita extra

In the area of ​​the previous collectible.

Codex 5

Use the robot hand to break through the wall and past the platform section you will find the page on your way.

Blue sphere

From the previous collectible, go up to the upper area. Drop down through the central hole on the map and jump to the platform on the right to find a fragile wall. Break it to access a secret area with a blue orb that restores life.

Secret Event 2

When you walk on the giant robot spear, look sideways to the right to find the Event.

Map 3

Sentinel Crystal 1

Inside the belly of the gigantic demon. Turn left to find it before continuing to climb.

Codex 6

In the platform area with the lava, you will see the page from afar. Jump on the rock ledge to reach it.

Blue sphere

If you look carefully under the point shown you will see a cave full of lava with yellow bars to go through. Do this and you will reach a fragile wall to break to reach the sphere.

Secret Easter Egg

If you reach the map point shown and look behind the rock ridge, you will notice some pixelated elements belonging to the first DOOM:

Slayer Challenge and Empyrean Key 1

You will notice this challenge in the purple area on the map. To enter the Slayer Gate you will need to take the key above. To find out more, consult our dedicated guide.

Vita Extra

In the next platform area, between the electric light beams.

Codex 7

In the upper area of ​​the place where you will visit an old acquaintance of the Doom Guy.

Toy 2 Cacodemon

From the previous Codex continue and use the blue light beam to go up. Jump over the first chasm and then turn around to see a waterfall of lava in the distance. Make good use of the jumps and thrust to reach the ground to the right of the waterfall where you will unlock this secret.

Put on your DOOM Guy helmet and go bless each demon with the holy fire contained in your flamethrower, DOOM Eternal awaits you on Amazon in Standard, Deluxe versions and in the beautiful Collector's Limited.

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