Complete Guide to Replacement Parts - Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers, a follow-up to the beloved Persona 5, has arrived relatively recently and we are here to help you with our wealth of guides.

In this we will see how to obtain the so-called replacement parts and how to use them to get as much money as possible. If you are interested in something else, we recommend ours game guide.

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General Information

Spare parts can also appear in the cube cages scattered around the map

Spare parts are items that you can collect on your forays into prisons and that you can exchange with Ichinose for money.

To do this, you will need to accept the “Sweeper” missions. You can repeat any of these missions as many times as you want, just look for them in the list and accept them again.

How to get more

The best BOND skill to increase the chance of finding replacement parts is definitely Rummager, then learn it as soon as possible to get a permanent boost for the rest of the game.

If you add the skill to that too Bandito, which will give you a better chance of getting any item after a battle, you should have a good influx of spares once you've leveled both of them to the max.

The Sweeper missions

How to use them in the final stages of the game

To conclude, I will show you a very quick method that you can use to make both money and Persona points in the game after the game is complete.

You just need to get to the first thing base of the tree of knowledge, select the party you want (to optimize 100% I recommend the ones you want to level), equip a high level Persona you will find in the dungeon and start climbing up to the Hall of Contracts (the place where you will have faced Metatron the first time) .

On the way you will have to knock down all the Shadows that come within range, collect the cubes scattered around the map and open the chest with the skill cards. Once you get to the top, take down the last Yatagarasu, save, go back to the base and start the tour again.

By taking a similar journey each time you should get a good amount of unnatural champions (even 15 at once if you're lucky), which when added to the rewards for each battle and other salable items found will earn you a pretty good amount of money.

The enemies faced will also be able to leave their masks, giving you Personae that you can eliminate or PP directly.

Wait as long as possible to eliminate the high-level Person I mentioned at the beginning of the mission, because, if you give her enough experience, you just need to register her in the Prisoner Register, eliminate her, buy her back and repeat to get absurd amounts of PP.

For example, I took advantage of it in the final stages Time for this, and at level 70 it allowed me to get, every time I eliminated, about 130.000 PP, spending about 44.000 Yen each time.

There will certainly be higher level Personaes who could give you even more PP by spending a similar amount of Yen, but for now I have tried it right with Kali.

Sell ​​the unnatural Champions every time with “Sweeper, Part 9” to get back all the money you have spent.

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