Call of Duty Warzone Guide - "Old Wounds" Mission Guide

On August 25, 2020, COD Warzone released the second part of the Mission as the objective of the battle pass of season 5 "Lost Team". The mission, with the evocative name of "Old Wounds", will allow players from all over the world to follow the trail left by Ghost in Verdansk and find out how the terrorist did it Imran Zakhaev to hide from the secret services. All this will take you on the trail of Frank Wood, the new playable character thanks to the pre-order of Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War.

Why go in search of these objects? Especially if you are in the game and the risk of dying at any moment is as likely as a camper around a corner in MW2? Well, because as with any other battle pass objective, completing this mission will get you earn extra points and related rewards.

Information and their location

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Before setting off in search of this information scattered around the map, some precautions should be taken. Surely it must be taken into account that, as in the previous mission, information can be collected only one per game e necessarily in order. In short, a chain. To be as efficient as possible you have two ways:

  1. Collect the information and exit the game. My opinion, it doesn't seem like a very good idea, but who am I to say?
  2. Play until you die and defeat the opponent that happens to you in the Gulag. Once this is done, go to the place where the information is, collect it and continue the game.

The second thing to keep in mind is that, being the spawn place of objects The same for everyone, the places may be crowded. So to get the information you need as soon as possible, study the map and try to land as close as possible to the point of interest. Wait a few minutes, look around and, when you are sure that everything is ok, pick up the object and run away like a rabbit.

Information n ° 1

After receiving an image and the clue, go to the prigione located in the southeast corner of the map. From here you will have to get to the underground. The easiest way is to go down one of the stairs after the castle entrance bridge. Go through the door and reach the prisons. On the top level there is an office here, next to a computer above a desk, you will find the coin left by Ghost and you will get 2500XP.

Information n ° 2

After receiving the next clue, return to the prigioni. If you start from the office of the first clue, going down you will find a series of cells on the outer ring. You have to go to the second ring of cells that you find coming down from the highest point, enter the southernmost cell and check the radiator. Here you should find the second piece of information and with it 5000 XP for your battle pass.

Information n ° 3

After receiving the clue, go to the shower block in the prison. Go up the stairs leading to the stands and in one of the bathrooms to the north-west you will find the third piece of information inside a toilet. Another quicker way to reach the stands, but at the same time more difficult, is to glide with the parachute inside, using the open window. Of course, to use this method you need coordination, otherwise you will squash against the wall in full Willy the coyote style. Ah yes, this find will earn you 5000XP.

Information n ° 4

After receiving the clue, you will need to reach the central block of the prison, where the old is located Zakhaev's office in person. The easiest way to get to the office is to drop by northernmost area of the prison, go up various stairs and thus reach the office. Once inside the room, you will find a book on the desk with the information you were looking for. Completing this mission will earn you 2500XP.

Information n ° 5

For the final information, you will have to, after receiving the clue, go back to the cell rings. Go to the top ring and reach the southernmost cell. Here you will find a chest with information in it and you will have completed the mission. Completing this quest will earn you an additional 5000 XP.

The last clue

Once the "Old Wounds" mission is over, you will have one last place to go and find a little easter egg. On a piece of map indicating the northeast border of Verdansk, in sector I4, you can read the words “I will not die as a traitor”. If you follow the map, you will find, where the X indicates, it backpack by Frank Wood near a rock just outside the game boundaries.

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