Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide to the choices to make in the story

Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide to the choices to make in the story

As you all know, cyberpunk 2077 is an immense game, which offers many gameplay possibilities, but also a huge range of alternatives inherent in the choices to be made during the story. These will clearly have different effects and consequences, and if you have some difficulty in achieving the desired goal, there are specific choices that need to be made. Don't worry, almost all of the choices will not have an impact on the tramma itself, it is about 98%, but the dialogues can change: the game is linear, and the objectives and missions will remain always same. But be careful, because in the remaining 2% there will be an actual impact on what happens.

For more information on the game, we refer you to our specific section of Cyberpunk 2077, here is the link to access it, we also attach below all our guides on the game.

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Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Cyberpunk 2077, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by CD Projekt Red. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

The choices of history in Cyberpunk 2077

Street life / the nomad / The Body-Rat

Your first decision will be which lifestyle to take, more or less. This only affects the first mission of the prologue and some lines of dialogue later in the game. After the prologue, all three routes end in the same way. The choice you make will not affect any of the trophies or achievements in any way, and not even one choice will have an advantage over another.

Practice makes perfect

No important choices.

The rescue

No important choices.

The Ripperdoc (the doctor)

No important choices.

The race

No important choices.


This is the most intricate mission of Cyberpunk 2077 in terms of the paths to be taken and their diversity. Below you will find the map with the possible choices to be made and their respective implications.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide to the choices to make in the storyThe information

No important choices

The Big Shot

Among all the choices that are proposed to you, just one of them will have an impact. After getting out of the heist and running away in the car, you can choose what to do with Jackie:

  • If you take him home to his family, you will unlock a new side job called "Heroes"
  • If you take him to Vik, during one of the endings (the Devil) you will get a new scene with Jackie.

A love like fire

No important choices.

Losing time

No important choices.

Automatic Love

When you ask questions in the brothel office, you will be able to resolve things both violently and peacefully. If you spare Woodman, he will be able to make a new appearance in Judy's “Ex-Factor” side job (so it doesn't affect main or side quest progression).

  • To make Hellman make you escape the elevator have a result positive you can:
    Siete Corp, answer first about Tyger Claws and then about the connection with Arasaka.
    If you have sufficient intelligence you can go to the control room and read the files on the computer and investigate booth 11. Then talk to Hellman and offer help with the problem with the Netrunners, and then propose the favor scab.
  • If you want the violent result (much easier to obtain, and will get you a weapon), just make different choices than those listed for the peaceful outcome. A small boss fight against Hellman will then begin in his office. Clearly after defeating him and taking the loot, you will have to make your way out of the brothel.

Space in the middle

While you wait inside the clinic, they are there several ways to enter. None of these have side effects:

  • Skip the time to wait your turn.
  • Force the door to open (if attribute 7 is strength).
  • Enter the waiting area through the window, and then you'll need enough Tech Attribute to open a secret passage.
  • Hack the computer to change appointments and skip the line.
  • Talk to the people in the waiting room to get you through the queue

When you interrogate the Ripperdoc Fingers, you have a choice whether to damage it or not:

the best thing to do would be not to damage it (recommended choice). If you beat him he will no longer be available as a Ripperdoc, which will not give you problems with trophies or achievements, but which will deprive you of a possible resource.

The Disaster

In this mission you will have to buy a legendary Shard of a Braindance XBD from a drug dealer. It doesn't matter which way you find the dealer, and any choice you make will have no impact.

The easiest way is to follow the main goal and talk to the brothel owner, who will direct you to the right path. An alternative way could be to connect to the Dark Net via one of the terminals in Jig-Jig Street and hack the login page of the “Pleasures of Night City” site. Yet another, call Wakako on the phone.

Double life

No important choices.

I am waiting for the trap

No important choices.

Straight staff

After the bossfight against Sasquatch, enter the cinema. You will find a NetWatch Agent in the projector room. There are two choices that they might determine if the Voodoo Boys will be hostile to you later, in the “Transmission” mission.

If you answer "Ok, alright", you will back the agent and he will not die, the Voodoo Boys will be hostile to you during the Transmission mission.

If you neutralize the agent and he dies, you can leave the chapel safely during the Transmission mission (but if you want, you can attack them of your own free will).

Never disappear

No important choices.


No important choices. However, as already mentioned, part of what takes place in this mission depends on your choices in the “Straight Line” mission.

Ghost city

After recovering the Panam car, there are 4 dialogues to choose from. This will decide whether you help her get her revenge against Nash or not.

  • By being compliant and replying "Okay, where is the hiding place?" she will thank you for your help and you will go to a bonus section in an enemy base. This choice is recommended, since this extra step will take you to a new fight, but also to have the possibility of starting the romance with Panam (it may not be essential, but it will certainly work).
  • If you don't agree to help her, she will be disappointed.

Later, in the bar, you can have some dialogue with Panam for share a room with her for the night, or refuse and not spend the night with her.

  • The recommended choices are to drink and toast, propose the single room and continue on that line: this option will be that of flirting and she will agree to sleep in the same room as you, but only to save money. Sleep in the separate bed next to her, there's nothing else you can do here. However, this choice is useful for advancing in the romance with Panam.
  • If you refuse, you can skip spending the night with her. From the point of view of history there are no changes.


No important choices.

Life in times of war

The choices you make will have no impact on the mission, however they will be important if you want to romance with Panam.

  • In the car, show yourself protective, saying "Stay in the car, you're hurt, it won't be too much help out there anyway."
  • After you save Mitch, show her that you want to help by first proposing a partnership against Hellman and then proposing to help her settle scores with Kang Tao.
  • Prove your loyalty to her after you find Hellman and the Nomads arrive. Say it wasn't his fault (timed event).

Down on the street

No important choices.

Give me the danger

In this mission you can become friends with Goro Takemura.

After hacking into the security room, you'll need to go ahead with your plan with Takemura. When he asks you to join him, accept ( DON'T answer "not this time", if you want to be his friend).

After exploring the complex, to make friends with takemura you will have to make certain choices:

  • "I thought they had all disappeared from the city"
  • "No, just a cat"
  • "Do you believe in ghosts?"
  • "Where have you grown up?"
  • "I grew up in Chiba-11"
  • "What do they need children for?"
  • "All you had to do was kill Arasaka's enemies"
  • "I'm not judging you"
  • "Just forget it"
  • "It's never too late"
  • "You have no idea how I feel"
  • "Where do they keep it?"

It's nothing major story-wise, just a minor minor thing.

Play it safe

After defeating Oda (boss fight) Takemura will call you and ask you to let him live (don't shoot Oda, defeated on the ground).

  • If you spare him he can show up later in one of the endings.
  • If you kill him, he will be gone forever.

In a nutshell, saving it would only give you a potential extra appearance of the character, but nothing else of important influence on missions or objectives.

Search and destroy


During the main mission "Search and Destroy" you will have to Salvare Takemura to get the “Devil” trophy (or achievement). This is very easy to miss, because there is no goal or indication that Takemura can be saved.

You will go inside a building, knock on the door 4 times and talk to Takemura and Hanaki. After that, the police will raid the building and you will be separated from Takemura. Some enemies will spawn inside the building.

However, instead of following the next objective out of the building, you'll have to go left to the first possible spot and bend down to pass under some rubble, then head upstairs to find Takemura holed up in a room with enemies. Defeat the enemies and escort Takemura outside.

In the cutscene where you come out the exit door, Takemura will show up. You will have done everything correctly and you will get the trophy.

Warning: it will still be possible to get the “The Devil” ending, but doing so will still not get you the trophy. For that you will necessarily have to save Takemura.

she had

No important choices.

Op55N1 night operation

After Misty takes you to the balcony, you will talk to Johnny. All the endings of the story of Cyberpunk 2077 they are decided by this dialogue. For the latter, read our dedicated guide.

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