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Find out in our guide how to level up effectively in the new Call of Duty Mobile title

Call of Duty Mobile has been available since the beginning of the month and is already collecting a great success. Thanks to this guide we will explain how level up quickly and effectively, to be able to always be competitive in this new version of one of the most famous shooters ever.

War comes to smartphones

L'uscita di Call of Duty Mobile marks the arrival of the series on smartphones and tablets. The game, developed by TiMi Studios, is available for download from 1 October and offers different modes that recall those present in the main titles of the franchise. The Multiplayer in which the players will be able to face each other are several. Among these undoubtedly stands out a battle royale, which will take place in environments and locations well known by fans of the series. Activision and Timi Studios have also promised that over time they will gradually come enter new game modes.

COD Mobile is turning out to be a huge success with the public. Already in the first days from the release date, it recorded a very high number of downloads, making it one of the most downloaded apps of the week. In this guide we will show you how to level up and improve your skills in the game.

Use weapon skins that provide extra experience points - Call of Duty Mobile: How to level up

As per tradition, even in this game you can change the weapon skins. Each different aesthetic will provide a different one buff to our character. Of particular use to our purpose will be all those skins that will provide a increase in experience points earned. Weapons with these abilities are available in the shop. This method is one of the most immediate and effective to increase your experience points, together with the classic progression system which consists of playing and passing the various levels.

Play with a Clan - Call of Duty Mobile: how to level up

End a game by playing inside a Clan will guarantee you a gain of extra experience points. The group in question does not need to be large or only made up of high-level players. To get extra experience points, just join any Clan or create your own in which to invite friends to play together. Cooperation is essential in this title and creating a group of passionate users with whom to complete the games will be useful, as well as to gain more experience points, also to improve your skills as a player.

Winning matches - Call of Duty Mobile: how to level up

Obviously, by winning games, you will gain a lot more experience points than by losing them. For this the whole clan will have to operate for bring home victory. Each element of the team will have to carry out their task, collaborating with the other members and trying to bring home the best possible result. Victory conditions vary from one mode to another. It will therefore be good that everyone has the purpose of the game being played in mind and that everyone proceeds towards the goal most suited to their role in the team. If you lose, don't despair. Experience points are also earned in the event of a defeat, albeit to a lesser extent. However, by using the right weapon skins, it will be possible to increase their number.

The more you play, the more you level! - Call of Duty Mobile: how to level up

The progression system adopted by COD Mobile refers to that introduced by Black Ops 4. The more time you spend playing, the more experience points you will earn. Obviously the time it takes to complete a game depends on the mode in which it is played. So it will be good to choose the right type of match to face, if you want to increase the experience points earned. The Domination and Battle Royale modes are the ones that generally guarantee a longer duration. But the advice is to choose the first of the two, if you want to maximize the results. Domination is in fact the mode that puts players in the position to make more kills than the others.

The more you kill, the more it levels up! - Call of Duty Mobile: how to level up

Kills are the safest and most profitable way to earn experience points. As in any self-respecting shooter, the greater the number of players we send to the other virtual world, the greater the rewards we will get. And among the rewards, of course, experience points also stand out, necessary to increase your level and become more and more efficient at the game. If you play passively, it will be almost impossible to gain enough experience. By playing actively, making lots of kills, however, the results will be optimal. Here is the reason why the recommended mode for those who want to gain a lot of experience is Domination. The duration of the games and the high number of kills that can be done make it a real factory of experience points.

Take up arms and get ready to fight

These were our tips for leveling up quickly. Obviously using the various tricks in combination, the experience points earned will increase even more. For example, by using the right skin, in the right mode and managing to kill as many opponents as possible, the results will be maximized and it will be possible to grow quickly within the game. The important is play always keeping in mind how these mechanics work, what will benefit you and what will not. Then all you have to do is take up your weapons and get ready for combat.

Are you playing Call Of Duty Mobile? Are you enjoying it? Did you find our guide useful? Keep following us to stay updated on the world of videogames and beyond.

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