Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide on how to make money quickly

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Guide on how to make money quickly

    In cyberpunk 2077 nothing important will be free, indeed you will need a lot of money to buy necessary items and upgrades created by CD Project Red. In this imaginary world characterized by environmental conditions and dangerous technologies taken to the extreme, everything is based on money and you will not be able to do without it for whatever you need. In this guide we will show you what are the ways to earn Eurodollars faster.

    For more information on the game, we refer you to our specific section of Cyberpunk 2077, here is the link to access it, we also attach below all our guides on the game.

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    Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Cyberpunk 2077, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by CD Projekt Red. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

    Turning around the various areas you will find various material with variable values, visible from a window that opens on your screen. Many items are of low quality but you can still decide whether to sell it or fragment it to recover something to craft. Anything that makes you less than 10 Eurodollars, or Eddie as they are commonly called, it is not worth picking it up. Instead, you can find something more interesting by raiding corpses and filing cabinets. Whenever you kill an enemy, take a moment to search them. You will see that no time will be wasted grabbing anything that is salable, such as weapons or clothing. Of course, you don't have to carry too much weight, otherwise your agility will suffer.

    Never neglect hackable computers, and use them to transfer funds into your wallet. You can also use some passive perks deriving from the branch of the skill tree reserved for Intelligence, which will allow you to get more money. Also don't forget the side missions, especially in this game, as for each action requested and carried out successfully, you will be awarded a hefty reward. You will face one of the most profitable that will be offered to you at the beginning of Act 2, after completing some main missions, when the Delamain taxi service AI will ask you to track down some missing cars in Night City.

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